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   Chapter 11 His Reason

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 4047

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I looked closer at the people around, finding them all in their youthful days and healthy glow of contentment and happiness. Not a single frown or scowl was seen. When I took a step forward, the scenery changed, a young boy sat back laughing with his father under a willow tree.

The only thing out of place in that garden was the road I stood on. I moved aside when a lady carrying cookies walked towards the two. It seemed I was invisible to them.

This lead to me finding myself in a purely white kitchen and a girl around my age tried her hand in cooking.

Her complains upon failure was replaced with a smile when a small hand tugged at her apron, the child's face smudged with the cream of the ruined cake that he dug into.

I tripped over the small stool placed near the kitchen counter. I fell onto my back in the process, watching the room blur into a high school classroom.

I got up dusting off and immediately looked away on finding a young couple indulge themselves in a kiss. Looking down, I saw the same road I started upon, and it ran past the walls of the classroom.

Having a little understanding of how it works, I stepped forward. Into a wide grassland and the amber eyes of a God l

When the burden is lifted you learn to let go."

"These people." I looked around watching them with their faces filled with laughter and content.

"Are they the ones who forgot." It soon turned out to be a question when I saw a couple walking hand in hand and some children playing down the streets with their parents overlooking.

He nodded. "Sometimes our fates are so intertwined that even in oblivion they never part."

"Hunger, poverty, sadness or hatred holds no meaning here." Suddenly, I found myself sitting over a hill overlooking the flourishing valley, the view stretching out far beyond what the eyes could see.

"This is what I want to protect, it's what's worth suffering, and my answer to you." Looking down at his Kingdom, his face shown with something brighter than the light.

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