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   Chapter 28 Like Father Like son

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"Are we there yet? Zeus whined the hundredth time.

"Only a little more okay."

I banned Zeus from teleporting us to the place I wanted to go.

So that my plan would work smoothly.

We finally reached the site.

"Ah I am so thirty."

I checked my bag.

"Oh I forgot to bring my bottle."

I face palmed.

"I can make it rain or just call the God of water here." Zeus suggested with a 'i am awesome, am I not?' smile.

I started at him wide eyed.

"Oh ohh. You are a God, i forgot for a moment. And no you don't have to do that, I think there's a well here if I remember correctly."

I said.

"okay. It's easier my way though."

"you have to learn to do things the hard way too sometimes." I waved his suggestions off.

He frowned.

"come on slow pokes."

The very next second after I said this Zeus was standing about a hundred meter away in front of me.

"whose slow now?" he shouted

"That's not fair." I stomped my feet.

"you don't have to remind me, I know that I am unfair." he said motioning to himself.

I rolled my eyes.

"Did you roll your eyes?"he called out.

I shook my head.

And within a blinks time he was in front of me.

"you did." he flicked my forehead and then disappeared.

"ahhhhhh. That hurts." I rubbed my forehead.

And ran after him when he appeared leaning against an eroded pillar.

He started running when I was only one centimeter s away from him.

We ran between the rubble, but I never caught up to him.

"okay time out, time out. I forgive you." I panted as I stood with my hands rested on my thighs.

"you are so slow." he teased coming over.

I stuck my tongue at him.

He smiled but then suddenly became alert.

"something seems off here." he looked around.

Beep beep beep. I have to do something.

" Hey I found the well." I pointed at it behind him.

He turned to take a look.

And at the same time i pushed him from behind.

I pushed him pretty hard so that he would stumble a little forward.

When he lost his footing he finally fell into the well.

And if you look at in slow motion he turned back in a split second while he bended back, falling into the well to look at me.

And I mouthed "please."

I am not sure but I think he rolled his eyes.

I jumped in soon after.

And I landed on something soft, namely on

t he did. " I stood there for a moment with my hands in my hair.

"Forget all that. I didn't even ask his name! Ah and that guy calls me bunny I didn't get to hit him for that too." I exploded.

It was followed by a round of giggles.

By not one but two idiots.

" why are you laughing. " I huffed crossing my hands.

" your expression. " came one answer.

"everything." the other.

I speed walked away from them not bothering to turn around.

"That's the wrong way." Will called out.

I turned back with my head still held high and then walked a bit forwards and turned left down the hall.

I could hear the father and son duo laughing from the adjacent corridor.

I rolled my eyes.

" like father like son." I mumbled.

I visualized Hades in my mind and started walking.

I walked a few steps before I realized.

My mind has registered the image of Hades with a frown as default.

I heard them starting to laugh again behind me.

I face palmed. I said that out loud I guess.

"Wait up Elie." Will said catching up.

I kept on walking.

"Sorry." Will apologized.

I ignored him.

" i will buy you coffee." Zeus said knowingly.

I slowed down my pace.

Why am I so simple minded.

They caught up to me.

"you evil doll." he declared and pulled my cheeks.

Now to the judgment hall.

I can't wait to see Zeus's expression while facing Hades.

I really want to see if a God faints.

I grinned evilly.

Seeing it Will said to Zeus while patting his shoulder.

" may you have a peaceful afterlife"

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