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   Chapter 13 A Life worth to be Proud of

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It was only a few seconds later that I recovered and noticed the awful amount of people who had gathered. There were many who looked out of place and I clearly saw a maid try to hide her spatula dripping fresh dough.

How did they get here so fast? Seems like word travel faster here than a rumor in high school.

"Yu, " I called out to the black haired guard, someone I was literally scarred from our meeting. His lean muscular figure walked over and his eyes searched for the small bump of my forehead left after my accidental detour into his armor.

"It's fine now." My hand reflexively touched the stop which was no longer as visible and painful.

He closed his mouth killing the question with it. "Can you help me find Will because Hades seems to have abounded me." I motioned to where the lonely God was last seen.

"I will help you" His phoenix eyes turned crescent as he smiled and one simple motion of his hand made the rest of the curious onlookers leave.

"This way Lady Elizabeth."

The honorifics made my face crunch involuntarily, but he had stuck to using it even when I had said otherwise.

"So did you have your lunch, Honorable and renowned Lieutenant general Yu of the army of the Underworld?" I smiled in triumph watching his expression change. "Yeah, I know who are Honorable and renowned Lieutenant general Yu of the army of the Underworld."

"Lady Elizabeth you do not have to recognize me by my tile." He sincerely said.

I shook my head, disagreeing. "No Honorable and renowned Lieutenant-general of the army of the Underworld, I will. Not as long as you call me Lady Elizabeth." The phoenix eyes were given a fright.

"I am afraid I cannot do that, you are our Lord's Doctor..." Before he could add Lady Elizabeth I interjected. "Then I am sorry Honorable and renowned.."


"Huh?" I arched an eyebrow.

"Elizabeth." It was a plead.

We found Will within a small time span for it turned out that he was searching for me. Without giving it another thought I hugged him, and after a startled moment of inactiveness, he hugged me back with twice the strength.

"I heard that you even made him smile." He patted my shoulder like a proud parent when he pulled back.

"Yeah, with my life on the line." I pointed out. "Hey, why didn't you tell me that I was alive?" I asked with a sparingly sweet smile.

He raised his hands in defense. "I didn't know that you thought that you were dead." And in an attempt to change the subje

are there no seatbelts?" I regretted opening my mouth when one of his hands let go to ruffle my hair.

It was out of reflex, and maybe the haziness caused due to shock that I ended up punching him in the stomach.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Did I just punch a god? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I blame Will for this outcome.

"You do get annoyed by that." My face which had ironically hidden in the clothes of the same person it was hiding from, peaked out, on hearing his remark.

I paged in shock of what I saw, so close to my widen eyes. Hades was smiling. There was no crease below the eyes, no movement of the cheeks, only a faint curve to the lips and the top row of aligned teeth showing, but on this face it made me wonder whether I was vaporized.

From under his messy hair peeked eyes of hazel that shown like sunlight on polished stones. And within such close proximity, I finally noticed the blue within the ambers which rimmed the inner edges of his eyes.

Infinite streaks of Deep sea blue lining his pupils.

Straining my eyes elsewhere, I managed to reply. "It does annoy me." But my eyes were drawn back to his when he said.

"I thank you, Elia Rain Airlea " did he know my name? Have I told him my name and if so why call me Elia instead of Elizabeth?

The entrance of the well grew closer and I missed the movements of hands that took hold of my face. "When it is time for you to be judged, show this King a life worth pride." My legs were already on solid-ground and his hands left me to the cold air.

Giving me only a cursory glimpse of his haunting smile, he faded away like a forgotten dream I woke up to.

Is this the end?

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