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   Chapter 20 Wait, how is Jealous

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Soothing music, a warm shower and a bucket of ice-cream was what I needed, not his painting staring at me tauntingly.

After the outburst, I had let my feet guide me through the dark castle halls. Consequently fatigued, I eased into a window sill, a little too late to notice the paintings lining the opposite wall and too tired to stand up again.

I lasted a good two minutes before giving into insanity. "You never smile don't you?" I asked the sculptured face, not smiling myself. "Just you wait, all that glaring and frowning will give you permanent wrinkles."

"Of course, you are talking to a painting." Someone seemed particularly amused.

The small shift as I turned to search for a set of bright blue-eyes caused me to fall ungracefully to the floor.

Instantly the corridors echoed his musical laughter which to me lost its heavenly touch with the annoyance it caused me.

Not in a mood to bicker, I dusted off sitting myself back on the broad frame. He fell silent with my lack of energy slowly coming over to my side. With his left elbow he nudged me asking. "What's wrong?"

I shrugged keeping my eyes strained on the translucent glass. "Nothing's wrong. Hey...what are you doing?" I quizzed in puzzlement as he fanned my head with his hands.

He seemed quite loyal to his work as he answered. "I am scattering the fumes coming out of your ears." I laughed at his childishness taking both his hands in mine. "Stop, I am okay now."

Seeing I had lightened up, he dropped the formality and concern, going ahead to push me off and replace me in my position. I screamed quite inhumanely and tried to pull him off but it seemed like he had sat on glue.

When I gav

hat I said about him." I offered a small apologetic smile to the painting I had formerly bad-mouthed about.

"He can listen and know everything that is happening in the Underworld…if he chooses to." Enjoying my fidgeted self, Will took his time in explaining, and looked even more overjoyed upon realizing I didn't understand A THING.

"So you were saying." I promoted politely, already at thinning patience.

It was not that he didn't hear me, but it was me who decipher the right words from, "Hades HAHAHA Hades's, HAHAHA to HAHA tally jell HAHAHA."

"Hades is jell? Do mean jell-O?" I asked leaning closer trying to catch the words he spurted out.

His body vibrated with force of his laughter as he grabbed the sides of my head squeezing it at the same time. "You thick head!" He exclaimed confusing me further. Is using magic mentally challenging? "Poor baby." I mumbled soothing his hair in soft pats.

"He's simply jealous." His words froze me, but I found it in me to ask. "What?"

"He is J-E-A-L-O-U-S." He spelled out the word, his hold tightening as if to impose it into my mind.


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