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   Chapter 25 Facing an Angry God

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 4536

Updated: 2020-07-17 02:26

The only possible route of escape sealed with the heavy wooden doors closing without a creek. Not knowing what I was supposed to so, I waved in a frantic manner, my voice showing my nervousness as I said. "Hey."

With his languid unwavering expression he only stared, making me feel more awkward. Maybe he wasn't actually angry and it was just me over thinking things. Reassuring myself that it was indeed the case, I took slow calculated steps towards him.

Coming to a stop at arm's distance, in quick movements of hand, touched his forehead and retreated it back. "You have a slight fever." Judging from the warm sensation my palm felt I informed him, still unable to look him in the eye for some reason.

I also feared that I wouldn't be able to withdraw when it came to those amber eyes. Shaking my head off the image, I turned to place my bag on the table and take out the necessary to tackle the symptoms.

In the short while of unzipping the bag, I was unable to hold myself back from looking over my shoulder to verify his presence. The unshakable of feeling of being stalked by a formidable predator made me fumble with the lib of the medicine jar.

But the feeling was overcome when a specific memory played back to back in my mind. He had been exposed to sunlight when he had come to rescue me, this must have been the reason for the fever

selfless without a reason, no one good to a fault without experiencing the bad. So feel free to rebuke if you are not trying to right a wrong." The steps I took forward came to a stop. They were simple words yet they were venom ripping open old wounds.

I knew he had only guessed, not really knowing how much pain it caused. It must have been out of anger, but I didn't it have it in me to forgive.

Closing my eyes shut for a brief moment, I quietly fished out another jar and slammed it to his chest which were caught it his sleeves as it dropped. "Drink it."

And the like the time he had turned away and blocked me away, I turned on my heels towards the door. "We all have something to hide, but at least I faced my fears." With those parting words I stormed off through the door that flew open a split second before contact.

It was only then that I wiped away the trail of moisture.

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