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   Chapter 6 Something to Live For

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Will and I wandered the endless hallways speaking about things which made little to no sense. There was the time we talked about mermaids and whether they would have legs when they die. This question came up when Will informed me that the souls of the dead cued up to wait for their turn in the Hall of Judgment where they are judged.

He took it up a habit to ask me whether I was truly fine and repeated the question three times when a soldier told him that he had to attend something urgent.

I continuously told him that I was peachy but being alone left me plenty of time to think about my current situation.

Facts would be like: I came in like a wrecking ball.

So I busied myself by getting to know the palace workers. Not everyone was overjoyed to talk to me, but there some of those bubbly, light-emitting people who welcomed me like family. To my eternal amusement, I got to know that Lord Hades and Will were recently not on talking terms as latter lost the formers earrings. But each and everyone fell silent whenever I inquired about what was going happen to me?

Giving up, I kept to trying to figure out the way to the kitchen because the coffee they served me was worth my liver.

Kidding. Both my livers.

I was already very much lost, and now I am very, very lost. Two heavenly armored guards passed by me with low bows send my way. Trying to multitask walking with bowing back, I almost tripped over my own feet.

As I watched more soldiers started to pour out through a twenty feet metal doors engraved with strange symbols. Seeing the parade pause I tiptoed towards the massive doors and poked my head in to find Will ordering instructions to a group of soldiers, adorning an ancient vest and sword. Gone was his carefree look and cheerfulness.

Not wanting cause disturbance, I kept myself hidden in the behind the door. My attention was drawn from Will to a lone black-clad figure among a golden sea enter from the other end of the hall right across from where I stood.

Oh my God, I have a feeling that I would get into trouble if Hades sees me snooping around. I retreated away from the door and hid behind one of the many statu

t tell you the reason for it being so." I did not mind and was rather grateful that he shared the small piece of information with me.

Slowly, I reached out my hand, with lingering taps I patted his head all the while unsure of what I actually wanted to do.

The sharpness of his gaze was of a thousand swords as he looked at me like a rare oddity. "Are you maybe trying to console me?"

Sheepishly I smiled not being able to explain. In the faint light, I felt the deadness, the stillness in his eyes dissipated. A second later I wondered whether he was going to smile in that fleeting second.

"What affects you the most?" I asked a few seconds later.

"Sunlight." As soon as he uttered the last syllabus of the word my hands went to my throat.

"I can't help it. Its the basic instincts of a vampire-genre book lover would have." I defended my action under his skeptical gaze. "So can't you go into the light?"

"I am afraid so, " he answered blankly.

"Does your work affect you?" I asked with hesitance and I already knew I wasn't going to find an answer. "You have to look after yourself more." I advised.

"My body is eternal, I won't die." The statement somehow brought back memories, and I found myself yelling out the question I used to ask myself.

"Why do things that you know would only lead to your suffering?"

Unchanging amber eyes seemed to see through the rage, into my scared soul. "I will show you why."

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