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   Chapter 27 Trouble

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I woke up due to the familiar buzzing of my phone. Five missed calls.

One from my friend Mer and the other from mom. i will pick up next time.

I rubbed my eyes and whipped my hair from my face. And no, it looks very un cool unlike in the movies.

I scratched my head for no reason and then it finally hit me.

Did I? did I? did I fall asleep on the lap of the God of the underworld?

Ahh aahhh aaahhhhhh.

I must have lost my mind.

How did I get back home?

I slowly reached up my hand and patted my head.

It's still there.

What about curses?

My eyesight seems to be okay.

"Hello. Testing, testing." My sound is okay.

I clicked my fingers near my ears.

So far so good.

Now my nose, I am breathing but what about smell.

I got off of bed and went over to the table where the roses which Hades had given me were kept.

I bend down to smell in its sweet scent.

Thank God. What if I was not able to smell coffee again. That would be a nightmare.

But I was still not sure that I was left unharmed.

I inched slowly towards the mirror.

Nope. I still like a potato.

I blew a kiss at the reflection. "Stay just like me."

I actually thought that he made my face blue but that wouldn't be so bad I could star in smurfs movies.

After a battle section with my hair I went downstairs.

And when I realized that it was already morning I went back up to brush my teeth.

Everyone behaved normally; the dent in the wall was gone too.

These Gods sure know how to cover up.

And I didn't get to see Will or Greene. I miss hitting Will.

That reminds me where is Zeus?

I had panicked when Hades had blasted him. But Hades had blankly stated that if anything was broken it would join back together.

Normal has lost its meaning in my life.

I did a quick checkup in the hospital. Almost all the patients who had suffered from the epidemics were discharged.

When I reached home. I freaking freaked out because of the freaking freak who was drinking coffee from my freaking coffee cup.

Margret was gushing over Zeus again. And Theresa sat wide eyed.

John adopted a scowl when he saw Zeus.

It was funny in a way.

Zeus turned back and smiled at me.

He was back together I see.

I forced a smile.

And cliché started happening everywhere.

Margret got up and informed me that she had to go home early.

Theresa suddenly got sick and John offered to take her home.

I raised an eyebrow at Zeus.

He shrugged.

" nice coffee." he said raising the cup.

My coffee cup. My mind screamed.

But I kept on a straight face.

" I will be back in a sec." I ran upstairs.

I came back done swinging my baseball bat.

His eyes widen.

He ran behind the couch.

I stood there for a moment admiring my work.

I scared The God of the sky, thunder, blah blah blah with a baseball bat.

" I thought you were over the trick I pulled yesterday."

He said peaking his head from behind the couch.

" Thanks for reminding me of that. It adds to the list of things I want to hit you for."

I ran up the couch. And stared down at the whimpering Zeus beneath me.

He didn't whimper but a girl can dream.

I swung the baseball bat over my shoulder and rested one of my leg over leaning part of the couch.

And instead of being scared he started laughing.

He rolled over laughing clutching his stomach.

Why does this keep happening to me?

I am seriously angry at him.

And why does he look like Will while laughing like that.

I am seriously angry at myself because a smile was finding a way to my lips.

I mentally shook myself.

I let go of the baseball and fell back on the couch with both my legs and hands folded.

He appeared in front of me still chuckling a little.

I turned my head to the side huffing.

He bend down when he realized that I was ignoring him.

" am sorry. But you looked so funny." He giggled a little.

But stopped when I narrowed my eyes.

"it was the wrong thing to do. Forgive me." he said quickly.

"and." i promoted.

"you look very scary." he sighed.


He disappe

h. "Okay, but only one time." he said pouting.

He looked like a kid who just agreed to taste a vegetable..

"We will do it as many times as it takes to make it perfect." I said with no emotion.

Zeus then hit the realization button. "You really are taking this seriously aren't you?"

I simply nodded and motioned with my hand for him to start.

He cleared his throat.

"ahh.....Mhmmmm.....yeah....could you stop glaring at me like that." He whined.

"I glare all the time. Like all the time. And this is nothing compared to the real one." I replied toneless.

"Mhmmm. Okay. Let's do it again." He patted his cheeks.

He looked up and his whole demure changed. The confidence oozing out.

He was seriously imagining me as Hades.

He held his face in his hands and breathed heavily.

"Hey you know we can do it later when you are ready." I suggested.

"No no. I can do it. After all I am a God." He straightened up.

I internally rolled my eyes. He fell for my trap easily.

"Let' do it again."

I nodded.


And after an hour and twenty retakes of "ahhh...I want to tell......mhmmm.....yep ahhh......ehhhhh." And lots more of hair pulling and curse words.

I said stop.

"Come on one more. Please." Zeus pleaded.

I am happy that he said please but I was scared that my face would stay permanently expressionless if I keep on acting like Hades and I was being baked alive in between the layers of clothes.

I shook my head and started walking towards my room.

Zeus clung onto my hand like an eight year old who wanted his mom to buy him chocolates. And all the while chanting 'please.'

I finally kicked him off and then changed into lighter clothes after a quick shower.

I came back down to find Zeus in the exact same position with his face in his hands.

I laid on the couch.

"Your hairs still wet." He commented his face still hidden.

Then how did he know?

"I dried it with the towel but I didn't use a hair dryer because it damages my hair."

"Mhmmm." He murmured into his hand.

"I do use it if i have to get ready very fast."

"You are far from the point Miss defenseless." He chuckled finally raising his head.

Defenseless? Who me I know basic moves of karate.

"Heyaaa" i punched into the air.

I turned my head to his side and wiggled my eyebrows.

"Still way too far from the point" he chuckled harder.

"And he is back." I said with great enthusiasm.

Hint the sarcasm.

His face fell, "Hades must really dislike me. I don't know how he survives in his dark gloomy domain."

I sat up and went over to Zeus.

He looked up at me.

"Come on gloomy face. Let's go somewhere."

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