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   Chapter 2 Hades Doctor

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Deciding to spend my vacation in my dad' old house where Nana, my great-grandmother used to live, I packed my bags for a month trip after finally winning the battle against my mother for permission.


"Staying by yourself in the middle of nowhere?" My mother scoffed, flipping through the pages of the file in her hands.

Keeping a straight face, I said in my most persuasive tone "I won't be by myself, I have two maids to look after me."

She set the file down on the table and looked at me, exasperated."Do you remember the time you to stayed with Aunt Irene? You broke your cousin's nose, right after he fractured your leg." she sighed "There is no way that I would let you stay at your great-grandmother's house even if you had an entire army guarding you because you're a ten year-old soul living inside a sixteen year-old body with the mindset of a five year-old who plays with a two year-olds toys.

The last part had been completely unaccounted for, and besides, she got all of the facts wrong.

"That's so not true, first of all, that was about nine years ago, second of all as I remember, I broke his nose because he poked my balloon into smithereens and 'I', please note, I, fractured my leg when I fell into a ditch, and third of all I AM SEVENTEEN."

"Almost" She pointed out, coolly handling the fuming teenager in front of her, I blame my older brother for providing past experiences.

Seeing there was no other way now, I used my trump card which I initially didn't plan on using. "Mom please, it's only for a month. You know how much I love that place, it reminds me of Nana a lot."

Nana passed away five years ago leaving only sweet memories behind.

My mom's face softened a little, knowing the connection i feel with the place. And finally after a lot more emotional blackmailing and different types of puppy faces my mom agreed, reluctantly.

My dad who had quietly watched the show spoke up, "I knew that Beth would win, she always does."

"That makes two of us then, " Mom shot back raising her eyebrows challenging him to oppose. The section ended with my dad hiding behind the newspaper and me running back to my room in case she decided to change her mind after seeing me sit ideally.

Mom and dad left yesterday, leaving me with Margaret and Theresa, who looked after the house. I was well acquainted with both of them, the only problem was the "guide" who I'm pretty sure was hired solely to look after me.

It took me some time to get settled into my room on the second floor and even more to come up with a plan to sneak out. And when I did, I followed my fragmented memories leading me to the place Nana used to take me every summer I visited.

After wandering for almost an hour, I reached my destination which Nana used to call ouránios katastrofí meaning celestial wreck. The degrading structure before me used to a Greek temple, once bringing peace of the land, but only little remains now.

According to the villagers of the town nearby, it was cursed, and anyone who trespassed fell into hysteria, standing in the ruins, unmoving, until they died.I once used to fear the place, but Nana just laughed it off saying she would have already been dust and bones if it were true.

It wasn't the thirst for an adventure which brought me here, but it's rich untented gardens. Rare species of plants thrived in these areas uninterfered by the outside world. There was a certain plant which once quipped my interest, but Nana never let me pluck it, informing me that it would only bloom after seven more years. It's now been seven years since then, and little has changed.

And why I would work so hard to sneak out to find a plant. The answer is complicated, due to reasons unknown to me, I know the medicinal properties of every single plant there is, from roses to moss to palm trees. It's like I have an inbuilt dictionary for plants with their pictures and habitats. When I was young many were crept out most when I revealed my abilities which instantly got me the name the witch doctor though I never sported a baggy hat or a broom.

"Great, no signal, " I thought out loud, holding up the phone waiting for the moment of miracle. The strands of my hair found their way out of the top knot and stuck to the sides of my face with sweat.

I wiped them away and sat down on a mossy rock. I wanted to find it, figure out what was so special about one tiny green bud, but I was out of luck. It was nowhere to be found.

My water bottle came up empty while my throat burned with thirst. Leaving my backpack behind I set out to search for a water source. A few minutes into the search, the sound of flowing water reached my ears.

I followed the sound, and it led me back to where I'd started originally, the old temple. I entered it, and all my hair stood on edge, a cold prickling feeling on my spine.

The roof was almost nonexistent, the walls had eroded inwards and few of the humanoid statues which had once stood at the far end remained. I stepped over pieces of rubble as I stared in amazement at the building. Nana had never let me come in her, in case something had collapsed on me and whatnot.

I neared the end of the edifice, there was a hole in the floor, almost four meters across. I stood a relatively safe distance away, and peered in to it. The light shone on the surface of the murky waters surprising me to find out that it was not stagnant.

Suddenly, I heard a rumbling noise coming from underneath my feet. Then, with no warning, the ground I was standing on opened up beneath me, and down I fell with a shriek, plunging face-first into the ice-cold water.

"Ahhh, " I struggled, trying to grab onto the walls, but it was of no use as they provided no grip. My legs started to give out with a strange force pulling me under, making it hard to keep my head above the surface of the water. The water seemed to as if know of my weakening state and the force got stronger. It did not take long, before I was fully submersed.

The breath I managed to hold, failed me, escaping in bubbles. The light which shone from the entrance got dimmer with each passing second till only darkness remained.


My eyes fluttered open—though probably not as gracefully as I wanted—and I found myself lying on hard, solid ground.

A voice from the darkness, snapping my head towards the sound. I could vaguely see a shape in the dim light, which I assumed was the body of whoever had spoken. My vision was blurry from the water which was dripping from my hair, and I couldn't see much else. I looked away blinking and running my eyes. "Who are you?" He—I think it was a he—asked again, and when I looked back, I could see what appeared to be bars, separating me and the speaker.. Coming up with the most logical reason for the situation, I asked.

"Are you the policejQuery21406205419462978505_1534494544280 Thank you for saving me, but why am I in a cell?"

"Are you human?"He asked making me wonder whether I looked that bad at the moment.

"What do I look like?" I asked thinking that he was joking.

"Mmmmm" was his answer and then I realized that he was serious and wanted an answer to his question.

"Yes, I am human, " I admitted, and despite the bone-chilling water my cheeks warmed up.

He didn't answer, but approached the cell, and knelt down so we were eye level. "I'm sorry for locking you up like this, but we had to make sure you were mortal." A small smile could be felt through the words.

He leaned in closer, letting the light fall on his striking blue eyes, making his platinum blonde hair creating a halo over his head. A small friendly smile played on his lips, making one feel comfortable around him almost fooling them into unseeing the hidden cleverness behind his eyes.

"Mmmm am Elizabeth" I introduced trying to be polite.

After a moment of shock, he introduced himself. "William, Will for short." An amused expression, flashing through his features.

I squeezed an arm through the bars. "Nice to meet you."

He chuckled before shaking my awaiting hand. "You sure that you are human?"

"I am starting to have my doubts, " I admitted, making a mock serious expression while shaking his hand.

He laughed heartily, the cold-calculating aura now gone. In the back of my head, a part of it reminded me that I was getting cozy with a likely kidnapper.

"How did you get here"? He inquired propping his chin in his palm.

My brows furrowed together. "Didn't you take me here?"

Silence met my question.

"Well... I was looking for a plant, and then I accidentally fell into a pit. I soon lost consciences and when I woke up, I was here" I explained

"What plant?" A new voice emerged from the darkness, from behind Will.

"I don't know. I can't remember the name, but I think it has medicinal properties. That was what I was hoping to figure out by finding it." I stood up with some difficulty, my head pounding.

"You wanted to make a medicine out of it?" The voice asked again, though this time I could see it's owner. He was dressed in shiny metal armor, like what you'd see in a historical movie. He even had a sword, were they cosplaying or something? "Are you a Doctor?"

"Sort of, " I replied, somewhat confused by all the questions.

"She's a doctor!" Someone stated, and several voices echoed through the dim lit room.

"A doctor!"

"Well, I'm not legally—" I was cut off by Will, who had been silent until now.

"Get her out of jail." He ordered, and a guard who appeared to be somewhere in his thirties came and opened the door.

"Come with us, " another guard said, grabbing my arm. If they thought I would just go with them without a fight then they were dead wrong. I thrashed wildly, throwing his hand off, but it was quickly replaced with another.

"Let me go, " I screamed, kicking blindly. I may or may not resemble a chicken.

"Leave her, " Will commanded, and the man holding me loosened his grip, letting me slip away from him. I looked at Will, a betrayer and confused expression in my face. "Elizabeth, come with me please. We just want to take you to our Lord."

"No. What is going on here? What Lord?"

He sighed and then took in a breath, seconds later I regretted asking the question.

"You have trespassed into the domain of dead, the Kingdom of the Underworld, and now you will be our Lord Hades' Doctor."

Suddenly the idea of being kidnapped felt better.


"That's unrealistic This isn't the Underworld! I'm not dead." I started hyperventilating at how sincere he sounded. "Am I dead? Did I drown?"

"Elizabeth, come with us, we won't hurt you, I promise." Will said, an amused expression on his face. I didn't respond, instead focusing on my heart beating erratically in my chest. If my heart's beating I can't be dead, right?

Finally I swallowed and looked up at him.

"You're lying."

"No I'm not."

"you are"

"I am not lying."


Before Will could say anything, the guard next to him unsheathed his sword and thrust it into his chest without hesitation. An ear-shattering scream escaped my mouth, and immediately a hand covered my eyes, but a little too late for the image to be evermore etched in my mind.

"Elizabeth, relax, he's already dead, he will be fine." He slowly retracted his hand and I knew his words were meant to soothe me, but they had the opposite effect. The guard pulled the sword from his chest with a squelching sound.

The hole where the sword had been just moments before closed immediately, without even a drop of blood escaping on to his chest. He flexed his muscles and stared at me hard.

"Do you believe us now?" I stared him helplessly, stumbling backward so that I could lean on to the bars of the cell I had been imprisoned in. Will gave the guard a pointed look, making him hang his head slightly. He then put his hands lightly on my shoulders, and looked into my eyes.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, he did not mean any harm. But for them, questioning the existence of the Underworld is questioning their very being."

I weakley nodded my head, still processing the fact that if what they were saying was true, I was dead, regardless of my beating heart. What did that even mean? Would I ever get to see my parents again?

"Do you guys glow?" I asked Will trying to take my mind off things after a few seconds of silence.

"Sadly no." He answered looking amused by my question and added a little later, "Elizabeth, please don't hit me for what I'm about to do, but you look faint." Before I had registered his words, he scooped me up. With a 'puff' sound I went over his shoulder, like I weighed no more than a backpack. It took me a moment, but as soon as I realized what had happened I started struggling in his arms.

Sorry Will, but I won't come with you willingly.

About two and a half minutes later.

Status: still a backpack.

Position: over Will's shoulder.

Tactics tried: hitting, kicking, screaming, punching, begging, guilt-tripping, fainting.

Result: still a backpack.

"Are you giving up yet?" He chided, adjusting my slightly on his shoulder.

"Don't let your guard down, I'm a tiger in cat's clothing."

"Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, " he said, the teasing tone still prominent.

And one punch you may have. Reeling my hand a little back, I hit Will straight on the head receiving an Ouch. His whining slightly startled me, "You can get hurt?... I didn't mean... Aaaa I thought that you were..."

"Dead, " he said blankly, finishing my incomplete line "But I can still get hurt. I will try to slow down with the info for it's too much for you to comprehend, " he added.

I had so much for questions causing the rampage in my mind, but his mood seemed off so I didn't push it.

What if my Mom calls, and I'm not home? Will they find my body? Oh gross, it'll be all puffed up with the water from the pond. Will's voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Do you pity me?" Will asked, having an unclear undertone.

"No, " I replied instantly.

"But you have been silent for quite some time now" he pointed out.

"Oh so acting as if I had fainted didn't work." I sighed in regret.

"How can it work when you just answered my question?" Will snickered, reminding me of my brother, and for the first time since I'd gotten to this place, the Underworld, tears rolled down my cheeks. I brushed them away discreetly, but I'm pretty sure Will noticed.

"That's true."

" Where are you taking me, Will, " I asked, "I am taking you our Lord, you see there are no doctors in the land of the death and neither is our Lord willing to call God Apollo".

"Sounds like he is stubborn, " I said.

"What a disrespectful young girl" someone from the soldiers around us said whom I had completely forgotten about. These guys really are loyal to their Lord, but I wasn't actually trying to be rude.

"You don't have to apologize." Will said, paying them no heed making me question his position.

"I wasn't planning to, " I said truthfully, because I was having an internal battle over whether or not to say sorry.

"This is going to be interesting" Will stated.

"What's going to be interesting?" I asked in confusion trying to turn my neck to see his expression.

"Oh, you will see" Will beamed looking back at me.

I don't like surprises.

Status update: Now I was being carried like a kid with my hands around his neck.

We walked for a few more minutes, or at least Will walked, I was still being carried, until we reached a huge pair of golden double doors. The part we were now in through was better lit revealing it's secluded beauty. Chandeliers of diamonds hung across the corridors floored with velvety carpets. Paintings and statues carved in perfection lined the walls which were decorated with precious stones.I had a feeling that a handful of those, would be enough to buy a private island or two. Most things had a golden touch to it or either violet, colors fit for royalty.

If I remember correctly I think I once read that Hades, the God of the Underworld is also the God of wealth which would explain such a grand palace.

Thank you, Rick Riordan, for the wonder that is Percy Jackson, I have to admit that I am scared, but I am also very excited, who knew the myths were true.

Is Percy real too?

In the movie Hades was a cruel cheating old man, I wish that he is just a sweet old man with a slight fever who would offer me homemade cookies.

But can gods have a fever? Aren't they immortal?

We now entered a huge bedroom with a large canopy bed at its center. The bed was big enough for seven people to sleep without noticing each other. Yes, that big.

The curtains of the canopy were made of the finest clothes that I have seen. I could tell that they were luxuriously soft even without touching them. It had a beautiful display of precious stones embedded in it. The stones were woven so finely into the cloth material that it seemed like as if the gems had grown out of it.

The gem most used in it was lolite. I was familiar with it because Nana used it to describe my eye color. Most of the time.

As far as I know my eyes are black but some say they are violet. It's probably a trick of the light but the number of people pointing it out says otherwise.

Only once have I seen them myself.

My train of thoughts was interrupted when one of the soldiers said. "Lord Hades it is very selfish of us but we have a brought a doctor."

"An unprofessional doctor, " I mumbled to myself, highly curious about the God hidden behind the curtains.

Will slowly let me down making sure that I was stable on my feet before letting go. I stared intently at the curtains wanting to pull them open.

"Can you cure me human child? "Can you cure me, human child?" A deep voice came from behind the canopy, sending chills down my spine. His voice was different than what I had expected. It was too young for the old man I had envisioned. It was also much more powerful than I had ever thought a voice could be.

A sudden thought came to my mind, giving me a strand of hope. What if they give me my life back after curing him?

"I can try, " I said with the all the confidence I could muster up.

For almost a minute I waited for him to respond, but only silence filled the room which eventually lead me to lose my patience.

I grabbed the curtains and opened them wide to reveal a pair of burning ember eyes looking back at me, pale skin contrasting with his silky black hair. My brain stopped working as I stared shamelessly at the celestial being draped over the pillows.

His face was ashen, almost grey, but it did nothing to diminish his unearthly beauty. His expression was far from welcoming, as he stared at me with those amber eyes.

His cheeks were slightly tinted red indicating a fever, but it did nothing to diminish his unearthly beauty. Those amber eyes never left mine, and his expression was far from welcoming.

I gulped audibly, a sweet old man was so much better.

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