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   Chapter 16 Biscuits and Acceptance.

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Eating in front of the pack for the first time as their official Luna was awkward. The head of the table was oddly quiet, while around halfway down quiet conversation took place. I didn't have the nerve to listen in on the pack link. I can't find it in myself to hear what they're saying about me.

I feel my leg being tapped under the table. I look up at Damon, assuming he had done it. He keeps looking down at his food, appearing completely unaware that anything had happened to me.

"So, Luna Kaitlyn." I look over at Belle, which was where the voice had come from. "I always had faith in you." I watch as she grabs Aaron's hand, "and so had Aaron. You should've heard him when he first saw your tattoo." I smile a bit at her telling me that. "I think it's safe to say we both look forward to your reign with Alpha Damon." I smile brightly at her. She was the first one who had congratulated me since I've won.

Everyone had quieted down when she had addressed me and listened as she congratulated me. Quiet agreements sounded out across the table.

"Haley was more of a Alpha than a Luna. Lunas usually have that sort of-" the man who sat directly to the right of Damon paused as he tried to find the words. "Never mind. She's gone now. I'm your Beta, Evan." He smiles and hands me a biscuit. It takes me a moment, but I recognize him as one of the men that were up in the offices when I had first visited Damon.

Damon gives a low growl as I take it and butter it myself. I look back at him, quietly wondering what is wrong. I tear the biscuit in half and offer one half to him. Does he want some? Why can't he just ask me to pass one down?

I expect him to grab it from me. Instead, he leans over and keeps eye contact with me as he shoves the entire thing in his mouth. While I'm still holding it. I sigh. Did he even taste that?

"Thank you, Evan. That is very kind of you." I give him a smile, ignoring Damon's weird stunt.

flesh as he sucks lightly on a new spot.

"You have no idea how much I love it." He murmurs, nipping the place where he had just sucked. I let out a quiet grunt in response. I'm going to look like he abuses me if he keeps that up. His fingers go under the shirt and I feel him tracing patterns on my hips. That seems to be his favorite place to touch even though it's one of my most insecure spots. My change hadn't miraculously made me lose the fifty pounds that I probably need to. However, these training sessions were certainly whipping my ass into shape. I feel a bit of confidence come over me. I quickly decide roll with it and play a little bit.

"Are you here to give me my victory gift?" A small smile spreads across my face. I turn around so I'm facing him, looking up and gauging his reaction. His face is confused.

"You said it was too soon." I smile up at him for worrying.

"And now I'm saying it's not." My arms circle around his neck. "If you'll still have me, of course. Don't make me get out the box." He smiles down at me. He's so not the stone cold Alpha everyone thinks. 'Harsh dealing out punishments' my ass.

"I have something else in mind." He replies, pulling me out of the closet and across the room. "Get changed again Luna, time to learn of your duties."

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