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   Chapter 11 Past

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"Didn't Hades kidnap his wife?" I had a feeling that my trust towards Wikipedia was going to tragically change.

"That is far from the truth." He shook his head, and with a patronizing smile pinched my nose. "Judging from your expression, No, Hades didn't get kidnapped."

He soon laughed imagining the scenario as I did.

"Then? Is it confidential? If it is, you don't have to tell me." He looked at me pointedly, his brows forming crescent moons. "That was the formality part. If you don't tell me you would have to deal with puppy faces."

From his replying smile, I somehow felt that I looked like three-year-old ready to hear her bedtime sorry. By the way, I like my milk with cookies.

"Let's sit somewhere shall we?"

I nodded happily and skipped up the stairs that Will lead me by to a balcony. The moment we came through the doors, winter-like wind cocooned us. But the chills of the cold breezes were forgotten by the view of the river it opened to.

The river was like a sleeping cobra. It laid across the land in smooth curves, beautiful in the light, calm and innocuous.

Standing by me as I stood marveling the enormous river, Will said. "That's river Acheron, the river of sorrows." After taking my fill of magical view I sat down on the marble slab alongside Will.

"Welcome to your first class on Greek Gods." He fixed his invisible glasses over his nose.

"Good morning teacher."

"Persephone is the goddess of spring and vegetation which she inherited from her mother, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture."

"The events which lead to the feud between her and Hades happened centuries ago. She isn't part of the twelve main gods, and she felt that she wasn't receiving enough praise and worship from humans. In her pursuit to satisfy her greed, she decided to sed..."

Will abruptly paused before reconstructing his sentence. "She

I thought until...."

"Elie, don't cry, " Will said stopping halfway and came over to my side.

"Sorry." I apologized, seeing his flustered self. "I shouldn't have reminded him of those times." The guilt stopped my eyes from drying.

"Don't apologize it's my fault for telling you about it." He ran his hands through his air as he got to his feet. "Do you want...water?"

"Coffee maybe?" He paced around me, his helplessness showing by the creases in his forehead and he soothed my hair.

"I am okay." It came out in sync with the words of the soldier that walked in. "Your presence is needed, commander."

Will looked back at the armed soldier whose eyes depicted the urgency of the matter. "I will be right back." He halted turning back to me. "I can't leave you like this."

I shooed him away with my hands. "I am fine, you have to get back to your duty." Our positions were reversed, and finally, he left with a guard stationed with the job to ensure my safety and another to call Olivia to give me company."

As I rested my face on my palms, sketching the river in my mind, a warm breeze softly caressed my cheek and took away with it the last of the tears, like the tip of a thump wiping it away.

Will Hades forgive me?

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