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   Chapter 12 The taunting God

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Even when leaving, he refused to offer his hand, but when he did on getting on the chariot, I happily obliged.


This brought a frown to the otherwise void face, and he sported it almost halfway back home.

"Is there where I will go after I finish treating you?" I looked back to where my memories will no longer be mine to remember.

The flames of ember danced with amusement. "And why would you go there." Was his short answer, leaving me in a fearful smile.

Is it really as I feared what it is that I had done? I hadn't given much thought while breaking my cousin's nose nor his curses. My mouth hung open.

The misuse of power on the weak. That must be it.

"Is there really no way? I am dead and now I...."

He almost seemed to have wanted to laugh. "You are not dead mortal." The matter of fact tone made it harder to believe.

"What?" The question was a weak murmur. But as I drew near to hyperventilation I could no longer seem as calm.


"Your soul and your body haven't parted." The words were uttered slowly with careful calm as if to prevent the breaking of the fragile mind of a child.

But I was lost, like in those never-ending corridors. "What about the fall? The prison I woke up in?"

"You were a creature of unknown origin and living, the guards only followed protocol in keeping in prison till you gained consciousness."

Creature? Did he just call a gi

how?" I asked stretching my hand to his forehead.

Through hooded eyes, he looked down at me. "Being a God my presence isn't restricted to this body. In a way, my soul spreads everywhere in the Underworld and worlds beyond it and I cannot remain ideal."

My legs tapped uncontrollably with impatience and frustration.

"Okay you are a King and have things to do, but that doesn't mean that you can cross out your health from your 'to take care of' list. You should be thankful that I made a little more of the medicine."

Now, where in this hell did I get the confidence to scold him? Maybe he noticed my fear of being turned into a roasted duck for pictured me as if like I just did.

For a long slender finger tapped my forehead and the stagnant lips stretched into a soft smile.

"I believe you would like to leave. I will make the arrangements." He said before turning swiftly to disappear into the crowd of awaiting soldiers.

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