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   Chapter 20 I Found a Bunny

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 5935

Updated: 2020-07-17 02:11

Zach's POV.

On regaining consciousness, I first processed the little bunny hopping over, and then the God left behind frustrated and fuming. I could the difficulty when she tried to sit down without putting too much body weight on her sprained ankle which had swollen up to the size of a baseball.

Finally settling in with one leg stretched and the other folded, she took hold of my hand in her small ones. With willful concentration she checked my pulse, evidently losing count twice or thrice.

Completing the examination with a triumph smile her hands reached up to my neck, obviously not in its best state when her childlike face morphed with concern.

I obliged to turn my neck to the side when she motioned me to do so and was yelled into stopping when I winced. I snuffled my chuckles while she decided whether to ask me to turn it back or just let it remain the same, facing away.

Taking pity, I turned my face back to her keeping the pain from revealing through my expression. No longer wanting to put herself in the dilemma, she dragged herself around me to get a three-sixty view.

As she pulled away my neckband to crunch her nose at the bruises over my collarbones, I sat mesmerized by her ever-changing eyes. Specks of violet in its brightest shade expanded from her pupils like a blooming flower.

Thus her eyes flashed violet every now and then, giving me only a second in it its presence each time, before disappearing to her natural dark brown.

I remembered how the King had slowly and hesitantly reached out his hand to stop her when she turned on her heels to come to my side. To this second he had remained like a forgotten statue by a gifted craftsman, his pupils of hellfire never leaving her with their eagle-like precision.

I guess


She instantly got up on her knees and motioned him to come closer. Holy Zeus, is she really going to strangle him?

Just as he bends over, she threw the blanket over his head, mouthing a single word with clarity.


The face that had frozen over centuries and one that never flinched witnessing the downfall of countless kingdoms and empires now looked at the smiling young girl with shock and awe. The gesture that had seemed silly must have had a deeper meaning, one unknown to any other.

She smiled at him before swaying backward. Before she could hit the ground, he scooped her up in his arms. Her struggles to get free were in vain.

After realizing her struggles to get free were in vain, she relaxed in his hold. Nuzzling her face into the folds of the soft looking fabric, she fell asleep in his arms. His expression had turned undecipherable as he carefully got onto his chariot.

I held in my breath when the dagger she had thrown off earlier shot out to my face and missed it by a centimeter to dig into the tree back. When the eyes of hellfire turned me, I started praying.

The very next second the ground under me parted, engulfing me.

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