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   Chapter 18 Kidnapped

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When I opened my eyes, I found myself amongst the giants whose roots hugged the earth, and the streams and birds who sung a never-ending song. The richness of the life that dwelled in this forest made me feel at ease, enough to make me forget the knife that was held to my throat when I subconsciously stepped forward.

"I don't think so kid, " Greene whispered into my ear.

Now's my chance.

I stopped thrashing and pretended to have fainted which made him support my weight. And am no feather.

I whipped my head back taking advantage of his startled self and following the sickening sound of bones cracking, his iron-grip loosened. With an easy shrug, I stepped away leaving him on his knees clutching his now bleeding nose. I maneuvered a jump-spin-hook-kick to knock him out cold before he could regain composure.

But due to my unrivaled bad luck, all that did not happen.

My attempt had utterly failed due to the failure of my head making contact with his nose; it had instead hit him across the chin, compliments, my short-height. So in truth, I am sitting cross-legged leaning back to a tree with my hands fastened with rough ropes behind me and more hurt than I had been which leaves me to wonder whether there were ways to sharpen one's jaw.

But he was kind enough to pat my shoulder in appreciation of my enthusiasm before examining a levitating map. Naturally.

I wished Hades could save me, even though I knew he wouldn't and couldn't, considering that it was the time of the day when the sun burnt in all its glory.

Will Will try?

I thought to myself and as you can see it's a trick question for I didn't know whether he was allowed outside the Underworld. So there was only one, a female hero that could save and she was me.

He had been through with all the binding and it took me a few minutes get even one knot undone. And as I did, I filled in Greene with a sob story and pleas.

"Please let me go. What have I ever done to you? Hades will never care about me; you are wasting your time. My family will be worried sick, my dog does to let anyone else feed it, and it will starve if I don't go back home." This lead to him no longer giving me as much attention.

"Have you no humanity left in you?" I sobbed heartbreakingly while working on the last of the knots. I rubbed my sore wrists that were painted in red lines while he faced away from me.

I remembered his ability to teleport as I looked for escape roots. But there did not seem to be an alternative than running. And so I quietly stood up and searched for a footpath, but there wasn't a trace of indication of the presence of humans ever stepping foot through these dark woods.

Great, just great.

My respect and admiration for ninjas raised a notch while my confidence fell to nill. For my legs made a crackling sound, and the wide range of dried leaves and twigs, which lay around as landmines set me up on an impossible obstacle course.

The memory of the knife carefully piercing the skin where no major blood vessels laid underneath made me believe that he didn't kill me.

But I came to a sudden stop on hearing a groan and the sound of someone falling down.

two of fingers to my forehead in concentration. "You are beautiful too." A telepathic message was sent.

"Don't tell me you drank that." He sat up with a sigh as he watched me swing around the bottle.

"I deed." I nodded, and not giving much thought about the pronunciation tried to stand up, but my legs did not seem to listen to the commands send by my brain.

"You drank it, didn't you?" When I tried to smile innocently he continued to let me know of the horrific truth. "That drink contained alcohol, " he held in his laughter.

It hit me like a bucket full of cold water, but it did not sober me up for I struggled to regain my balance. I felt like a newbie trying out surfing with no surfboard or waves.

He looked upon me with laughter in his eyes. He knew like I did, "You are drunk." So very drunk. I wanted to strangle him for laughing, why were no labels on it that told that it was alcohol.

On trying to walk towards him, I swayed from left and right and no matter how much I tried could not seem to reach my destination. It was he that dragged himself over to the ball I curled up into, "It is okay, you will be back to normal in no time." He tried to console me.

"Will I?" I pointed at myself, uncurling. He nodded, "Is it your first time drinking alcohol?" He asked when my attention was stolen away by a ladybug that ran across the plains of my palm.

I looked up, "Yes. Don't like alhole."

"I am sorry, that you drank it because of me, and for that too." His eyes traveled down to my neck where the healing slice lay. Blowing off the insect, I gave him a thumbs up telling him that it was fine.

He was about to say something when the ground trembled from vibrations coming from within, and it cracked open a couple of feet away from where we sat.

Like seriously, seriously parted, you know like seriously, seriously, seriously parted. The stones danced in unison as a storm brew with us at its eye.

In a thundering roar of hooves, a chariot driven by four majestic horses sprang out.

And finally, the one responsible stepped out of his shiny black chariot.


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