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   Chapter 29 Pits and Fire

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Hundreds of guards stood lined against the walls.

They could be easily mistaken for statues.

We entered a massive Hall which was as big as a football stadium.

At one end of it stood the largest door I had ever seen in my life.

And with a little strain on the eyes I could make out thousands of people lined against it.

I soon realised that they were the souls of the departed.

Even at from the distance I could make out their transparent bodies. They looked different from the palace guards and maids.

But the sight that made me hold my breadth was the magnificent throne made up of pure gold, atoned with precious jewels which sat amidst glacial stairs.

And on it sat the regal King of the underworld in all his glory.

I stood staring at the sight with my mouth agape.

And for a second I thought our eyes met.

I stared at the stairs which seemed to be made of the purest ice. Will my tongue get stuck if I like it.

Will motioned us to come with him.

He lead us to the seats arranged at the sides of the hall. It was a hell of a walk.

I noticed three people sitting upon a pedestal just below the stairs.

Will informed me that they are the three judges who judge the souls under Hades.

A women in her twenties stepped forward. She was wearing a flowy light blue dress which reached just above her knees.

I couldn't understand the conversation between her and the judges.

I looked up at Will and Zeus who had a concentrated look on.

Am I the only one who can't understand?

"Will." I called.

He looked down at me.

" I can't understand what they are saying. "

"neither can I" he surprised me with his answer.

" but you looked like you know...very...mmm...occupied. "

I couldn't find the right words.

Will gave me a shy smile. " I was just trying to guess."

" Oh."

I sighed.

I could understa

as far greater from how much I sleep normally.

Come to think of it after my first visit to the underworld I have been sleeping a lot more and I think my body is adjusting to that time limit.

It's either that or I am coming down with sleeping sickness

Which is posing as a problem.

I suddenly got up straight after mustering up some determination.

But I got up way too quickly that i had a head rush which, just made me fall back to Will though Zeus caught me.

" it's okay you can sleep. " Zeus said while Will patted my head.

"but" I managed to whisper.

"what is it?" Will leaned in closer to listen.

"baatt...I didn't swauyy ma dial...log."

"dial whom?" Will asked confused.

I eyes fluttered trying to fight the sleepiness.

I didn't get to say my dialogue!

I pushed myself up taking a long deep breadth and turned to face Zeus.

" the underworld is not all pits and fires. Right? I grinned sleepily.

A series of expressions rippled through his unearthly face.

Shock, realisation, happiness and finally settled with a genuine toothy smile.

I smiled back.

But then suddenly a hand reached out of nowhere and touched my forehead with his index finger.

"sleep." Hades's voice sounding like a lullaby.

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