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   Chapter 21 Premonitions.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 7002

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I hit the ground hard. I'm robbed of every breath that has ever been in my lungs. I wheeze as I take in my surroundings. I'm deep in the woods of the pack property in the middle of the night. I was running from someone. They had knocked me down onto the ground with a knife to my shoulder. I was going so fast that it made me do a somersault into the earth below me. Rocks jab into my back and the overgrown earth surrounds me.

The gun cocks. I finally open my eyes, just to be met with two towering figures?standing over me. They're wearing all black, hoods are?pulled?up over their heads so all I could see was their eyes and the shiny glint of the gun pointed at my forehead.

"Not yet." A voice says sweetly to the other. I knew that voice. Recognition flits through my mind as the woman bends down and pulls the knife from my shoulder, twisting it around twice for good measure. The silver from the blade feels as if it is seeping into my bloodstream and when I look down at the wound, black swirls around it. It's almost as if I was infected by the pure metal substance.

"Don't get up, Kaitlyn." The male says. "In this gun are silver, blessed bullets." The sentence that I heard once before uttered by my father is once again said by the same man standing in front of me. Except now, I knew the weight that the name of those bullets have. Those were one surefire way to kill me and send the entire pack that I reign over into disorder.

"You can kill me." I find myself uttering in pain. "But you cannot kill my Goddess's wrath." And with that, I kick my foot out, knocking the gun out of his hand. My shoulder that had been injured caused my entire right arm to be useless. She must have damaged something important.

My mother cries out in anger and goes after me with her knife with the foreign symbols on it. I dodge the best I can but get distracted as I hear a yell.

"Katie!" Damon? I panic during the battle with my mother and she lands a blow to my back, plunging the knife deep into my spine.

"Damon!" I scream, "Don't come any closer, they're here! They're attacking

iscuss traveling expenses." I don't let the venom in her voice bother?me. She'd be leaving, of course. I wouldn't see her for awhile.

"Yes, that would be wonderful. I get done with training around two." Her tone is overwhelmingly bitter, like she was blaming me for losing her fight. "I didn't see you in the fields today." I know she was trying to do a sly dig at me, but I wasn't in a fighting mood.

"Damon and I were occupied with something." I murmur. Damon's body language perked up when I mentioned him and he makes a move to go towards me. I wave him away. "I'll give you time to clean up. Is three thirty okay?"

"Yes, Luna. That would be fine." She doesn't wait for me to say goodbye before she hangs up on me. I sigh and put the phone back into its holder.

I sit in the room in silence for awhile. Damon was busying himself in an obvious effort to not make conversation with me, I'm assuming because he overheard the one I had on the phone. I keep wringing my hands together in my lap, my hands drifting from my shirt back down to each other in a strange twist. I'd be seeing Haley again. While I hadn't expected this much anxiety to suddenly overcome me, it didn't stop it from happening.

"You can have the meeting in your office." Damon breaks the silence. "My father is almost moved out completely." I nod my head while continuing to stretch out the bottom of my shirt.

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