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   Chapter 4 Sleep

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 3173

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While he slept, I succeeded in making a new better-tasting version of the medicine I made earlier. I named it "Killer of God-fever ver. 2.0"

Using my inherited ninja skills from my Asian roots, I checked his temperature every ten minutes and noted the improvement.

Now, all it needs is time.

The other times when I wasn't honing my ninja techniques I cried. I tried to keep it silent, but once in awhile a sob turned out to sound like a bubble popping.

The gravity of reality started to penetrate the walls of self defense I built up from the moment I entered this land of fantasy and realized that I was...dead. No longer was I able to turn a blind side to the truth.

Miserable that' what I felt as I remembered the ones I cared off. Mom' going kill me when she knows, but since she can't I guess I will get to meet dad very soon. There was nothing I wouldn't give away to hear her tell me off and declare that she alone was always right about everything.

The crying was causing me to feel sleepy, but I couldn't. I shouldn't for the consequence it promised. All my life, I knew sleep wasn't a leisure I could dwell on.

But even with the reasoning, I found my eyes drooping, the bowl slipping off my hand. It became harder to reopen my eyes with each blink. My vision blurred and my head started feeling heavy.

Putting off sleep for the past few days finally got to me.

Before I could face plant on the floor I willed my way onto the closest comfort. Not giving a torn-socks about it being Hades 'bed.

It lived up to its name, a bed truly meant for a King

. Somewhere in my mind, I knew there was something very wrong about this, but I forgot.

I will just lay here for a few minutes till the dizziness passes. A few minutes...


I was half conscious when I sensed him move, a sigh leaving his crimson lips.

"We apologize my Lord......... blah blah blah." Someone went on and on with apologizing. When did they get into the room?

"We are very blah blah blah blah." Someone else added to it.

And some more blah blah blah blah.

"That's enough." Hades said finally putting an end to the mindless chatter.

After a while of silence, one of the brave spoke up. "She finished making the medicine for you, Lord Hades."


Seriously that's his reply? I wish it was more like: "Oh, really she did that? What a responsible girl, I should reward her by giving her life back. Guards prepare a feast to express my gratitude to her and arrange a golden carriage to send her back."

He could have done that like a gentleman than settle it with a word.

"If you give us permission we will remove her off your Highnesses' bed." The same person seemed to suggest.

I mentally frowned. Remove?

Without a warning, his fingers traced the area under my eyes darkened with sleepless nights. His touch warm for someone so cold.

He ordered them for something, but I couldn't grasp the words spoken as I was losing the grip on my consciousness.

"It's okay. Let her sleep." Was the last thing I heard, before I gave into dreadful-sleep.

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