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   Chapter 20 Bond.

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Bri leaves us to it. We're on our way back home and I can't help but feel as if I'm leaving Bri?behind. I don't want to, of course. We had caught up with each other while Damon continued his weird survey of our surroundings at the diner. I was tempted to invite her back to our pack house but realized that it isn't the life for her. She didn't need to be exposed to wolves, even if we were in human form.

The house dynamic is already strange as it is, with me living on the fourth floor all to myself. The second floor was just a floor with dorm-style rooms while the third was just the offices. Explaining that alone would be a chore. That's not even including the the initiates that were always snacking away in the kitchen with tupperware containers of left overs that Damon had shipped over from the mess hall. I guess that place?was about a ten minutes walk from here, but I have yet to see it. I'd rather make my own food anyways.

"What are you thinking about?" Damon asks. One hand moves from the steering wheel to rest on my thigh.

"How weird the house we live in is." I answer, placing my hand over his. He gives my thigh a light squeeze and I send a smile his way. "Why do the initiates stay in our house?"

"What's more intimidating than being in a house with your Alpha?two floors above you? It keeps them out of trouble." Damon tells me. I stay quiet for a moment, thinking it over. He has a point. "Besides, they're usually only there for two weeks or so. Then they're sorted into houses where people with similar jobs are until they find their mates. From there, they move out and into their own house where they'll raise their pups." I nod my head at this. Calling children pups is odd to me.

"Are they called pups for a specific reason?" I ask.

"No, not really. Kids usually shift around age six. Around then, they?prefer to be in wolf form until they're around nine or so. They enjoy it so much, we usually just refer to them as pups since that's usually what they are." I laugh a little. I imagine small puppies running around the house while their human parents are r

and scans it.

"No, but I assumed." He answers, taking it from me. His hands brush mine lightly. "It's up to you whether or not you allow it." I nod my head at him. Of course I would let her do as she wishes. She's a bitch; there was no denying that. That didn't mean that she doesn't deserve a chance at happiness though.

"She hasn't met her mate here." I tell him honestly. "Whatever she chooses, I'll allow. It's not my place to ruin her life just because of a poor mistake on her part. I'll still have to meet with her so she can tell me which pack she wants to move to though, right?" I ask. Damon nods his head in affirmation at me. I sigh. I'd have to see her again. Hopefully she's more decent this time.

We finish up our business and climb the stairs up the one floor we needed to to reach our room once again. I feel exhausted and ready to climb back into bed. However, as soon as I enter the room, I feel Damon's arms wrap around me. I lean back into him, enjoying how close he is to me. Our bond sizzles and wraps around us, reminding me that we're meant to be together. I turn around and press my face into his chest as his arms tighten around me, pushing me impossibly closer. I breathe in his intoxicating scent and smile as it becomes sweeter. A kiss is pressed to my forehead and I realize that I would never want to go back to my old life. Not if Damon isn't there with me.

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