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   Chapter 19 Drunk

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 3808

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"Aedees." Cold amber orbs locked with mine, They softened before regaining their double-edged sharpness.

Darkness hung over him like a tailored made cloak as storm clouds blocked away the sun's light. The still rational part of my brain warned me that I wasn't the one going to fall prey to his fit of range when I realized Greene's hand was still around my neck frozen.

From a certain angle, it would seem like he was chocking me.

I drew back, but it was too late, Greene was no longer there. Listening to the screams, I turned back to see him suspended up in the air while clawing at the invisible hands crushing his windpipes. Judging from the height he was raised to, I couldn't bring him down even on my toes.

So I wobbled towards Hades who didn't seem to able to hear me. And as the power that he emitted threw me down each time I got up, I knew he was beyond the planes of rationality.

In the last effort, I lunged forward and held on by his clothes and I tugged at then as I shouted his name. "Haadees, Hadeees. Hadees!!"

Correspondingly I could hear Greene's heartbreaking shrieks while the golden eyes of the God e

phasis, but it leads to tipping of my fragile balance. He caught me the same time I caught onto what he meant.

"You youuu." I poked his chest. "You thought what?"

The pokes turned into punches, and he took hit was hit silently. "You don't get to decide when I am scared. You stayed away and ignored me cause you thought I was scared of you. You are out of your mind."

"Look here, Mr. Lorde of the Underworld, I. Elizabeth Rain Airlea, am not scared off you. You will have to try harder and get better at scary faces because I am not a scaredy cat. And..and I will not talk to you."

"Ever, " I added sticking my tongue out at him.

Something close to sadness flashed in those jaunting eyes. Good, I thought to myself as I stormed away to Greene.

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