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   Chapter 25 Misunderstanding

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We finally reached my house after a very long list of compliments, kicks, sweet smiles, sucker punches, sarcasm, hugs, blank faces and dodgy answers.

The violence contributed by me.

It reminded me a lot of how things are when Will is with me. The only difference is that we both had a fair share of bad behavior.

My mind worked on perfecting the lie I was obligated to tell John about Zeus's presence.

"IIt's a beautiful house, fit for its beautiful owner."

I change my mind. I am just going to come up with a lie to excuse myself for killing a God.

"And it's way younger than you, " I pointed out on purpose.

I watched with a suppressed smile as his face went off like a switch.

We found Margret Theresa and John watching Netflix in the living room. It's easier this way. I thought.

But before I could notify them of my arrival, they got up in syn and turned towards me, their eyes having the same blankness like the people in the library.

"Zeus stop." I snapped, turning to face him.

And he did and so did they in their path towards the front door.

"It doesn't hurt, " Zeus defended, taken aback.

"No one has the right to control anyone, regardless of whether it's for a good intention or not."

He patted my head and smiled down at me. "Okay, tiger."

Like a video played backward, I watched as they went back to their previous positions in front of the television.

"Hey, guys." I greeted, taking a few seconds."Hey, guys." I greeted, taking a few seconds.

They turned back.

"Oh, you are back Eli. It's time for your coffee right?" Margret teased, getting up but froze when she saw Zeus. Noticing Margret's dumbfounded expression, Theresa followed her gaze and developed a twinning expression.

John, on the other hand, looked at me first and then at him with a shocked expression.

My practice almost felt negligible at the moment.

"This is Zeus." I motioned with my hand. "We were childhood friends who had eventually lost touch. I met him by chance in the library, so I invited him over for tea." I tried explaining.

They didn't seem to buy it.

"Awesome right? I got to meet him after such a long time." I tried to sound excited.

But it sounded like a line from an essay about preventing excessive mobile usage.

Before things got out of hand, Zeus stepped in to save the day.

My eyes bulged out Zeus claimed the distance between him and Magret to gracefully kiss her palm, and he did the same with Theresa.

Displaying his heart-winning smile, he introduced himself. "I am Zeus. It is a pleasure to meet you, ladies."

It was hard not to see how they were instantly charmed by him.

John and I mirrored the same opened mouthed expression as they gushed over him while we stood like forgotten statues.

"Eli where did you find such a fine fellow?"

"The library, " I answered blankly.

The chatter suddenly died down to look at me. John looked like he wanted to do a facepalm.

"Eli, why didn't you tell us about him before?" Margret asked she didn't notice how Zeus smirked at me.

Then it finally clicked in.

" NO, no no." I shook my head vigorously. "He is a friend." I corrected them. Zeus no longer tried to hide his smile.

"Then, it's a pity that I am already married." Margret joked.

Margret has always had a young heart but she loved her family with all her heart.

My eyes rested on Theresa's awestricken face which did stray away from Zeus.

I don't blame her, I have been through the same thing. It takes a lot of practice and will to mov

im a pair of clothes. Turning on my heels, I ran back upstairs.

I took a pair of shots and a blue shirt of my dad's and ran back down again. This time, he waited for me at the end of the stairs a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

Due to some unknown reason I missed my step, making me fall forward.

I repeated "Cliché. Cliché." in my mind on repeat as I fell.

He could have just caught me, but he fell back with me on top of him, smirking ear to ear.

Without wasting a moment I got up and extended the clothes to him which made him frown a little but pulled it over his head.

I tried to keep my eyes fixated on his face, but the image was already stuck in my mind.

In one swift movement, he appeared before me, startling me completely.

He bent over, trapping me on the couch with his hands on either side of my face.

And for some reason, I felt slightly scared.

"You will never fall for me?" he asked.

"Never, " I deadpanned.

"Because your heart already belongs to someone? It's never been a problem for me." He said, almost to himself.

I was about to tell him that my heart was mine and mine alone, but he cut in. "But I am a sucker for things I know I can't have." He smirked, leaning in.

My whole being froze at the sudden turn of events.

He stopped only centimeters away from my lips to startle me with a goofy smile. "Just kidding." he chimed.

I finally released the breath that I was holding in understanding his idea of a joke.

"Why did you do that for, you could have got yourself killed, " I grumbled, feeling annoyed at his antics.

Puzzled, his eyes shifted from my face to the lamp I was holding tightly.

In defense, it was the closest thing.

He started chuckling. "And I thought you were scared, " he admitted.

I was, but I am not going to let him know that.

The comeback died in my tongue as a startling sound of something tumbling down came from the front.

Please don't be Margret, because the explanation needed would take weeks.

My train of thoughts halted as a strong force of energy brisked past me. The subsequent moment, Zeus was sent flying over me, slamming the wall with the resounding vibration of his bones breaking.

On turning, my eyes met a pair of molten once making me feel regretful for the fact it wasn't Margaret.

I smiled at him irregularly.


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