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   Chapter 22 Haley.

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"You're just addressing a pack member who wants to move packs." I hear Damon's voice from earlier wash over me. "Treat her no differently than you would anybody else here."

I keep that as my mantra in my head. After all, Haley wasn't really any different. Damon was right. She's a pack warrior who wants to go out in search of her mate. I'm seated behind the large mahogany desk that I saw Donovan sitting behind a few days ago. I take a deep breath, fiddling with the pen that was placed on top of the application for transfer. Is this what my life was going to be now?

A tentative knock is loud on the door compared to the silence of the room. The door was slightly ajar, but the person was doing their best to hide behind the opening.

"Come in and close the door behind you." I say, my voice more strong than I felt.

"Luna." Haley's head?bobs down?at me, something I realize I should associate with respect here. "I'm glad you got back to me so quickly. I see you're fitting in here nicely." Her mood seemed to be a complete 180 from what she sounded like on the phone. I absentmindedly wonder if it's because our favorite Alpha is just one room over.

"I'm doing my best." I tell her honestly. My hands fidget to grab onto something and hold it. I grab the large map Damon had given me with the pack territories in North America on it. "Would you like to stay in the country?" I ask.

"Preferably. I still have family in this pack after all." Her smile is small and I realize that Haley might not be as bad as I had thought.

"Parents?" I find myself asking.

"Parents, uncles and aunts, two little sisters." A small smile spreads across her face as she thinks of it. "Of course, if I don't find my mate here I'll have to go outside of the States." I nod my head at her and spread the map out on the desk. "You're going to be a good Luna." Hale

ke an appearance and go through initiation."

"What all do I have to do?"

"They'll walk you through when you get there." Damon says, absentmindedly shoving more egg in his mouth from the pan. It seems that he has decided that the pan with hash browns and eggs are his helping. He stays standing across from where I'm sitting. "No one really knows for sure what you have to do; it's a pretty close guarded secret."

Nerves bloom in my chest. Will my initiation be bad? What will it be? Will it be a weird history test? I don't know anything about werewolves. I hardly even know the hierarchy. While I'm confident that I can take care of a pack, the Elder Council takes care of so much more than that. They overrule all of the packs and make official decisions that can't be questioned.

"Hey, come back to me." Damon murmurs, hand on my shoulder. "What's got your mind in a twist?"

"I don't know enough about the history of werewolves to make a decision regarding all of them." I murmur. Head leaning against his shoulder. "I don't think I'm ready for that." Damon's hand reaches up to press against the back of my head.

"You were chosen." Damon murmurs against me, "that means you're ready for whatever the job throws at you."

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