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   Chapter 34 That Doesn't Make it Better!

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Hades strolled across the room and gracefully sat on the central chair not sparing any of us a glance.

Soon many maids and butlers came in through the large door and placed our food on the dinner table.

I slowly sat down on my seat and raised my eyebrow at Will who looked both amused and surprised by Hades reaction. Which was a 'no reaction '.

I gave Zeus one last glare and kept my weapons neatly on the table. Not.

One of it fell flat off the table as i kept it way too fast.

The fork tumbled off and landed a little too far from my seat.

So I got off my seat abd bend down to pick it up.But before my hands could reach it i felt something soft brush past my head.

I looked up to be see Hades picking up the fork and then straighten in his seat already placing the fork in place.

And i was still a statue with my hand hanging half way up from the ground and my body still bed over. I looked like an athlete who had a very bad starting position.

When i regained my brain, I slumbed back onto my seat.

And for some unknown reason Zeus was snickering, I could feel Izumi's gaze on my face but i ignored him.

Now let's eat!

I dug into the food, which was not surprisingly very tasty, but it tasted a little different from the food usually made here. I don't really care because it is nothing less heavenly.

" Can i have your cook? Please. I will look after him or her like my own soul." i declared after swallowing a mouthful.

Will instantly started laughing suddenly.

This guy laughs way to much.

"Will I am being serious. This is a serious matter." I am always serious about food.

But he kept on laughing till he was out of breadth. Zeus and Izumi looked as confused as I was and Hades simply kept eating with an expressionless face.

"Zeus it's hard for me to break it you but your son needs serious medication." I said with fake sympathy.

A smile tugged on his lips but before he could answer Will cut in.

" You are the one who needs medication because apparently you just asked the Lord of the Underworld to be your cook and you even promised to look after him like your own soul." he announced.

Almost as if in que the room was filled with Izumi's and Zeus's laughter.

I stayed stiff trying to comprehend what he just said. Does Will mean to say that Hades was the one who cooked the food? Which would mean that i practically asked him to be my personal cook. And worse my promise!

"she said what?" Zeus shouted in between his laughter.

What didn't I say is the right question.

"She want's Hades to be her cook." Will answered continuing to laugh.

I robotically turned my head to look at Hades who unlike the chaos happening around us looked very calm sipping his soup which only made me more embarrassed.

"Rain you are priceless." Izumi spoke after a long time.

I just want be move to Antarctica and go into hibernation.

I waited for them to get over it, silently eating my food trying hard not to look at Hades.

When they finally settled down i was already at my third refill. What can i do? it's tasty.

"Didn't you eat when you woke up." Will inquired, the smile still there.

"I did. So?" I shot back.

He shook his head and went back to eating mumbling "I swear there are squirrels in her stomach."

"i prefer cats." I muttered.

"I see........" Will trailed off looking a bit shocked. I held my index finger to my lips. "hush."

"i have to talk to them, don't disturb."

I rubbed my tummy. "Hello my dear kittens, are you getting enough food?"

I paused and nodded my head

e who acted so cold.

Tilting my a head just a little bit towards him.

"I am not the one who needs to forget something."

How did he know?

" i am okay." I assured.

He arched an eyebrow.

"I shouldn't be overreacting over something like that. Zeus didn't meant anything by it"

He didn't say anything. It was as if he knew that I had more to say.

" But it's not every day that you get kissed by an unearthly being." it came out as a combination of whispering and yelling

Hades chuckled with his head slightly thrown back.

"And when did you became an expert on teenage girls?"

" I have been around for quite some long." he simply stated.

" you have met people like me before? " I asked curiously.

"No. Never." He gave me a breathtaking smile.

The carriage came to a halt but we were still hanging vertical but the horses were on the ground. Which made us an example of perpendicular angle.

It was then that I realised the position I was in.

Hades hands were still on either side of my face and I was clinging on to his chest as if my life depended on it, which it did and I was standing on his legs because I am not spider man to defy gravity.

If I even move an inch to either of the side I will fall down.

I knew all that, but my heart still did a double black flip.

I swear my heart's an Olympic gold medallist.

The carriage suddenly jerked into motion and as soon as it happened Hades hands snaked through my waist keeping me in place.

He is doing it because he doesn't want to deal with my ghost if I fall and die.I told myself over and over again getting flustered even though Hades looked cool about it with his expressionless face back on.

The chariot was now stable on the ground while the horses went into the well.

I got off the chariot as fast as I could.

I pretended to smooth my hair which is near to impossible and then mumbled "Thanks."

Hades bent over with his hands resting on the walls of the chariot.

"Yeah." his lips slowly stretched to form a slow smile.

And it was deadly. I wasn't prepared for a surprise attack.

But it wasn't that which surprised me the most.

Time seemed to freeze as he slowly drew in and placed a small soft kiss on my cheek.

"See. it's fine."

And with those last words he dissappeared into a dark mist.

That doesn't make it any better you idiot!!!


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