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   Chapter 3 Hades Doctor

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"Look William, if this is a kidnapping for money or simply because my mom pissed you off, you can tell me, lets keep it straight okay." I keep my expression unfazed as more people make the crowd.

"I know breaking the victim's will is  very effective, but you don't have to bother I will give you my parents number so ask your men to stand down."

William' brows were furrowed listening intently till I said my piece.

"Elizabeth, the hole you fell into a long ago had an alter built over it where offerings by worshippers were kept, but is no longer of use but somehow it acted as a portal." His tone was soft as if coaxing a kid throwing a tantrum.

"Our Lord Hades is the greek god of the Underworld, commonly called in the human tongue as hell, but it is not as scary as people makes it seem.

After a person's death their soul reaches the Underworld and they are judged for their deeds and sent to the afterlife they are worthy of. I understand this might be very confusing for you-"

"I know of greek myths." My voice was raised but not from rage but frustration. "How long have you been following me to be so thorough, did you really go through my search results?

"Was the floor crumbling also part of the plan. The getups and the set is all very realistic but you should have come up with a more realistic theme."

"This is not a lie." Will seemed rather helpless, his still kept his patience.

"I am a huge fan of mythology and the mysteries that come with it, but please, please don't expect me to believe this."

"Elizabeth. "

"If what you are saying is true why don't I find myself amongst the other souls? And my heart is surely beating, I am sadly sweating and I am breathing so I am not dead." I argue feeling my own pulse.

"You really are in the Underworld."

"You're lying."

"No I'm not."

"You are"

"I am not lying."


There was unpleasant noice from the sides and when I turn in time for it to repeat my eyes widen as a man plunges his sword into another's heart while he doesn't even let out a yelp in pain.

I hold back a scream trying to believe it was a silly magic trick and maybe my stubbornness was written clear on my face for he withdraws the sword with no blood tainting its blade and the man with a gaping hole in his chest only shrugs when the sword is lifted again.

And without mercy slashes cleaving him by the waist and it is only when the torso falls backward and the stumbling legs forward did I scream.

And it was not a second later that the amputated parts turn to dust and disperse in air.

"Elizabeth, he will be alright. He is already dead so his body will regenerate again in the hall of judgement so please relax."

I knew William was trying to soothe out my tense nerves but it only made them taut like a stretched bows' string.

"Do you believe us now?" I stare at the man holding the sword, his expression infuriated and I felt was if sand was grinding down my throat making it hoarse when I spoke. "Why...why did you do that?

Suddenly William moves to blocks away my view quickly apologising on the other's behalf. "Forgive them, they did not mean any harm. But you see questioning the Underworld' existence is similar to questioning their very being.


"Eli -"

We began and end at the same time wanting to let the other speak and hence breaking the names to what would be a nickname each would fall into naturally later on for no reason in particular.

"Listen, don't hit me I won't harm you." He says drawing near and I vaguely look upto him.

Sorry Will, but I won't come with you willingly.

About two and a half minutes later.

Status: Still a backpack.

Position: Piggybacked.

Tactics tried: Hitting, kicking, screaming, punching, begging, guilt-tripping, fainting.

Result: Still a backpack.

"Are you already giving up?" He chides hunching forward to keep me balanced as I sat there arms-crossed unwillingly to lean on him.

Looking to the blonde locks of the man reduced to a horse I supress a smile.

"Don't let your guard down, I'm a tiger in cat's clothing."

"Yeah, yeah, sure sure, " He teases and I appreciate his efforts to lighten my mood but the tears were barely held back and like any other rational person ending up in trouble, a scary thought plagued my mind.

My mother is going to kill me!

And my poor old man would slowly but surely be murdered by her wrath remembering how he helped me pack my bags for this eventful holiday.

I sigh, only if I had listened to her.

And I prayed they never found my body and only wanted it to decay with a trace for I wanted them to have strand of hope when the news breaks of my missing and not mourn for my death.

And death did not bring me regrets of the things I couldn't have and places I wanted to go but only pain with the knowledge that the people who loved me would have their lives disrupted and changed, be it a small like a name uttered in passing that would ignite memories.

"How did you learn to fight like that?"

"Ah?" I was broken away from my thoughts when Will speaks and I discreetly wipe away the tears that had spilled not noticing the dark spots of moisture over his clothes.

"When my subordinates tried to bring you outside, you fought really well."

I clear my throat before answering fearing I would sound like a frog.

"My parents are overprotective freaks and I have had a bodyguard acting as a housekeeper the times I was left home alone when they were on business trips."

"And he taught me a couple of moves in his free time and my brother is older to me by five years so learning them was done with the most sincerity but I my skills are hardly praise worthy, but you know this one time-" I stop myself realising I was blabbering and he turns his head smiling.

"Go on."

"No its nothing important, I am just nervous and I am already talkative by nature and currently since I want to keep away bad thoughts I am just mindlessly chattering, I know its not the best-" I pause realising I was doing the same and Will laughs lifting the awkwardness.


e were now past the prison barracks and entering the halls of a palace painted from fairy tales, the red carpet lining the floors sinking up to the ankles, the sensation no different from running through a lush green meadow.

On the most ostentatiously detailed walls hung paintings of landscapes large and realistic enough to be misunderstood for windows to another land and all stair rails were ornate mahogany, polished and carved to shine.

Furniture likely handmade without a replica to be found of each piece and antics whose variety was not restricted to a single continent or race were set apart where it could be admired the best. In conclusion it would take a small army of servants for its upkeep.

Will had long since been laughing and when the strong reverberations of his chest seize I ask. "Has Hades been treated by someone before?"

"Do not call him by his name." The guard closest to us warns, but finding using the honorific funny in my tongue I do not give any false promises.

Will shakes his head. "You see there are no doctors in the Underworld as staff and neither is our Lord willing to call Apollo, the god of medicine. "

"Sounds like he is stubborn, " It was only a whisper but a dozen heads turn to me all sharing the same thought.

"What a disrespectful young girl!" Someone among them scolds and I did not know how to respond because I never meant to be rude.

"You don't need to apologise." Will says noticing my frown and I nod.

And while I did not know anything of the palace interiors it felt as though we were taking the longest route to our destinations like everybody was stalling from meeting a calamity.

"How does a god fall ill, isn't he immortal?" I ask easing into Will's arms with mine around his neck as he shifts me forward treating me as a baby for a change.

And to all the diligent staff trailing behind it seemed as the small ferocious beast taking hesitant steps had let out a grunt and finally withdrawn its fangs for comfort.

Will lowers his eyes only answering to the second query. "Yes he is immortal. " And in tactic understanding of the sensitivity of the first I do not pester while secretly swearing to get to the bottom of it later.

"Why are your eyes shifting colours?" Will halts his step and so do the rest.

"Oh, you see it too?"

He nods a little confused by my expression. "They were violet just now like iolite."

"You see I have been told that my eyes change colour but I have never caught a glimpse of the phenomenon even when staring at the mirror for ages."

How many people have I had to calm down dismissing it as a trick of the light and I believed it to be so but the number of people coming up to me with the same questionwas clear proof that it was a lie.

"That's really strange...oh here we are." Will announces upon reaching the destination and I steel my heart.

We reach an arched double door with knobs made of jewels that I doubt would get me an island or two and the one who was the most active amongst the group with a goatte knocks and then opens the doors and I finally remember a part that I missed.

The god of the Underworld was also the god of wealth.

A large bedroom comes in sight with a canopy bed big enough to let five people sleep without noticing the other.

One could almost trace a pattern in the details given to the palace decor of perfect assemblance but inside this bechambers there was a noticeable difference which at the same time could not specifically be pointed out.

It was as though the palace was the god's house and the this room, acers smaller to it was his home.

"Lord Hades it is very selfish of us but we have a brought a doctor." Only three enter the room including us, all keeping well away from the bed.

"I am not a doctor, " I mumble to myself as Will lets me down only drawing away his hands when assured I was stable on my feet.

"My lord please approve of our selfless wish." The request was made again with sincerity showing in each word and my curiosity towards the god behind the curtains rise.

How would be look like? A Light too blinding to took at, or similar to a human or simply a white smudge -__-

"Please let the mortal treat your highness." All except Will like a practiced line say in unsion and the echoes dies down to the peaceful quiet.

"Can you cure me human child?" A deep voice comes from behind the curtains questioning in annoyance and my envision of an old man shatters like porcelain.

"I can try, " I genuinely answer, hoping to later introduce myself as a some earthly wizard and not a doctor if I did succeed, but maybe the reply wasn't good enough for no sound came from the other side.

Patience is a virtue, but never my forte.

And so thirty seconds into silence, I was beginning to suspect the supposed patient had fallen asleep.

And so before the overprotective batch of grown-ups could start their lecture on good manners I step forward reaching out to open wide the violet  curtains and revealed to me was a deity draped over silk sheets lazily glancing up in displeasure.

The beauty of jade like skin, pale without flaws were magnificently brought forth by the robes of black he adorned and the extravagance of his palace bleached before the eyes of amber and within them were the flames of hell, scorching sinners.

I did not move a single muscle caught up in strange stupor, staring ahead overwhelmed by the outwardly and my shamelessness advanced a level when seconds later my lips part in a gasp as if my brain processing had only just been restored.

The baleful aura exuding from this being was with careless apathy in a dreamy languor, distant even when smiling, but different to it all was the lethergy spawned from sickness but one could not easily tell it apart from his idle nature.

And of a tall stature he seemed  accustomed to looking down to see people, his eyes open only halfway and its scornful gaze was arrogant and the brilliance of amber eyes far from welcoming.

Audibly to all spectators, I gulp silently screaming, a sweet old man was so much better.

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