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   Chapter 18 I'm Not A Track Star.

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After eating, I finally got my shower. It took me about forty-five minutes to finally convince myself to leave that masterpiece. It was like a warm waterfall cascading down from the ceiling. I took off all of the bandages and scrubbed at the cuts, trying to get the dried blood completely off of my stomach and shoulder.

Damon?didn't have a razor in there, only the electric one on the sink, so I decided since he's already felt my hairy legs once, he'd have to put up with it again. At least until he bought me razors. He also only had his soap in there, which we also needed to change because I refuse to live my every day smelling like "pine tar." The water was warm and comforting though and that's all I could really ask for in a shower.

When I finally found it in myself to leave, I noticed a nice gigantic robe hanging on the back of the door that I had never noticed before. I run my hands over it and smile, feeling the plush fabric that definitely wasn't for me. I put it on nonetheless. Mostly because I'm bad?at remembering to bring clothes in.

I exit the bathroom into the en suite to see Damon on the bed, watching something on tv. His hand casually rests behind his head. It feels so normal to be like this. He glances up at me and raises his eyebrows, no doubt at the appearance of me in a robe that nearly went down to my feet.

"That's mine." He tells me, pretending to be mad.

"Mine now." I hum, feeling the bliss of being squeaky clean intermingle with my mood. I'm not even bothered by the fact that there's nothing but a bow separating me from a man twenty feet away from me.

"You also used my soap." He accuses, no doubt smelling it on me.

"Yeah, we need to get me some soap. And razors." I reply. "Probably some lady goods too. Tampons-"

"You?don't need those." He states immediately. I roll my eyes at him.

"You don't need to be so sensitive. It's a normal function of-"

"The?human?body, yes. You aren't human anymore." He responds, raising both eyebrows at me. "Werewolves go through heat."

"Heat? Like dogs?" I raise my eyebrows, remembering what my dogs go through.

"Yes and no. We don't go through it as frequently as them. Maybe once every fifty years or so." He replies, becoming more awkward the more he talks about it. Like he didn't expect to have to tell this to me. "It's not painful or anything, kinda like when humans.. ovulate? Is that the correct term?" I nod at him. "It's more obvious of course. You don't need to take a test or anything to be able to tell when. Your scent gets strong-really strong. That's usually the easiest way to tell."

I disappear into the closet, disbelieving that my first boyfriend (Husband? Mate?) is giving me a period talk.

"Are we doing anything else today?" I yell out at him, glancing through my clothes.

"No, but we still have to train bright and early tomorrow." Damon replies. I groan in response, my limbs still sore from our training session yesterday and the day before. My wounds from Haley this morning ache?along with everything else. They had begun to?scab over by now, but they were still painful to the touch.

I debate stealing more of Damon's clothes as I look through my drawers, growing more and more disappointed at the risqué nightgowns Belle has chosen for me. I grab a pair of shorts and pull them on under the robe. Why couldn't she have just gotten me a bunch of oversized t shirts?

I snatch a black t shirt from Damon's side and shove it over my head, leaving the robe on the floor as I leave the closet. His shirt covers the shorts and I watch his eyes darken when I leave the closet.

"Calm your hormones. I'm wearing shorts." I lift the shirt and watch as his eyes lighten up. It's weird how his scent changes when his eyes darken. It becomes sweeter, somehow. More intoxicating.

"I wasn't going to do anything anyway." He mutters, flopping the arm?down to rest on my waist when I settle into the bed beside him.

"What are we watching?" I ask as a commercial plays.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine."? I nod my head and keep my eyes trained on the tv. I feel Damon grab the bottom of my shirt, lifting it up. I quickly slap his hands away.

"What do you think you're doing?" I ask, eying him warily.

"I just want to see your cuts. Besides, it's nothing I haven't seen before." My face goes red as I remember standing in front of him in the field. Damon takes that opportunity to move out from under me and fold up my shirt just below my boobs.

"I told you that they'd heal." I told him.

"They'd be gone by now if you'd stop being a brat and let me lick them like any other mate would." He argues, running a gentle finger along one of them. I roll my eyes.

"Who wants to lick a wound? It probably tastes nasty.

reach Damon's floor, I shift back into a human. I feel as if I would always be more comfortable in my human form. I immediately disappear into Damon's bathroom and glance at my body. It had already become more defined in the little amount of time that I had been here. My arms were beginning to show muscle definition?as well as my thighs.

I take a quick shower and?realize I have once again forgotten clothing.

"Damon!" I whine. I hear a groan and shuffling before the door opens and a t shirt dress that Belle had gotten me is thrown in without me so much as asking. I smile.

"Thank you my darling, my sweet!" I sing. I just hear a growl and the door shut. I laugh a little and pull it on, leaving the bathroom.

"You really need to start actually remembering clothing, you know."

"What else are you good for then?" I find myself asking, retreating back into our closet to find some undergarments and shoes.

"Apparently my towels and clothing." He mumbles, just loud enough for my new hearing to pick up. I glance at his robe, still sitting on the floor of the closet. I bunch it up into a ball and throw it back outside at him. It smacks him in the face.

"Sorry, I forgot about my robe too." I roll my eyes at the comment and come out of the closet. He eyes me appreciatively. "Why don't you dress like that for me?"

"The bar is set low and you have to like?me." I reply, drying off my hair. I walk towards him and?smack?his knee. "Do you have a phone? I should probably give her a call and tell her where I am and that I'm coming."

At that, I watch as Damon roots around the sheets, coming up empty. His brow furrows and he stands up and begins searching the floor.

"Lose something?" I ask, trying to hide my laugh.

"No." He mumbles, finding the device and chucking it at me. I catch it and smile back at him.

"Thank you." I walk over and give him a small kiss on the cheek. I quickly?duck away from him as he grabs for me. As I start dialing the number, his scent surrounds me again as well as his arms. He moves my hair off of my shoulder and to the one where the phone is pressed to my ear. His nose skims across my neck as he smells me.

"That damn soap." He mutters. "I can barely smell you." I roll my eyes as the phone rings, pressing my finger to my lips to tell him to hush. He instead starts sucking on my neck again, no doubt replacing the marks that have?already healed while I try to push his face away. My skin was nearly flawless again, almost healed from the fight with Haley and his dumb love bites were gone. I didn't need him adding to the collection once again.

The phone goes to voicemail and I frown. I dial again and lift the phone up to my ear. It only rings twice this time.

"Listen I don't want what you're selling-"

"Are you sure?" I find myself asking. "This is a very prestigious male escort company, and your first client is always free." The line goes silent for a moment, and I can tell Bri is debating whether or not it's real.

"Kate?" She whispers to me. "There's no way."

"Yes there is. I'm so sorry-"

"No." She cuts me off. "No, it's not you. We just had your funeral last night."

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