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   Chapter 4 Why should I let you touch Me

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An uncertain smile is offered to the god glaring me down with indifference and though no shiny crown sat amongst his locks like ink, his whole being radiated dominance, an undisputed oppression of a King making one have an earnest temptation to kneel.

I stray my eyes from the ones of amber, nonchalantly trying to admire the headboard with a thoughtful look and after a while without a single soul daring to even move I grew uneasy in the deadly quiet and decide to play my part as doctor. "Can I maybe check your temperature?"

He remains a stone sculpture reminding me cruelly of the impassivity of predators as they stalk their prey. "You have courage little one."

And whether it was a true praise or in mocking, his tone did not give away but maybe the the address he chose to use rubbed me of wrong for my following question lacked its former courtesy. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong with you?"

And thus sealed and signed was my death certificate.

A scolding, a cold assortment of superiority or a reminder of my humble birth was well within expectations but the god was beaten to it by his loyal guards. "How can you question our Lord?"

When whispers of agreement chimes in another speaks sighing with regret. "We shouldn't have brought her here. Please forgive us Lord."

My mind whispered to me in comfort to let it be, that there was no use in reacting but I have always prided myself to be the impulsive streak in the family effortlessly disowning the practicality of my ancestors.

And in lightening speed I turn to them, my eyes narrowed when running over each. "Look, I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone but I have to remind you of yours for forcefully bringing me here while mistaking me for a doctor." None of their expressions expect my fine blonde friend could be considered friendly, but I kept on a civil smile.

"Now can I check your temperature?" I whirl around instantly regretting the outburst when meeting the coldness to amber eyes.

"Are you a doctor then?" The god's words were unhurried and sombre leaving me speechless, my cheeks burning a little but I was quick to fall deeper into hypocrisy.

"I am not a professional doctor but I know a thing or two at making medicines so I wish to give it a try." Carefully avoiding naming him without honorifics altogether I try my best to not seem too arrogant and with the death certificate hanging over my head I add on a proposition. "I will wash my hands if you want. "

And everyone in a wrapt attention awaits his response, for even a slice of his hand ordering for a kill.

"Why should I let you touch me?"

I was caught of guard by the query almost making me believe I had ill intentions towards this beautiful god while his loyal subjects seemed unaccustomed to their Lord in such a talkative mood.

With neither a subtle agreement or a clear refusal I was left with only a handful of choices and I picked the one highlighted with high-risks.

The softness of the bedding tempted my limbs to fall into their safe embrace as I struggle to get closer to the god and was unwilling to look back to the glaring sets of eyes whose owners I wished wouldn't barge in without authorisation and fling me off the bed that I got on with the same lack of permission.

I sat before the god who leaned away with utter nonchalance, his expression blank like paper, his body relaxed like on a spring day as if he was

merely watching a play unfold, but before his eyes any would cower for it was one of a predator uninterested in swift kills but one who would wanted to know how long its pray would last as it is disemboweled nice and slow.

And it really was for no scientific research.

I sigh with pity for my disastrous fate. "If you let me check your temperature I can have a basic-" I pause letting the god linger on the words while I snuck my hand to his forehead, fingers seared by heated skin. "...about your illness.

And all of my courage is expanded into the second and I quickly retrieve the trespassing hand fearing it would be bitten into and the short contact lets me know of the fever running at a temperature fatal to humans and noticing the hostility emitting from the wounded beast I push my luck no further and relieve the extra weight off the bed uncaring of my image as I roll down to the cool floor.

And the witnesses at the door straining their necks to catch a glimpse like a gaggle of geese could no longer hold in their curses.

When stable on the ground I dare not not meet the god' gaze and turn towards the dumbstruck guards and

I stifle a laugh finding the one standing by Will look to the wall with interest as if wanting to find the perfect spot to bang his head against.

"I need someone to get the ingredients for the medicine as well as a few other things." None spoke looking to their Lord with blind belief to get rid of the unruly mortal.

"Come on I won't poison your Lord, trust me."

Amusement danced in Will' eyes as I smile but to the gaggle of geese the small creature had finally put away its mask of obedience, now revealing gentle fangs.

They looked at each other and then with shocking coordination pushed a young man with a familiar face into the room and he stumbled forward cooperatively resigning to his bad luck.

The youth's brows were closer to his eyes than most giving him a kind look and the soft contours of his face pointing out his asian lineage. "Are you alright?" I ask recognising him as the the guard sliced in half at the waist just to get a point through.

His deep brown eyes winden as he nods and noticing how he held no paper or pen I hoped to trust his memory and quickly let him know of the things I would need. "I will need lukewarm water, clean towels and bowls. Two goldenseal with roots intact, a handful of elderberry and yarrow and the herb boneset."

When I finish I turn back to the King knowing they wouldn't move a muscle if he were to refuse and I keep my chin high as if to keep my crown in place.

With a flick of his sleeve the King falls back to his bed turning away from the nuisance disrupting his privacy and with the enthusiasm of a swarm of bees towards a pasture they scatter, even forgetting to rebuke me for my lack for proper etiquette.

"So you are finally changing your ways." A hand falls onto my shoulder and I flinch but soon the tension release when blue eyes lower to mine, his words addressing the god who shut himself behind closed curtains.

The taunt I feared would evoke the god's rage but no movement comes from the other side and Will chuckles without a reason while seeing himself to the door."I will leave you to do your job." He waves patronizingly like a parent leaving his child to fend for herself on the first day of grade school.

And thus I was left alone with the god of the Underworld.

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