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   Chapter 21 You are going to pay Caspian!

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 7066

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My eyes flew open when I distinctly heard Olivia's screech. Blinking away the dizziness, I waved to find her in a startled trance as he realized who exactly was carrying me. I pushed back from the person's chest making him tighten his grip.

"Hades?" Tilting my head I tried to recollect the past incidents, but my head pounded as if it had a heart of its own.

His fingers draped around the nape of my neck and lead me to rest on his shoulder. "Sleep." It seemed the best option, but I remembered Olivia was round.

As I searched for her in the dimly lit halls, I felt fear surge forth by instincts when he an amber-eyed predator whispered to my ears. "Sleep Elia."


The next time I opened my eyes was in the comfort of my bed. Fighting off the covers that seemed to be super glued to my clothes I searched for my phone under the pillow, to notice my ankle neatly bandaged and...

Ahh? A banana? I threw off all the four pieces of clouds, but all I found was a half-peeled banana near the bedpost.

I sat back on the bed listing out the questions I had. Starting off from, how did I get here? If Will was the one who took me here then what explanation did he give to the people in the house? Was I really threatened into sleep by the two-faced God? What's the time, day and year? Where is my phone and why is there a freaking banana on my bed?!!

Giving up I got up, brushed my teeth, took a quick shower, put on decent clothes and brushed down my hair before going downstairs to get breakfast and milk. Soon it was time to go to the hospital with John handing out instructions which I followed by the word.

My life: You wish

Warning: The above scenes are pure fantasy and can only be performed by trained professionals. Do not try it at home or school.

In reality, I overworked my brain into choosing between bed and coffee. When coffee won, I crawled up to the bathroom door, but when the water rained down from the shower, I was a different person.

"Nobody can drag me down." I swung around my imag

suited better with the sentence I started. "For the sprain, I got from know right? I hadn't gotten much sleep so the over deal must have caused it."

Laughter danced in his eyes as he nodded back.

I flew out of the car when we reached the hospital and found the number of patients reduced by an immense amount. From the quick survey, the rest were also showing improvements. Not wanting to pull off the smile I had on, John did not query further into the matter.

Now it was time for me to sneak out.

Careful not to lock me outdoors, exited through the window onto the roof and tiptoed to the back of the house. As I climbed down the nearest tree I wished no one called the animal control.

Pulling down my hood, I switched on the flashlight and increased my pace.

The coil of nervous knots in my stomach weighed a ton as I reached the passage. With a countdown from three I jumped in, but unlike the other two times, I emerged out of the water.

The doors of Narnia had closed on me.

I felt a suffocating amount of sadness when my feet felt the rock bottom as I sank. My eyes prepared itself for a waterworks display, but the water hollowed forming a tunnel through which I fell screaming.

Opposite to the expecting pain of falling down, I landed on a cushion of velvet. The amber eyes of a certain God flashed with amusement.

This Caspian is going to pay. Big time.

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