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   Chapter 22 You real Tricky Will

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After about, say fifty such questions Will looked as if he had lost all sanity. But like a true gentleman, he answered each question owing to the promise he made.

In the process of torturing Will, I had wholly forgotten about a certain god, but he appeared before my eyes upon his magnificent chariot, his hands combing through the mane of his prized steed.

His eyes moved our way, neither surprised or expecting our arrival…..My arrival that is, seeing that Will was no longer in sight. I swore silently to have my revenge for his betrayal.

Coming back to my current situation, I thought to myself. Should I turn around and run or walk away with attitude, maybe flip my hair while turning.

But by his arched eyebrow that welcomed a challenge and the thinned lips waiting for me to start sprinting, he knew catching me wouldn't pose as an obstacle to him.

And so I decided to uphold my title of being a lazy being. I got on after offering him a polite smile which he did not return. Sitting at the farthest end of the chariot, I no longer wished to meet his gaze.

Jealous? I don't think so.

Will' stupid? I do think so.

Hotel? Trivago.

-_-…… Where did that come from?

A hypocrite is what I became soon after the chariot set into motion. With my eyes drifting over him I found myself wondering whether his anger towards me had subsided. But I haven't forgiven him.

Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know that I am a human dude?

Reaching the entrance of the tunnel that leads up to the well, I braced myself, holding fast to the chariot. But the moment the horses galloped vertically to the ground with the chariot pulled behind them, I was pulled into a toned chest.

I refused to hold onto him and crossed his arms trying my best not to roll myself off his chest into imminent death. But much against my wish, I was forced to wrap myself around him for dear life with the tremendous increase in the chariot speed.

It's not that I am scared of heights, its the fall that scares me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to burrow my head into the layers of his clothes. Then suddenly, the pace slowed to walking velocity making me look up to the golden eyes looking down on me.

"Are you still angry?" His tone remained cold.

"Me? Weren't you the one who got angry just because it hurt your pride to be treated second? But yes, I am angry at you for all of it." I could imagine Will shake his head in disapproval for my excuse of a scolding.

I did not wait for a reply and wiggled out of his grip when the chariot set down on solid ground. "I am sorry for what I said to you, but you were very very mean to me as well." With that, I turned away walking out of his ancient temple.


I sat at the edge with legs dangling, trying to decide whether or not to jump in after a day and a half of:

? Debates.

? Discussions.

? Tantrums.

? A thorough analysis of the situation, the people and the god involved.

Calculating the time difference between the two worlds, the medicines I had left behind for Greene should have run out by now. So I am going back to check up on him, that's all, I tell myself with light pats on my cheeks.

Holding my breath I jumped, my eyes shutting close when coming in contact with water and with no one to break my fall; I landed on my back whining. With my wet hair curtaining my face, I emerged looking like the cavewoman I am.

Pulling out the towel I had brought along, I dried my hair and face rubbing it red. When I moved the towel away

us funny looks some cheering William on which must have truly motivated him for his long legs ate up the distance between us in fearful speed.

Seeing an unlocked door, I sidestepped jumping into the room, but I failed to close the door for Will was already on the other end pushing it open making small hands wobble with the effort to keep it from fully opening.

"Who did you try to kill this time?" A voice spoke behind me.

"Greene." I squealed letting go of the door which was followed by the sound of Will's rough landing on the floor.

Ignoring Will I walked over to Greene who had a healthier glow and I noticed the empty containers I had left medicine in at the table right by the bed. In the moment of relief, I almost missed Will coming at me with unsheathed claws.

"Greene, tell him to stop, " I screamed moving to the other side of the sheer white bed.

He said nothing and only looked between us as if expecting an explanation.

"She was the one who ruined my shirt. See, see!" Will pointed at me. "She just stuck her tongue at me." I quickly stopped making faces and put on the poster face of innocence as Greene looked at me.

When Greene's face turned away from m, I about to do it again but stopped realizing something. "Why do I smell something friendly here?"

The atmosphere in the room tensed up as I directed another question at Greene. "When were you moved into a room?" Their eyes moved around the room never meeting mine which told me something clearly was not right here.

"I was always friendly." Greene declared, cleverly saving himself from an explanation and so I turned my gaze to Will who grew fidgety as he looked at Greene for help which he kindly did not provide.

"I think you should know something" Will clearly tried to change the subject making me narrow my eyes.

"It's about Hades."

This tricky jerk.

"What happened?" I hide my interest in monotone words, but my forehead creased when he grew serious.

"I didn't want to tell you knowing you would be worried." He paused taking a breath preparing to tell me something he wasn't supposed to. "Hades, he was very ill. His fever flared up when he was attending his court." Seeing my concern he quickly continued. "His condition is stable now, but he…he does not want to see you neither has he let anyone into his room." Will finished leaving me shocked.

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