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   Chapter 21 I don't think so

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 5812

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"What could he be jealous of? Is it that he can't reach my level of crazy?" I joked wishing it was all just a sad joke.

Pinching my cheeks, Will smiled. "He is not jealous of you"

"Then who is the King of the Underworld jealous of?"

"That's what makes it so funny." He fell into another round of hysterics falling on to the floor as I get off.

Smashing his fists on the floor, his laughs turned into coughs and ragged breaths, marking the onset of another cycle. Ignoring the laughing mess, I turned on my heels ones again letting myself be lost in the maze of corridors.

Making colorful faces at each painting I passed by I wondered the time and the effort the artist took to bring them into such detailed authenticity. Differentiable backgrounds and attires, only his stoic face remained constant.

But with close inspection, one could notice the changing shades of darkness and sky that his eyes cast. One such painting held me in place, with the iris burning like molten magma and dark pupils dilated to slits.

The artist I doubt still lives.

Then suddenly as I walked again, I encountered a group of men on guard at one of the many exits. They were ironic in the land where no one could leave.

Unless The King found you too annoying to be made a permanent-guest, I thought as they let me pass freely.

Catching the light coming from the distance I walked towards it, to find a brook shimmering in the light that fell over it.

So I went along the hurrying brook, which fell over little cascades in its haste, never looking once at the flowers that were glimmering all along its banks.

Settling on the moist-grass, I loosened my hair which caught the cool-winds in its strands.

In the strikingly clear wa

he said. "I should have known it was something of sort."

"You still didn't answer me." I pointed out making him sigh.

"Yes I like them." He answered with a smile he was soon going to lose.

"Why do you like them?"

Without putting much thought into it, he simply answered. "Because they are round."

"Footballs are round, do you like them too?"

"I guess so, " Will reply eyeing me with curiosity.

"So do you play football?"

"No." He shook his head, and it may have been his instincts that made him suspicious of my angelic smile.

"So you like round things, but you don't play with round things, so doesn't that eventually mean that you don't like round things as you hate playing with them. And football is a physical sport so you have to come in contact with a round thing, as you even despise its touch shouldn't the conclusion be that you hate round things? Remember you have to answer because you promised." I say in one breath laughing internally as his face grew pale.

Finally he understood what he had accidentally gotten himself into. "You have thirty seconds to answer." I notified with a hard to hide grin of evil intent.

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