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   Chapter 34 A very unwanted Guest

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Beautiful but dangerous.

As lightening dances through the Kingdom of books, I stare open mouthed from his declaration.

Hades' brother?

Coming to my senses, I decided to continue the ninja running episode, but I couldn't not before I could point out.

"The lightning is not helping, "

"Oh sorry."

He sounded sincere as he apologised and the sudden change in his attitude made me curious, persuading me to listen.

"So you are Zeus?"

"I mean Lord Zeus." I corrected quickly not wanting to test his temper. And tried to do a courtesy by bowing to look  respectful.

Waving his hand he smiled in amusement. "It's cool. You can call me Zeus."

I nodded, still in the same position.

"Look, you don't have to do that too." He said indicating me to straighten up.

"I can't."

This confused him making him ask."What?"

I laughed without humour. "Its like this, you see I stretched the leg at the back way too far. So if I were to move even an inch, I will fall."

Taking note of the position of my legs realization flashed through his features.

"So can you help me?" I asked with hesitation.

"Yep." He thankfully helped me get up.


He chuckled saying. "No problem, I don't want your pretty face messed up."

My brows knitted up at his words and furrowed further when he tugged at my hand which he refused to let go.

"Hey, you are pretty soft." And before I could say a word, I was pulled into a hug getting squeezed in between his arms like a teddy bear.

When the moment of shock passed, I pushed him back with all my strength put behind my arms.

"Don't glare it's rude." He pinched my nose evidently trying hard to keep on a straight face as I ran back a couples of steps.

"What's going on up there?" he inquired, tapping my head covering up the distance in God's speed.

I stuck my tongue out to him and he smiled least offended, and like his brother's, it was wort a free Disney land ticket.

Keeping in mind that he was still a powerful stranger, I once again put feets between us.

Seven feet seems good. I gave myself an approving node.

But in stupidity, I made the mistake of looking up at him and I was unable to break out of the trance those bright blue eyes put me in.

Taking in my amazement, he asked."What are you doing?"

"Theres lightning in your eyes." I replied automatically.

" I offered since he was polite enough to ask and not order like her dear brother.

"You are inviting me home?" He smirked in a sickening manner and I was obliged to tell him off blankly.

"It's time for my "coffee". So it's the coffee that I am interested in."

"Ohh, I get it. You love coffee and want me to join you." I rolled my eyes while he wiggled his eyebrows.

Walking out of the Kingdom of books, we made it across street, and the enchanted readers as if on que strode in a well kept line.

"I am Elizabeth Rain Airlea." His eyes glimmered, and I knew that he already had access to the information.

"And I am Zeus, the SUPREME LEADER OF THE OLYMPIANS." Not finding the expected response he continued with a frown.

"Just Zeus and I like to leave out my last name because we kinda killed our father." He shrugged.

"Yeah." What a casual thing to say. "Happens all the time."He burst out laughing seeing through my poker face.

The series of events that followed his harmonious laugh was a startling scene that left my mouth hang open dried.

Church bells rang and trumpets played from the clouds, men and women alike swooned in his beauty, children marvelled at his laugh and all the once the day was brighter and I stood scowling like a insect deprived frog.

When the episode was finally over I began to think. What would have they done if they saw the King of the underworld laugh.

"Whatchu thinking, " he asked in a sing-song manner, slyly snaking his arms around me.

And on an other thought.

Will I survive if I sucker punch a God?

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