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   Chapter 2 No I am not a Doctor

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My eyes flutter open to the voice beckoning me to the light, instantly assulted by the coldness of the floor that I lay upon drenched and shivering.

"Are you awake?" The same voice questions and I turn to the silhouette of a man behind steel bars and in response I sit up uncomfortable by the water trapped in my ears.

Did I not drown?

For someone to save me, the chances were really low, but still here I was in a strange place and I wonder to myself, was I ever this lucky?

"Are you human?" The man asks and my hands reach up to my hair pitying myself that my state even made him uncertain of my species.

"What do I look like?" I laugh and find my body's health quite odd since from the moment I lost consciousness water should have entered my lungs, but I seemed entirely fine. And if my saviour did perform basic first aid why leave me soaked to succumb to hypothermia.

While I was lost in thought the man was silent and I realise that he was serious when asking and with warmed cheeks I was made to admit. "Yes, I am human."

There was movement on his side. "Then I apologise for locking you up like this, we had had follow procedure and make sure that you were mortal."

Mortal? Aren't we all? The explanation only leads me to ask for more. If this was indeed the worst day of my life, I was probably kidnapped and put into this cell with chandeliers for lighting.

Watching me knead my forehead I hear him chuckle and drop to his knees after nearing the bars. And a face heavily contradicting what I had in mind for a rough and tough kidnapper offered me a small smile.

A spring sky was held in his eyes of blue, disarming all with a single glance.

Thick lustrous blonde locks created a halo over fair skin of features moulded from granite, polished and smooth but his smile brought to it a certain softness.

My brows were raised in obvious surprise by the man no older than twenty two and clearing all other thoughts I try to be polite hoping to find some answers. "My name is Elizabeth."

In shock he sets himself down crosslegged soon seeming amused when squeezing his hands between the bars. "I am William. "

This man was handsome from the lines of his lips to the gentleness of his voice but the depths of his eyes made him beautiful and the intelligence behind them made him charming.

"Nice to meet you." I shake his hand warmly and like once before he chuckles throwing a query my way.

"You sure that you are human?"

Faking seriousness I play along."I am starting to have my doubts." And here I was getting cozy with my potential kidnapper.

His smile widens and props his chin on his palm. "How did you get here"?

And all my guesses and speculations went down the drain. "You mean you did not take me here?"

He keeps silent, not wanting to answer and I very much wanted to do the same, but given this situation with only cons in an endless list I could only cooperate.

"I was at an old greek temple because I wanted to find a plant, but unfortunately I fell into a pit and lost consciousness and when I woke up, I was here."

"What plant?" It was not William that spoke but someone with a greasy voice behind him and untill now I had thought only William was involved in this strange plot but it surely wasn't the case.


don't know."

"Then why were you looking for it?" I get up as William rise looking back to the speaker. This man was much less friendly and his tone like that of interrogating a criminal.

"It has medicinal value so I wanted to know more of it." But unlike my expectations, the reason did not put an end to his curiosity.

" wanted to make a medicine out of it?" A man around his forties having more strands of grey than black finally steps out of the shadows.

Are you cosplaying? I wanted to ask while taking in his attire of ancient armour over red robes, a deadly sword hanging on his belt of leather.

"Sort of."

Chaos soon broke with multiple people hidden away from my sight starting to speak, the echoes too hard to discern.

I shrank back to the wall when it grew louder and the loudest of the group finally letting me hear a clear statement. "She's a doctor!"

"A doctor!" A dozen men said in unison pushing me to correct the misunderstanding.

"I am not a doctor, you have got-"

"Get her out of the cell." William cuts me off puting an end to the enthusiastic screams and  I look to him still by the bars, his ocean eyes cautious and calculating.

The door it pushed open and I cramp myself into the corner when another man in matching armour as the first enters, his hands reaching out when saying."Come with us."

I pause for a moment to watch his actions and when he tries to grab my arm, his expression unapologetic I drive my fist to his nose jabbing upwards towards the nostrils. But the man does not stagger and closes in unflinching to the sound of broken bones.

My mind races when he nears as if wanting to hug and in such close range I couldn't find the momentum to throw a punch and so I bent my arm at the elbow and aim at his chin.

But in the last moment lower its force remembering his broken nose and like before the attacker seemed unbothered.

"Don't touch me." Something changes in his stance and surprisingly steps away as if realising that he was being rude.

So instead he tries to grab onto my hands again and now having known that using brute force was futile I evade. This tactic was always easier on the one chasing and within limited space I was already having a hard time before two others join in.

"Three against one? Come on!" But with two on either side holding my hand and the other desperately trying to get ahold of my legs, they were unashamed by such unfair play.

"Let me go, " Finding myself completely defeated, there was no room for strategy amid frustration and I kick around blindly resembling a chick caught in hawk's claw.

"Leave her." William orders stepping towards us and their grip loosen and I slip free, annoyed and angry.

I knew stockholm syndrome took days to set in the kidnapped, but I nevertheless felt betrayed when I met his gaze. "Elizabeth, please come with us no will harm you. We only want to take you to our lord."

"No." I retreat a few steps back, my eyes wandering to find escape routes. "What are you saying? Who is this Lord you are talking about?"

A sigh leaves William' lips and he looks to me a little helpless. "You have trespassed into the domain of the dead, the Kingdom of the Underworld."

"And now you will be our Lord Hades' Doctor."


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