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   Chapter 7 Reasons

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Leaving me wondering about what he meant he disappeared, soon appearing at the door. I realized a bit late by the stillness he stood there with, that he was waiting for me.

Jumping off, I followed behind his now retreating form.

Four guards flanked us while the people in the corridors made themselves scarce against the wall, breaths rarely inhaled. Noting familiar faces, I waved with enthusiasm.

They did not wave back immediately, only after Hades' passing did they greet me with smiles. Standing out in the crowd with her fiery hair framing her heart-shaped face stood one of the friendliest in the palace.

When our eyes met, she waved like crazy and I returned it with equal excitement. Unlike everyone else, Hades seemed to have gone completely overlooked. The sight of her rosy cheeks turning a deeper shade of red when she finally noticed the intimidating God was hilarious to me.

Giving me the stink eye from my giggles on her account, she huffed turning her head away. With an apologetic smile, I said I would meet her very soon.

When the exit, came into view the guards deviated commissioning themselves on either side of the wall.

The coolness of air gave me comfort and a time gap for inhaling the breath I was about to lose. Wonderstruck I stared at a black chariot, an extraordinary one beautified by jewels, but the three jet black stallions hitched to it was what blew my mind a mile and half away.

Bigger and stronger than the horses on earth, these four-legged creatures exuded a majestic and regal air.

What wouldn't I do to have one of them? I want all of them!!

Common sense warned me that if they were his horses, they mustn't be famous for getting cozy with strangers. And so I watched from afar as their long mane fluttered in the soft winds, their agitation and anticipation for their hooves to speed through rocky lands.

"Have you decided to stay there?" My dream of riding one towards an unknown destiny, was cruelly brought to an end.

I was taken aback for a moment, my mind fixating on the image of the God holding onto the reins and the beautiful apathetic eyes of his. It felt as if I was admiring a priceless painting. To make up for the lack of a reply, I asked while getting on.

"What are their names?"The cold void of amber eyes looked back at me.

"Orphnaeus, Aethon, Nycticebus, and Alastor." He pointed at them starting from his left and each neighed in recognition of their names.

With a warning, he pulled on the reins setting them into motion. "Don't burden me by falling off."

I mentally translated it to "Hold on".

I felt myself leaning back when the chariot took off the ground, the horses galloping in thin air. Santa Claus!

Hades is Santa Claus? An evil good looking Santa Claus?

No words could describe the beauty of the new world I witnessed from here. The night sky was lit up with numerous stars, ones which pu


"Regrets." He calmly said and not letting go of my hand took me for a stroll in the buzzing streets which longer changed forms. We were invisible to them and they merely passed through us air oon contact.

I thought back to the scenes I saw, and none of them felt like they could be something that could lead to regrets and resentments.

He took notice of my confusion and went on the clear them. "When a soul enters the Underworld, they go through their trial. Those deemed worthy if desired can rewrite a memory, one that could redeem them of regret and guilt before they drink from the waters Lethe the river of forgetfulness."

"The river of Oblivion, " I have heard of it before. "Will lose their memory?" I asked.

The shadow formed by his long lashes animated the ambers as his face tilted to look at me. "Yes."

" How long can we live in that reality that we make? Can we live in forever?"

"Many stretch out each second, but no it cannot last forever even though there is no time limit. People have many regrets to count when living but at your last breath there will be only a few, that matters the most. When the burden is lifted you learn to let go."

"These people." I looked around watching them with their faces filled with laughter and content.

"Are they the ones who forgot." It soon turned out to be a question when I saw a couple walking hand in hand and some children playing down the streets with their parents overlooking.

He nodded. "Sometimes our fates are so intertwined that even in oblivion they never part."

"Hunger, poverty, sadness or hatred holds no meaning here." Suddenly, I found myself sitting over a hill overlooking the flourishing valley, the view stretching out far beyond what the eyes could see.

"This is what I want to protect, it's what's worth suffering, and my answer to you." Looking down at his Kingdom, his face shown with something brighter than the light.

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