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   Chapter 25 Iowa Dreamin'

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Sticky. Wet. Hot.

I come to on the ground. A thick underbrush surrounds me, but I myself am in a pile of mud that is?full of footprints. Seemingly from all types of animals: human, wolf, feline, deer. There is a strong power in the air and it crackles with apprehension, as if it knows that I've taken notice.

"Come."?It whispers. I find myself standing and going towards a deep set cave. It's almost disguised within all of the vines that are hanging from the trees. get about ten steps in before a harsh drop off comes into view. A waterfall dives into the cave at my feet, silently telling me what I need to do.

"Jump."?It whispers again. I glance behind me and see a sea of supernaturals. Fae, Amazons, pixies, vampires, and shifters like wolves, bears, jaguars, tigers... Even Constance was among them. They were all staring at me blankly with no emotion on their faces. It was like they were waiting.. but for what?

I stare down into the black abyss. A faint, blue light sits deep down, offering me comfort that there must be a bottom.

"What's down there?" I find myself asking the voice without a body. "Why must I jump?"

"Jump."?Is all that it says in response. The voice was like a thousand whispers, coming from all directions except for behind me where the supernaturals stand. I take another step forward, trying to judge just how far down the cave really goes. "You will know what you need when the?water flows."

My brows furrow in confusion and I look up at the waterfall. It's glowing a bright, bright blue. Like the blue I saw in the eyes of the wolf in my father's trophy room. Like the eyes of Damon. Like the eyes of myself. But what does that have to do with water?

"Fall."?I hear in my ear, and just like that, I am. I'm following the water down, down.... The light grows ever closer...

I sit up in my bed and gasp

I was in a cave with this huge waterfall. Outside was a bunch of supernaturals.. and you.." My fingers knead my temples as try to grasp the rapidly fading dream.

"Constance... I don't know if I can do this. I almost drowned?in a bed."?As if to bring that point home, I begin to cough again. My throat feels raw.

"You've been chosen." Constance murmurs, more talking to himself than to me. "What was the riddle?"

I open my mouth to tell him, but the words die in my throat. I clear it and try again, just for it to happen all over again. Something was trying to stop me from spreading riddle, or I still have tons of water in my system. One of the two. But if he wasn't supposed to hear the riddle, why was he placed into my dream? Constance seems to nod at my lack of response and I feel the pressure in my head once again, only this time I don't resist.

Kate? Are you okay? I just had this dream and I just- I'm sorry I shouldn't have woken you up.

Damon had a dream too? I frown.

What was it about? I send back to him.

I... I'll talk to you about it when we get home. Get some sleep. I'll talk to you at a decent hour.

Just like that, the mental line goes dead, and I'm left even more confused than I was before.

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