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   Chapter 24 Hello, Constance.

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The place the Elder Council meets is constantly changing because of the rising number of?Hunters. The biggest meeting of supernaturals is understandably something worth hiding and keeping a secret, but Constance assures me that it will be of second nature to me after three meetings or so. We get encoded letters sent by the warlocks that we have to use some sort of ritual to decode. I'm just happy that I didn't have to do that the first time.

Constance becomes more of a friendly figure the longer we spend time together. I find out that he was born a warlock and that he is around three thousand years old. He doesn't talk to me as if I was a child even though I certainly feel like one around him. He speaks over a hundred languages and informs me that I absolutely?must?visit one of his libraries some time. He doesn't ask me about my experience with the Moon Goddess and what sort of betrayal I went through, but something tells me that he already knows.

As we approach the large mansion, Constance is in the middle of telling me about his familiar. I didn't know much about warlocks and their familiars. I had always assumed that was fake whenever I heard it. It was the concept that always seemed odd to me; another being's soul tied to yours, or, in some cases just being a fracture of your soul. Though I guess mates aren't?all that different from a familiar.

"He's a strange little black cat. In human form I assure you that he is a lot more charming." He pops the car door open and I see the animal in question materialize at his feet. "Ah! There you are. I was just talking about you." Constance pats the kitty's head and as he leans back up, the animal grows with him. I watch in awe as he feline turns into a man with deep ebony skin with an ornate tunic on.

"Kaitlyn, I presume." He bows low and kisses my knuckles. I raise my eyebrows at Constance, but he just seems amused.

"Careful pumpkin, she's taken." Constance gives hi

nice to meet you all." I clear my throat and look down for the familiar's comfort, just to see that he had disappeared. My anxiety flares up as I regard the room and I'm painfully aware of 'Elric' having direct eye contact with my arm.

"What is that?" He gestures to the tattoo that Constance had been so interested in earlier. My shirt of choice wasn't what I planned on wearing when being introduced to the Elder Council. My tank top showed off my rib tattoo, informing everyone there that I was exactly where I belong, but I very much so would've preferred to hide my arm.

"Let the poor girl sit down." The woman gestures to a recliner to her side and I hesitantly follow her command.

"It's a mark from the Moon Goddess." I tell him vaguely. I really don't want to get into my dirty past while in the presence of beings that are hundreds of years old. At least, not yet.

"I've only seen marks like that once before, and it was on a wolf who needed healed." Elric murmurs. I feel my face getting heated and I just nod.

"Yes, she healed me. It was a nasty gash I got the night I turned." I shift in my seat uncomfortably. "But that's in the past, what is everyone's names?" I regard the rest of the room with a cool confidence I wish I actually had. This was going to be... Interesting.

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