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   Chapter 31 Oh my dear God

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Updated: 2018-08-14 22:06

Dedicated to my pet dog Dora.

I slumped back onto the bed.

My brain tried it's hardest to process what just happened.

But it was being disturbed by the erratic beating of my heart.

I got up but slumped back again. Am too hungry to move and where did Hades dissappear to?

Every one here is like a ghost.

I yawned.

That to ladylike. Not so much.

I slapped my cheeks and then this time got up and away from the bed quickly.

The bed look so tempting.

I shook my head trying to get rid of the temptation.

I headed out of the room having only one person in mind.

And I found him way too quickly but unfortunately Will looked quite busy. He was conversing with a few guards and it looked important.

Was something wrong?

I waved frantically at him from a distance.

When he saw me his face relaxed and a soft smile formed on his face.

I smiled back but soon frowned when he mouthed "chicken" Referring to my earlier section of waving.

But I soon forgave him when I remembered why came here the first place.

I rubbed my tummy trying to convey that I was hungry to him.

He quickly caught on, as he shook his head side to side pityingly.

I scowled.

He chuckled and then tapped his head with his finger.

" I am not stupid. " I mouthed to him in mock anger.

He facepalmed.

So I was wrong.

He tapped him head once again.

Oh I get it, think about food.

I gave him a thumps up.

And then concentrated on food. Which was very easy.

And I lead myself to the ground floor and there I met Olivia.

Boy were we happy to find each other.

We had a long chitchat, mostly nonsense and shared some gossip. She also told me that Green

fore running forward and then threw the stone like how they did it in cricket matches.

But the angle was off, the stone plunged into the water just ten feet away from were I stood.

I huffed in frustration and threw another stone in no particular direction.

But surprisingly it hit it mark which was followed by a loud groan and unknown language curses.

I instantly laid down flat on my chest and peered over the grass which unfortunately didn't hide the whole me.

He sat up straight and ruffled his black hair, which was slightly longer than Hades.

The cloths covering his face fell down giving me the side view of his face. His complexion was strikingly pale.

He got up gracefully and dusted himself off, still turned sideways from the river.

I decided to make my appearance and got up a little less gracefully.

I was about to say hai before he abruptly turned to face me.

When I finally registered his face.

My mouth stayed frozen, half open and my eyes threatened to fall out of their sockets.

Before me stood my one and only crush, looking at me with a mirroring expression.

Oh my God!!

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