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   Chapter 23 Restrained

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I did not stick around for Will's explanation and sprinted out of the room only to come back soon after. "Will you be okay Greene?" The smile he had on faltered in a moment of surprise before he replied.

"I am healthy as a half-dead horse chased around by the God of death." He paused and suddenly as if he remembered he was meant to assure me he blurted out. "As healthy as a living-horse, who is not being chased by the God of death." I felt my forehead crease. "What I mean is that though the wounds were deadly being inflicted by Lord Hades himself and all, I am still…" He trailed off, realizing that he wasn't really "assuring" me in any way.

Before he could speak again, it was Will who intercepted. "What he means to say is that he will be fine, you don't have to worry. I will look after him."

"You would?" The question came at Will from both sides; Greene's astonishment no different from mine.

Will nodded sparing none a single glance as he poured water into a glass and handed it over to Greene saying. "I am doing it right now." Greene contemplated before taking hold of the glass of water but dared not take a sip.

Will then looked at me as if to ask. "Did you see?"

But even then I had to ask. "You promise?"

When Will nodded, I ran out of the room but came back in again taking them by surprise. "Pass me the bag." I pointed at it near Greene's bed. Will picked it up and brought it to me, and I quickly swung it over my shoulder and walked out with a goodbye.

Ten feet away from the door, I threw my arms in the air with frustration and jogged back. Will had only just returned to his seat and seeing my head peek in again he stood up while Greene held in his laughter which looked painful as I asked with a sheepish-smile.

"Where's Hades room?"

Will chuckled. "Just think about the person or place you want to find, and simply walk."

"That's so freaking cool" I exclaimed. "Is that how you fi

of the hand that combed through his disheveled hair.

"Will, " I said as if it was an explanation in itself. "He said that you were very sick and you weren't allowing anyone to enter your room."

"William said that?" He asked trying to piece together something I was not let on.

I nodded and after a minute of eery silence, I commented. "You weren't breathing you know?"

"Breathing for us isn't necessary." His eyes drifted back onto mine, and I shifted my focus away. A simple 'Oh' was all I managed. From the corner of my eyes, I watched him get up, and he stood for a second with his back facing me. "Why are you here?"

It somehow pissed me off. "I was worried about you, " I said which came out sounding more angrier than I intended it to be. When my words met utter silence, I let him know. "I am going home." I turned towards the door already regretting my confession. But my path was blocked by something invisible, which later seemed to bound around my body.

All body movements were restrained, except for my head which I shook around in protest with loosing of my voice.

"Let's go for a walk, " He says as he walks past me towards the door and like a puppet tied to strings, I floated behind him with my legs levitating off the ground.

Where is he taking me?

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