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   Chapter 23 Iowa

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Every morning is a fight. No, literally. It's been three weeks?full of paperwork and training sessions for me. Every morning, I wake up and go for a run, then I go?directly into a sparring session with Damon. Next, we split ways and I head back to my office to sort things while Damon helps with pack training.

I feel a lot more in tune with the pack now. Everyone seems to have accepted me into the position as Luna. Even still I get uncomfortable with people who are clearly older than me showing respect without myself even doing anything to earn it.

It comes with the territory. Damon finds that pun hilarious.

I keep the pack "radio" open for the most part. No one really talks in it as much as they did when I first showed up at the pack. I realized a few weeks in that it's only used when something major happens and the pack all wants to be on the same page on how to react to something. For example, what the teens are having for lunch at school.

Today is the day that I finally go to meet with the Elder Council. I'm standing in front of a full length mirror in an odd black dress. It's very wispy, almost flowing down to the ground without any of my movement. It ripples?with every breath I make. It's very similar to the one I had seen the Moon Goddess in.

Belle finishes up the last of the corset in the back, giving my butt?a firm slap?as she does. I turn and give her?an unsteady smile.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for this. How old did you say the youngest person there is?" My voice is weird mix of nervous and excited.

"Three?hundred." Belle smiles at me. "They're hardasses to everyone but I doubt they would be like that with one of their own. We haven't had a new Council member in two hundred years." She laughs a little. My frown only deepens. What was normal for them in the 1800s? What would even be normal for humans?

I take a deep breath and fiddle with the skirt of the dress. It hardly feels as if I'm touching anything, but my nervous habit doesn't change with odd clothing.

The Elder Council isn't just ma

Damon behind at security check and I'm off in search of my gate. The signs are pretty easy to follow and after a small caffeine break, I'm sitting and waiting for my plane to board.

"Why are you going to Iowa?" I jump at the sudden question and I glance to where the voice had come from. It was a middle aged woman, maybe around mid thirties. I could tell by her scent that she was human. The thought throws me off guard. I had been with wolves for so long, it's strange to be talking to people again. Nevertheless, I give her a small smile.

"I help run a conservation project out here and I'm looking to expand." I quickly make something up, hoping that it made some amount of sense with how young I am.

"Oh sweetie, that's wonderful!" I had clearly piqued her interest. "I run a rehabilitation center out in New York. I take animals from high kill shelters and basically let them roam around my farm. Recently I got some wolf dogs and they have just been having a blast! I have to separate them from the rest of the rabble though."

"That's amazing! I hope you know you're doing really great work!" I tensed slightly at the word 'wolf' but I hope she didn't notice it too much. The woman and I chat back and forth for a bit longer until they start boarding and I have to get up to get in line. The nerves settle back into my stomach.

Iowa, here I come.

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