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   Chapter 19 Old Friends.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 10879

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"My funeral?" I find myself question. "What do you mean my funeral?"

"Kate, your parents were devastated. The eulogy-"

"My parents are?alive?"?I ask incredulously. Damon stops his assault on my neck and gives me a curious look. He looks just about as confused as I probably do.

"Yes? This better not be a prank. If it is, that's really messed up."

"It's not." I immediately respond. Damon is trying to get my attention but I just shove his face away. He grabs mine and turns it towards him, not allowing me to ignore him.

"Are you okay?" Damon asks. I roll my eyes and swat him away. He probably smells?the shock and stress I feel right now. Sure, I'm overjoyed that Ay Tanr??as? hadn't killed them, but I can't forget that they had tried to kill?me.

"They said that you were mauled by an animal. It was a closed casket." Bri continues. I can't believe that they held a funeral for me. I guess it makes sense; the last they saw of me was me literally face to face with a Goddess and also pretty banged up from their doing. Not many people live through that.

"Yeah, well. Here I am. Alive and well." I mutter. My voice wavers as I speak the sentence. The shock seeps in to me and I realize how serious it actually is.

"We have to tell your parents. They'll be so hap-"

"No." I interrupt. Damon had said the same thing as me and I shoot him a glare for listening in on my conversation. "Is there a place we can meet up? I feel like we have some stuff to talk about."

"I'll say." She laughs. Damon squeezes my side to get my attention and I glance over at him.

"We have a diner close to here, it's all wolves in there so we don't have to worry about people?overhearing. And the food is incredible." He suggests. "The portions are huge too." I quickly nod my head at him.

"What's it called?" I ask.

"Wolfe's." He fills in. I give him the most fed up and incredulous look I can muster. He just smirks back at me.

"You're fucking kidding me." I mutter at him. He shakes his head.


"And you think-nevermind."

"Who are you talking to?" Bri asks.

"A guy." I say vaguely. "Can you meet me at a place called Wolfe's Diner?" She quickly agrees, saying that she'll be there in an hour and a half. Apparently we're a pretty good distance from my home town. However, the ride for us is still a good forty-five minutes.


Damon follows after me as I walk into the diner. We grab a seat and begin to wait. Bri should be here any minute now.

"Stop fidgeting." Damon mutters. He?goes into this weird macho no-emotional being every time we go out of his room and into his pack. Our pack. I'm assuming that this diner is no exception since he said himself that we're surrounded by wolves. At Wolfe's. I still can't believe whoever owns this place did that.

"I can't help it." I snap back at him. I recognize my tone and immediately wobble in my seat. He's intimidating when we're out and about and not alone together. "My parents said I was dead. Bri is coming to visit me and the last time she saw me I was in a pile of sweat and could barely move. She's going to see me looking completely different than I used to." I mutter. Damon seems to mull over this silently, not offering anything else.

Bri steps i

ming together nicely, at least. "Heck, they faked my death not even a week later. You can't say they're exactly falling over themselves looking for me." I tell her. Her hand absentmindedly taps against the table while she?takes in the information.

"So now what, then? You just expect me to let you disappear knowing that you're alive? Not even know where you live? With a person you met two weeks ago?" I mull over what she's probably thinking in her head. She's not wrong, of course. She's thinking as any normal human would. I can see the confusion in Damon's face, no doubt being unfamiliar with the concept. I'm sure when wolves find their mates they just immediately elope and begin living together. It's not the same with humans and it's easy to tell that Damon is confused at the concept.

"It's not forever, Bri." Damon growls at that comment and I shoot him a glare, quickly talking over him in hopes that Bri won't catch it. "Just until I get a job and can get my own place. You know me, I'm too independent to be living with someone I'm not married to."

I shove Damon's shoulder in attempt to tell him to get his temper in check. He doesn't move, but I like to think that I still got my message across. His eyes keep darting around the place where we are. I'm tempted to ask him what's going on in our link, but honestly I'm not that familiar with it and have tried before to talk to him, but I can't. He gets lost in the sea of a thousand voices in my head whenever I open the link. I can still find Aaron's, but that's probably because I've linked him before.

The waiter drops off our food and sends a bright smile our way. He asks if everything looks good and we quickly agree. He darts back to wherever waiters go. The place was pretty busy, so I'm guessing it was to another table.

"Can I at least reach you on the phone you called me on?" She asked hopefully. I glance over at Damon, since it was his phone, and he slightly nods.

"Yes, of course. You know I can't just leave you behind Bri. We've been friends since Brownies." I smile at her. It was true, too. I really couldn't just ditch her. She was my best friend for crying out loud.

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