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   Chapter 1 Fate

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 5328

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8 years ago...

I watched the lavender flowers of the wisteria tree dance to the evening wind creating an alluring image. The lone wooden bench, at the back of my parent's hospital, was like a page from my fairy tales books.

My stuffed animal, foxie looked worn out but the feeling it brought while pressing it to my chest was the same. "Am so sleepy, " I whined through the tears. But I had problems to solve, I told myself.

I swung my leg back and forth. Should I or should I not?

Upgrading friends to best friends is confusing. Will it get worse if I do so?

Having best friends was new to me, even getting my current friends took me time. Nana would be called again if I stop talking to people will she really break down the door this time? Can't believe that she' my great grandmother!!

I sighed remembering her ways of persuasion. But I do feel a bit relieved that I no longer have to keep my a secret.

My heart almost hammered out of my chest a person slumped down next to me. In fright, I had jumped off the bench patting my chest in consolation.

The lecture I was about to make the person listen to died, I tilted my head in curiosity at his appearance. The dark clothes the boy wore looked rather peculiar with the velvet embroidery which shown with a violet tint under the wisteria.

I was fascinated by his outfit and then realized Is being rude by staring. But when I was about to apologize, I unintentionally stared in awe once again.

His blue eyes shined like two distant stars far away from my reach, a black crown of hair adorned his pale face which despite its young age, maybe only two years older than me looked burdened.

"Who are you?" I secretly rejoiced that I initiated a conversation.

"No one, " The way he said it can be considered cool and the swiftness with which he crossed his leg impressed me. I had once tried to copy the posture from television but somehow got my ankle dislocated.

I tried a different question. "Then, why are you here?" He took more time to answer that I thought he would.

"Visiting someone." I nodded. Maybe it was the reason why his eyes though bright looked sad.

I hesitated a bit before inquiring. "Are they okay?" He looked up at me. "The person you are visiting is he or she okay?" I asked again when he didn't respond.

His face went blank, giving away nothing, "They have passed."

I gulped in a breath understanding that the person must have died. Was the person a close relative of his? Did I bring up bad memories? I shouldn't have talked to him in the first place.

My comforting skills were of the very least, but now guilt was eating me away

. I weighed my situation before sitting back down next to him.

"Here." I held out my favorite stuffed animal, the action made him once again turn his attention to me. "She helps me stop being sad." I did not know what expression I should have put on, so I glanced away.

Laughter boomed from his side.

Wiping my head I found him laughing heartily. My lips formed a pout unconsciously. Without waiting for his laughter to die down I withdrew my hand, but he grabbed onto it, his strength quite strong for a ten-year-old. "It's bad manners to take back what you offered." he pointed out.

I stuck my tongue at him, but I eased my hold on my doll.

He brought the doll close to his heart and squeezed the same way I had. With a fave as innocent as angle, ' he glanced my way "Am I doing it right?"

I nodded in approval unable to suppress the smile forming on my face. "Are you going to give it back?"

His hand wound around foxie' head and shook it from side to side. "Nope." He started to look more and more childish with the funny faces he made.

I laughed a little, and a sudden thought came to my mind. He seems like a nice person, maybe I will make him my test subject. "What's your name?" I asked out of the blue.

His smile shattered being replaced my a look I couldn't read. "Li...." I held up a hand when his face looked like he had suddenly come up with a plan.

"If you are going to lie, I will give you a name myself, " I interjected and continued, not waiting for his permission.

"I will call you Izumi." I smile feeling proud.

His eyes slightly widened, emotions swarming in his ocean of eyes, "That will do my Queen." he bowed chuckling, I detected a slight change in his voice while doing so. He sounded older than before.

Suddenly getting up, stood in front of him, my face growing serious, while he became puzzled.

I held out my hand for a handshake and sternly said. "I am Elizabeth Rain Airlea and will you Izumi, whose last name I don't know, be my best friend?"

This was only a rehearsal nothing more. I would probably never see him again after this brief meeting. Somewhere in my mind, I knew that I was only making up excuses and maybe I wanted us to become best friends real.

My face dropped to a sullen expression when he did not take my hand. But it soon brightened as if witnessing fireworks when he enclasped in with both his hands.

"Yes, I will." He bowed down on one knee like a knight pledging his life.

I tackled him to ground feeling giddy with happiness all the while knowing I had just added a new piece to my torment, but I want to stick to my resolve of not being alone anymore.

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