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   Chapter 32 Emergency Exit Please

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 8833

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I stood their gaping at the sight before me.

We stood there for minutes just staring at each other.

Does he still remember me?

" Are you dead?" i asked

Really did I just say that? After all these years this is what I ask?

His lips stretched into a smile, a smile which used to haunt my dreams.

" you have not changed." his voice was crystal clear over the long distance between us.

I shrugged.

" you look different though. " and with that he was just a feet away from me.

I was so startled that i stumbled back and fell hard on my back.

" Sorry that I didn't catch you." his hands were slightly extended but he widrew them slowly when he noticed that I was looking at them.

"it okay." I trailed my eyes up to meet his ever enchanting glacial blue eyes.

Something flickered in them but vanished before I could get a hold of it.

Guilt? Maybe.

" it's really you." I said while getting up and dusted off the invisible dust on my top.

I took my sweet time so that I could decide on what I would ask him?

I will ask him if he is a demon? But that's very unlikely though.

Because his face is in no way "demonish".

But angelic fits him perfectly.

A smile tugged on my lips when I remembered the time when I had asked him if he had wings.

He had, had a very shocked face back then.

My thoughts were interrupted when his head dipped down to my face level.

" why are you smiling stupidly? "

This made me frown. Yep he is still the same.

I flicked his forehead.

"Ouch. You violent child." he complained.

" I am not a child I am a grown women ." I faked being angry.

He gave me a full over and then shook his head." you don't seem to have grown."

I pouted.

" it's okay some people have late puberty. " he said in a patronizing voice.

That does it.

I tackled him to the ground with a war cry.

I hit his shoulders looking like King Kong.

He started laughing at my punny punches which did not seem to hurt him.

But suddenly his whole demeanor changed.

"Get off" he ordered, his voice sounding a little too harsh.

His eyes turned cold true to its colour.

I muttered my sorry as I got off, feeling my heart crunch.

" I am sorry it's just that my back hurts." He looked guilty.

I nodded even though I knew it was a lie.


"So" We started together.

"you go first." We both said at the same time.

We even had a matching smile.

" you can go first." I said again.

He nodded. " So you are the famous Hades's doctor huh?"

My mouth threatened to hang open. "How did you know?"

" It's very well known throughout the underworld that

siness." Izumi shot back.

And everything went back to how it was.

"guys stop." I shouted over the tiny storm which was starting to form.

None of them paid attention.

Will rested his elbow on my head but I didn't bother to shrug it off.

"it was a nice try." Will commented on my previous effort.

But this only motivated me more.

I inhaled through my mouth.

"Stop it!!"

My effort made Will's hand fall off.

And surprisingly it worked. Both Zeus and Izumi stood as still as statues looking shell shocked in our direction.

A wide cheeky grin formed on my face.

Hip hip hura.

But when I turned to show Will my accomplishment, he wasn't looking at me, but at something behind us.

I followed his gaze to find a very angry looking Hades flanked by Cerebrus looking at all of us.

I reached out my hand to hold Will's but it came up empty.

I looked at both my sides but could not find Will.

He was standing right here a minute ago.How could he do this to me.

I turned back to look at Izumi.

But he wasn't there too and neither was Zeus.

Even the soliders were scurrying away.

Which only left me and Hades.

I started to walk in the opposite direction but was stopped by a very large Cerebrus.

I can't believe I found him cute in his puppy form.

Cerebrus seemed to shrug when I narrowed my eyes at him.

I turned painfully slowly in Hades's direction.

"Care to explain?" His voice sounded like burning ice indicating that he was pissed.

But it seemed to hold a tiny bit of amusement. But it was not enough to save me.

Where the hell is the emergency exit?

"you are in 'hell', Elia." his voice rang.

I think that I said that out loud.

Really loud.

I gulped, who can save me now?

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