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   Chapter 17 Snack Breaks.

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"I will literally give you a dollar if we can take a snack break." I plead. Damon had been going on and on about my duties for a?pretty good six hours now and I am in desperate need of some food.

We had stopped in a little first aid room that was off to the side on the first floor and grabbed some stuff to clean and dress my wounds. On the way down, Damon had explained to me that werewolves didn't usually get infections, but I guess a mate's saliva helps drastically with the healing process. Directly after, I had made sure to tell him that his spit was going nowhere near my wounds based on the sole reason of how gross that is. "They'll heal when they'll heal." I had told him.

"Just a dollar?" Damon's eyes are playful as he turns from the bookshelf towards?me. "I don't know if I can do that."

"Please Damon I'm starving!" I exclaim, the back of my hand pulling up and resting on my forehead dramatically. "I'll die if I don't get food soon." As if on cue, my stomach grumbles its opinion on the matter. We're in his office, and the sweet smell of dinner being made has finally made its way up to our floor. "You made us skip lunch, you better not think we'll be skipping dinner. I don't know about you, but food is necessary for me to survive."

"You will also need to be keeping track of the women of the pack:?pregnancies, mated ones versus unmated..." Damon continues, acting as if I had never said anything. He pulls out the related binders?from the shelves. "You will work with the Battle General's mate, Christine, to decide when to move women over to get into initiation. We will both make rounds every month or so to the schools to get status reports on the kids-"

I vaguely remember seeing the Battle?General when I had been training with the large group. He was a short, burly, dark skinned?man that had a large scar running across half of his face. I hadn't seen his mate there, though.

"Damon." I whine. "Don't make me beg."

At the mention of begging his eyes immediately snap over to mine while something playful dances behind them.

"Yeah, actually. That sounds nice. Go on then?"?I raise both of my eyebrows at him, immediately getting defensive. He wants me to beg him? I know I offered, but still..

"Well, you know what? I'm going down there myself. To that giant dinner table. And I will let all of us eat without you." I flip my hair over my shoulder and whirl around to?walk towards the door. I feel my arm being grabbed and I pause, glancing back at him before slowly taking one step towards the exit?while maintaining eye contact. He steps with me as I take another. A small smile spreads across my face as I take another, this one taking us out of his office.

"You do realize that we don't always eat together in a big group, right? Just after big things like pack initiation, new wolves, and recently a recrowning." Damon smiles at me.

"Okay, well, that just means that I'll make myself?dinner." I reply, continuing our slow step-by-step game towards the elevator. His smile spreads the closer we get to the button. The Beta's door is closed but the same older man on the other side of Damon's office watches us, a smile apparent in his eyes, but not on his face. I smile at him and wave, Damon's head turning to where my attention has temporarily been preoccupied.


k, trying to tell him that I needed to add it as soon as possible. He chuckles at my attempt and bends down, smelling the top of my head. I roll my eyes; what a weird thing to do. He exhales and it pushes my hair in front of my face, making it tickle my nose and I scrunch it up.

"Let me go, you're going to make me burn the broccoli." I grunt, making the grabby hands again. I know I won't be moving until he lets me. I learned that when we were in his office the first time and I tried to shove him away. He leans down to my neck and repeats the motion, his nose brushing against the column of my neck and tickling it. I scrunch down to his eye level, making him open his eyes and acknowledge me.

"I don't know what kind of level you're on right now but I'm hungry and you're not getting in the way of that." I tell him, putting my pointer and middle finger against his forehead and pushing back. He allows me to push his face?away, but keeps his hands around my waist as I'm forced to do a weird waddle?back over to the stove. I sigh as the side of the chicken is a bit more brown than I wanted. I stir in the rice, adding soy sauce and a few eggs.

As I'm stirring, I feel a presence return to my neck and roll my eyes. I?tilt my head to the right all of the same and allow?him to breathe me in.

"You know this is super weird right?" I ask. "I haven't even showered today. I smell like sweat and blood because you didn't even give me any time after breakfast to clean myself up."

"It's not weird." Damon replies. "You smell good." I roll my eyes at that.

"That's sweet and all, but I highly doubt that." I've caught a few whiffs of myself while he was handing me stack after stack of books and binders and telling me what each means. It was not a great smell, trust me.

"Your sweat is your scent and it smells incredible." He murmurs, going back to the top of my head.

"I still think this stir fry tops that." I mention, finally content with the final product. I take it off of the burner after stirring it one last time. I whirl around and am startled at how close he is. I reach up and pinch his cheeks, ignoring the unamused stare he gives me as I wiggle them around. "It's done. Let's eat."

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