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   Chapter 37 Kill Em With Kindness

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 14442

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We passed through an opaque barrier which rippled against my skin.

My eyes momentarily closed due to the blinding light.

When they finally adjusted, I took in the surrounding.

My jaw literally dropped down to the ground and my tongue rolled out like in the cartoons.

I never thought I could ever lay eyes on something that I could compare with the Underworld.

This place looked straight out of a fairytale. With every part in vibrant, perfect details.

The land was lush with greenery

I was broken out of my spell when I realized that Hades wasn't wearing his hood which left him exposed to the light.

Without a second waste I bolted up from my seat while loosening my sleeves over my wrist.

Hades turned away from the reigns to face me.

Shock was evident on his face when I grabbed a handful of the silky cloak and pulled him down to my eye level.

I quickly retracted my hand and shielded his face with my sleeves.

I felt him slightly moving, trying to get up.

"Stay still." I ordered.

I swear I felt him smile against my hand.

Bits of his face were still exposed as my sleeves weren't long enough.

Is he in pain? Is he burning?

I leaned my forehead against my hands and slowly moved them to either side of his face shielding his sides while leaving my forehead against him.

My face shadowed his while my hands bridged our faces.

I looked for any signs of injury but found none and all the while very well aware of his calm predatory gaze.

If I get a hold of his cloak I could pull it over his head.

But before I could put my plan into play his body shook with laughter.

Now he is confusing me.

He peeled away my hands, holding them in his and straightened up to his towering height.

I looked at him confused out of my mind.

"The source of the light in Olympus isn't the sun. It doesn't bring me harm." he explained, the laughter still lingered in his eyes even though his face went back to being expressionless.

I nodded my head trying hard not to jump of the chariot due to embarrassment.

Letting go off my left hand he ran his fingers through my hair thoroughly messing it up.

My hair still a little damp from the shower clung to the sides of my face.

I annoyingly blew away the once at the front.

I was about to ruffle his already messy hair but my mind registered our previous conversation.

He is supposed to be angry at me and I at him.

Fisting both my hands I went back to my seat. For a second I had thought that Hades was going to brush away the hairs at the side, but the hand had so quickly retraced its path that I questioned my vision.

My attention was again occupied by the mesmerising surroundings.

It looked like the brightest day unlike the underworld which looked like the brightest starry night.

Out of the coner of my eyes I saw Hades looking at me curiously.

I wanted to ask him about Olympus. But I was hell bend on giving him the silent treatment and my pride was reinforcing it.

Suddenly out of thin air men riding winged horses appeared around us.

I panicked. Are they going to attack us?

Hades nodded at me reassuringly.

I calmed down.

I don't want to be killed my Zeus's guards. Never.

There were seven of them.

They formed a triangle around the chariot with three on each side and one rider at the back.

"They are our escorts." Hades informed me.

I nodded.

And scooted closer to Hades, wishing that he wouldn't notice.

There shining armours were similar to that of stars which emitted their own light.

When a little bit of the clouds cleared my eyes caught something shiny from afar and the more closer we got the bigger it became. Soon to reveal a gigantic palace.

"Not as big as Hades's though." My consciousness reminded me.

"Nope not even close but it was bigger than most on earth." It added.

As the clouds cleared more similar structures began to form around it.

We flew over what seemed to be a golden city with roads and pavements but the only difference was that there were no houses or flats just mansions and palaces. I spotted a few humongous colosseums, huge halls, a gigantic swimming pool and waterfalls which began from the never-ending sky.

Yes it was just simply falling out the sky.

The biggest palace was at the centre

my all.

When I existed the bedroom Hades had already passed the massive door leading outside.

I watched dreadfully as it closed on me but I didn't slow down.

Somehow I knew that it would open and luckily it did a split second before contact.

I quickly scanned the corridors to find Hades silhouette at the end of the corridor to my right.

My legs took off after him which weighed a ton. But I kept going.

My anger subdued and my head cleared.

I kept chanting "stupid." at how stupid I had acted.

"Hades." I called out. The walls on the sides blurred due to the tears.

He wasn't running nor jogging.

He simply walked with the same pace he always used to. But I found the distance between us increasing with each step he took and each stride I made.

It was only now that I realised that all those numerous times I had followed that back I have never been left behind.

Even though he had never once looked back nor slowed his pace for me to catch up.

But he would stop ever so slightly that I had never noticed back then.

Blinking away the tears I forced my legs to move forward. But they seemed like lead.

I tripped but held myself up by my hands l.

My skin felt hot as if I had fever but I felt numb inside.

I got up to my feet feeling like I had ran kilometres even though all I covered was a few meters.

I took off again but I couldn't even make it till ten steps.

Hades was no where to be seen in in the long corridor.

Panting heavily I looked down at my legs which shivered with the effort.

I knew that my body was weakening steadily the past three days and even the smallest amount of work would leave me easily tired.

But from the moment I woke up today, I had never done anything much on my own. I realized.

Not even walking.

That idiotic King of the Underworld would find some or the other reason for me to not to.

A fresh wave of tears started to flow.

So I didn't loose my shoes. huh?

I hit the floor frustrated.

Wiping my tears in my sweater I got up again and started walking, almost dragging my left leg which seemed to have fallen asleep.

I reached the far end of the corridor before my body fully shut down.

I fell on my back but didn't feel the pain.

My eyes almost missed the black tendrils which escaped into nothingness from under me.

I fisted my hands and curled up sobbing uncontrollably.

Why couldn't he just yell at me rather than be kind till the end. I am not worth it. I don't deserve his kindness.

Ignorance is the crime that I have committed.

Time flew by till I heard light footsteps coming in my direction.

I kept my eyes closed hoping it was Hades.

A soft hand fell on my shoulder and it shook me lightly.

Disappointment clutched my heart at the unfamiliar touch.

I slowly opened my eyes only to be shocked beyond belief.


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