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   Chapter 35 My mind has gone La La La

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 7458

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I woke up panting with my heart thundering against my chest.

My body shivered uncontrollably even with the room heater switched on.

I slowly touched my cheeks to find them wet.

Today's was one of the worst that I have experienced.

It was the wrong decision to fall asleep.

Each time I blinked my mind would replay the scenes over and over again.

In the dark I wasn't sure if my hands really were bloodied or not.

Getting up I ran straight into the bathroom switching on the lights.

I shielded my eyes from it before blinking thrice to adjust to it.

After making sure that I was alone I stood in front of the mirror supporting myself by the sinc. My reflection showed a girl with blood shot eyes and a red nose.

I look beautiful. Note the sarcasm.

Washing my face vigorously I went back to the bed switching on every light in sight.

I was tempted to switch on my phone's flashlight but thought better of it.

Slumping on the bed I sat staring at the wall willing myself to stay awake, willing myself to not think of him.

Failing utterly I pinched my hand and tried to concentrate on the pain.

I looked down at my hands which had seemed to be bloody moments ago. But not by my own blood.

I started shaking again, I could feel the fever coming back.

Getting up and went over to my closest. My vision slightly hazy.

Quickly pulling over a black hoddie I stuffed my backpack with blow up pillow and a blanket.

I knew I would go mad if I stayed here.

Careful to not make any sound I slipped through window.

When I was on the road I pulled down my hoddie and switched on the flash light.

But before I could walk a few metres I saw the night patrol coming my way.

Why does it have to be the cops.

I soo don't want to explain my situation to them.

And if I tell them the truth about the "well" which leads to the underworld they might think that I am high on drugs.

So being the clever girl I am I hid behind a large tree turning off the flashlight. The darkness wasn't in the least calming.

I could feel my heart starting to hammer against my ribs and my breadth starting to race.

I squeezed my eyes shut preventing the tears from falling.

I don't want to rem

gs me and willed myself to fall sleep, not wanting to change my mind nor did I want to face those grief striken eyes.

After the passing of a few seconds I knew that he was gone.

I started to feel terrible of how childish I was acting but luckily sleep was already taking over, that my mind did not dwell on it.

I dozed off before coming into consciousness when my fingers grazed something cold and upon searching I found a familiar medallion.

I suddenly noticed the hands holding me. The familiar sensation of the lukewarm touch.

And even before I saw his face I knew that he was Hades.

I sleepily gazed up at him. His jaws were hard set indicating that he was mad. Was he mad at me for barging into his kingdom as a crying mess?

As if sensing my gaze he slowly glanced down.

And instantly I knew my assumption was correct. He was angry, the ember in his eyes had wholly engulfed the blue hues. Making them glow in the dark background.

I should be scared of this beautiful God but I wasn't.

My body unconsciously curled up in his hold trying to comfort him.

He sighed and closed his eyes.

When he opened them they looked more calm and his body visibly relaxed.

I yawned sleepily and snuggled my face against the fabric.

I could feel his gaze on my face.

"Reckless." he mumbled.

A sleepy smile formed on my face.

The tear stains on my cheeks had dried with the warm breeze that caressed it. Now all that's left are the cracks in my heart.

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