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   Chapter 3 Tug of War

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I have met a lot many beautiful people in my life, but none could compare to the deity who glared at me with indifference. Though no shiny crown sat upon his head, his whole being radiated dominance and power, an aura of King.

It took me a while to look away, and glue my eyes and mind to the medallion he wore. "Can I check your temperature?" I asked breaking the painful silence.

He did not respond, his face remaining a stone sculpture. It reminded me of the way predators stalk their prey.

Just a second before I opened my mouth to blurt something stupid, his head tilted coming to rest upon his hand."You have got courage little one."

Maybe it was because of me 'little one' that I did not put an effort into sounding polite and respectful. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong with you?" I regretted it almost immediately expecting a scolding from the amber-eyed God.

But someone beat him to it. "How can she question our Lord?" Demanded one of the guards and whispers of agreement chimed in after.

"We shouldn't have brought her in here." And in synchrony, they apologized. "Please forgive us, my Lord."

That did it, and in a swift movement, I turned back to face them. "Look, I did not mean to disrespect anyone. And in case you people forgot, you were the ones who forcefully kidnapped me and brought me here mistaking me for a doctor."

"And you" I turned back to meet the haunting amber eyes. "Let me check your temperature. It looks like you are running a high fever."

This time there were no questions asked, but only gasps of surprise.

Realizing that I had potentially written my own death certificate, I was forced to add a proposition. "I will wash my hands if you want. "

I waited for a reply, even a swiping motion ordering a kill. But all those present in the room were given a startling-surprise

His lips twitched in the smallest movement to let us have a glimpse of a smile which vanished away the same second leaving us all wondering if it was only our imagination, like a ghost.

On cue, another round of gasps occurred, some stared at the walls as if wanting to bang their heads against it. Taking it as a yes, I got onto the bed. The loyal guards too surprised to move.

I struggled to get closer, the bed too fuzzy that I felt I was drowning again. Comfortably finding a spot to sit cross legged, I reached out my hand to his forehead. My eyes widened at the burning sensation coursing through my palm when coming in contact. His temperature was abnormally high, and my hands came down to his neck checking his pulse. Strangely I could not keep count the beats so rapid that there was hardly any difference between each pulse.

I quickly retreated my hand as he looked like he was about to bite me any second now.

He watched me with hostility like a wounded dragon.

A beautiful arrogant dragon.

Looking away, I thought about his condition. I was extremely confused for I didn't specialize in Gods. Rolling off the bed, I addressed the people present."I will need clean towels, lukewarm water, two goldenseal, a handful of elderberry and yarrow and boneset."

Chin held defiantly I looked back at Hades. He did not look at the surprised and equally expectant faces of the others. Instead, the bone-chilling gaze came to rest upon mine. I held my head high as if to keep my crown in place.

A minute passed in silence before his lips formed a word. "Go." And very soon I found myself alone with the Lord of the Underworld.

Two hands suddenly pressed down on each of my shoulders, the act easily removing my brave facade. "I told you it was going to be interesting, " Will insisted. I crunched when he decided to mess up my unbound hair.

"Hey!" I complained, seeing the state his fingers left it.

"It's the first time that you let someone order you." Will pointed out, but Hades ignored it with ease. Will didn't seem to mind though and had a sly smile as he left through the door. "I will leave you to do your job." He waved patronizingly like a parent leaving his child to fend for herself on the first day of school.

For a long while, I stared at the doorway thinking of how I could phrase my next line. "Can I....uhmmm...ahhhh undress you." So this is what awkward is.

Hades raised a swordlike eyebrow making me explain."Just your upper body. The upper body."

"You see, you are suffering from an abnormally high fever. The ingredients I asked them to bring is to make a medicine that could bring it down, much like how an antipyretic works. But that is not always enough, the fever can be due to some infections."

"When I checked your pulse, it was....very high. So I wanted to check for inflammation or pain." I rotated my hand around my heart. "In your chest."

To my surprise, he heaved a long sigh and closed his eyes. There was no movement since. I stepped closer to the bed and noticed he was laying closer to the end. The golden moon piece of embroidery on his dark coloured clothes gave him the view of a prince from a faraway land right.

I shook my head willing myself to concentrate. Getting back onto the bed, I tugged at the hem of the long sleeved top. But it didn't give away an inch with him pulling it down.

I gave more strength behind the tugs, but he was stronger. Lesson learned: You get to play tug of war with the Greek God of the underworld when you fall into wells.

"This is unpleasant." He growled inh

umanely, finally opening his eyes. Both my hands clutched the cloth while he held it down with one hand, none willing to back down.

With another of those long sighs, he let his hand slump to his side while the back of the other covered his eyes.

I pulled it up and thankfully found no injuries, he claimed he felt no pain as I put pressure over the area.

It must have taken a toll on him form being touched by a human for I learned many greek curse words. Getting down I found that the maids had already left the necessary ingredients at the doorstep in wooden baskets.

Setting the things out in the order I started making a syrup for bringing down the temperature, all the while aware of his presence, and the gaze of those golden eyes. The rage and annoyance in them dimmed to curiosity.

"I am finally done, " Sitting cross-legged on the ground with lots of bottles, plates, and plants scattered all around me, I announced the good news, almost half an hour later.

Carefully I got over to him and sat upright, his eyes lingering on the bowl of syrup I held.

I feel like a nurse, though wish I was nursing a prince-charming rather than a devilish-expressionless God.

"It's very bitter" I warned him as I extended the bowl for his hands to take. It was anything but sweet, due to the raw materials it was made on.

Surprisingly he drank it all in two gulps, never even a crease forming on his face from the bitterness. When handing me back the bowl, a flash of amusement flickered in his eyes.

I realized that my mouth was hanging open with my head tilted to the side. I immediately closed it.

"Doesn't it taste bitter, do you have taste buds?"I inquired crunching my nose. If I was in his place I would have been throwing a tantrum and would have already drowned down a half a kg sugar.

"I do have them, but I chose not to taste it" He answered blankly.


I occupied my spot looking at the materials left. Let's make one for infection, just as precaution. So I set my mind, letting instincts take over. The process is more of a 'Yeah this might work...mmmm, this can help too...wait those looks good too...maybe a bit of that too."

A past memory was brought up as I got lost working. My brother, Knight had scraped his knee and it happened to be on the day I decided to avenge my pancake which he ate.

I had insisted that his whole immune system was damaged by the small injury and he believed me and so I made a medicine which was "supposed" to cure him. The following morning he woke up with blue hair.

"Huhahaha" With crushed shrubs in both hand, I laughed with an evil undertone remembering how he shrieked when he found out.

For a long moment I had forgotten about the watchful God. Whom I found looking down at me, a look very similar to someone looking at their crazy pets.

"Are you sure that you are not an evil spirit?" Like every other time, Will appeared like a silent summer breeze.


Leaning casually by the doorway he examined the mess I made, the tiles positively stained green. "I see you are having fun." I grinned and he smiled back. "And here, the water lily you asked for."

"Thanks, this would help me with the bitter problem." I didn't get the time to keep it down before the attack on my hair commensed.

'Aaaah! You meanie!" Him being a towering giant compared to my 5 feet 3 inch stature I had to strain my neck to glare at him. And then he was gone, calling out as he left just the way he came, like air. "See you later."

Turning around I saw Hades sitting up and without thinking I tried to push him down by the shoulders.

He stayed the same trying to figure out what exactly I was trying to do while I heaved trying to move a boulder. "What are you doing?" He was annoyed, I tell you.


"What?" he asked sounding genuinely confused.

"When was the last time you slept?" I replied with my own question and I did not expect him to answer. "Two earthly days."

"You have to sleep in order for the medicine to take effect." I lied feeling like a mother trying to feed her son vegetables by lying they were chocolates.

I feel you mom.

"What type of a medicine is that?" He asked with disinterest, but laid back down.

"Aren't you a grumpy Patient?" I mumbled under my breath and noticing his amber in his flare I answered. "My medicine"

Even after the whole session I took on the importance of sleep and rest he still didn't agree, his face devoid of emotions. This pushed me to use my last resort.

Please don't get me vaporized.

"Twinkle, twinkle litle staaar." I started my twist on soap opera.

"How Iii, Wonder whaaat you aare?" Very soon it turned into an action song.

"Up above the wooorld soo high."

"Like a diamond." I brought my hand over my heart to emphasis the dramatics.

A hand suddenly clamped down on my mouth before I could utter the next words. "Stop." It was half an order and half a plea.

I am good.

He looked to me for a response and I nodded both in agreement and self appreciation. Retracting his hand slowly, he took the route of defeat and fell back into the comfort of his bed, mumbling as he closed his eyes. "The nerves in your brains are misplaced".

"I know"

Like a creepy stalker I watched the otherworldly deity drift into blissful sleep. The rigidness in his jaw and the intimidating aura soothing into something calmer. Something peaceful.

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