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   Chapter 5 Judgement

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As I rose from a heavy slumber I am first aware of the soft covers and the heavenly pillows crushed between my legs.

My eyes suddenly opened surprised by how peacefully I slept. No nightmares plagued my sleep this fine day. The type of bizarre-nightmares that left you wondering who you are, on waking up.

Maybe the curse no longer valid since I was no longer one of the living.

I curled into a ball, deciding to test the theory again. My relationship status has always been: in love with my bed.

But the newfound sense of peace was short-lived since a blue-eyed boy poked his head the room. "I see that you are up and about."

"Aaaaah can't a girl get her beauty sleep?" I whined snuggling deeper into the covers.

He chuckled and in a teasing tone patted my covered head. "Stop complaining or should I carry you?"

Without any further delay, I stood up barely finding balance. I bowed my smile an epitome of politeness. "What can I do for you today?"

"Hades wouldn't be back for quite a while and seeing the fact that you slept in his bed and survived the night to tell the tale, The Fates are on your side." He clapped with pride. "So you have free time, would you like a tour of the palace?"

You could say that my mind didn't register the last part and seemed to stuck on the words, "slept in his bed." I flew off it and despite Will telling me not too, I tied up the bed. As neatly I could.

Will lead the way through the maze of hallways. How is anyone finding anything in this palace? Conversing with Will didn't turn out well, with the numbering of soldiers who interrupted. By the looks of it, they were reporting something to him, and so I would slow down my pace to give them privacy.

Given time by myself, my mind wandered. Numerous questions popped up like advertisements. I kept wondering when would be my trial conducted and whether I would be chosen to enter paradise?

Let me see. Bad things I did: Stole my brother's ten dollars and his chewing gum to spend it in style. Lied, lied again, lied again... Broke my cousin's nose, burnt my best friends hair for a dare. Spooked out my classmates by suddenly starting to chant in a language I made up. And Lots More

Good things: I saved a cat......

Is there nothing elsejQuery214018284384170119683_1547308075691

It was when the question of ever getting to meet my family was brought up that I kept to admiring the walls and decorations in gold. It wasn't a few 'hallways' away that I noticed how the place workers whispered to one another while glancing my way.

Couldn't they do it a bit subtlely? I stopped dead on my track when one of the maids bowed in my direction. This ended up being the new fad with each person I passed by.

Finally seeing that everyone bowed to Will I decided that it was their way of greeting. And from then on I bowed back to everyone I came across though it seemed to leave them in a state of shock, When the crowd surrounding Will broke away, he slowed down falling in steps with mine. "Sorry, it was something important." He apologized to my surprise.

I was okay with it, but I didn't let him know, instead. "Yeah, " I said with disinterest, faking distance. "It's not like I am important" I added a spoonful of emotional guilt-tripping.

Result: His face was priceless.

It was only when I started laughing did he realize that I was joking. With an expression that could break countless hearts he demanded. "Elie how could you do that?"

This time it was my face which fell, and just when I began to tell my sorry he started to laugh. Ah? Oh, I see. This guy just made me taste my own medicine.

This was the beginning of a war.

We engaged in a fierce battle of claws and metal. His tummy left unprotected by the lack of armor was weak against the attack of my fingers, and with his height far exceeding mine, he went for my hair.

We both knew only one of us was going to walk out of this alive..ish.

But then came a sudden turn of events which caused us to pause mid-battle.

"I see you two get along well." said The Lord of the Underworld. I had not noticed when we had entered the dining room, which had a massive twenty seat table at the center. At the head chair, sat Hades who calmly reviewed a file.

After agreeing on a peace treaty, Will and I withdrew our weapons. With a smile thrown my way, Will turned towards a certain God. "Are we on speaking terms, Hades?" No 'lord' interesting.

50 grants say they are best friends.


are dismissed." Hades immediately ordered, but no hostility or dominance out showing in his words rather a friendlier tone.

Now, show me some MONEY.

Upon meeting two questioning gazes, I asked with a pained smile of self-humiliation. "Did I just speak to myself?" Even Hades found the need to nod.

While I died inside Will proceeded to leave, whispering a piece of small advice to me as he did. "Don't let him bully you." You bet I won't.

With his leaving came the awkward phase, where I stood looking around the room in awe-struck wonder as he ignored my presence. It was the two maids that scurried into the room carrying dishes that broke the silence. Neatly placing the food items for him and for the seat to his side, they left with a respectful bow.

Knowing that there was no one else in the room, I turned my expectant eyes to Hades. Beaming with happiness I hurried to the chair when he indicated me to sit. My feet barely met the floor on the high chair and I said my prayers before digging into the food.

I said my prayers and dug into the food. Seems being dead does not help with hunger. Well into desserts I said to Hades who I sneaked glances every now and then. "You should take your medicine after finishing."

Surprisingly he acknowledged my statement and with a simple click of his fingers, I found myself in his bedroom. With my fork still in hand I rampaged through the mess I caused in search for the antidote.

The question is, how do I get back?

Figuring that one of the guards would come to find me, either by his order or scold me for entering their Lord's room, I decided to settle onto something comfy.

I looked at Hades' bed, but the next instance I found myself back in the dining room. Hades seemed slightly amused from the strange position he found me in. With one hand to reaching out in the direction his bed had been before and the antidote balanced on my head, I looked like a fallen soldier trying to make his last stand with the fork I held in the other hand.

I cleared my throat sitting properly down, and pushed the medicine towards him. With keen eyes, I waited for him to consume it. The look I had on, must have been scary for he paused to glance my way, the coldness in his deep set of eyes stimulated a kind of fear.

But I fund the strength to say. "Nope, it's not poison." Maybe I sounded sincere enough for he drank it down. The temperature dropped with the annoyance he felt as he set the bowl down.

I guess it worked. GodFever Killer ver.02 extra sweet.

My face lit up with a smile which screamed. 'I am too good to be true!'

A threat upon my life is what I expected rather than the shock given by the chuckles transforming his sculptured face. The momentary surprise was cut short when a loud wailing pierced through my ears, head slitting pain accompanying it. I fell onto my knees whimpering, my hands trying to shut out the sound but finding no relief from the pain.

I sensed a pair of hands steadying me, his body forming a shield around me. With a finger under my chin, he tilted my face up to his. "Remove your hands." He did not scream, but the words he spoke were crystal clear within the drowning sounds.

I shook my head, refusing to remove my hands. "Trust me." I found myself searching the boundless depths of his amber eyes. Slowly with residual hesitation, I removed them and his hands replaced mine over my ears.

Very soon, he got up and he left leaving me alone on the floor. The wailing was no longer painful, its magnitude reduced to negligible. No longer like thousands screaming into your ears in agony and pain.

"Elie." Will rushed into the room with his face etched with concern. "Are you alright?"

I nodded, getting up with his help."Does it hurt anywhere?" He looked me in the eyes, looking more serious than his usual demeanor. I patted his head with a smile. "I am fine you worry heart. What was that anyway?"

He straightened running his hand through his hair as he explained. "It's the dead who are calling out to him."

"Hades, he is the supreme judge of the dead he has to go to his court. Not every soul here is peaceful."

"It seems like a difficult job, " I commented, looking at the door he left through.

Will nodded, his eyes looking far off into the distance."Yes, it is."

"Do you want coffee?" He proposed soon after.

"Yep." I snatched my plate of unfinished dessert and followed him out with a heightened curiosity on the God of the Underworld.

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