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   Chapter 15 Luna.

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I went to breakfast this morning after noticing the absence of my bedside plate when I woke up. The Luna's chair was absent from the table all together. I looked around, wondering where I would sit down for my meal.

"I was wondering when you'd leave the protection of the Alpha." I heard Haley say. "Hiding away in his room. How pathetic." The people sitting?at the table had stopped their conversations, watching us intently from their seats.

"I, Haley Kingfisher, challenge you, Kaitlyn Cole, to a fight over the Luna position in the hierarchy." A silence falls over the room as what she says really sinks in. This isn't just her?throwing a temper tantrum at dinner, this is real. "You have repeatedly disrespected me on the few short days you have been here. Clearly my leadership is an issue to you."

"I accept your challenge." I find myself saying. Everyone's faces seem shocked. I'm sure there hasn't been a challenge to a wolf's reign in a long time. I take a deep breath, steeling myself. There also probably hasn't been a faulty Luna in a leadership position in a long time either.

I watch Haley turn on her heel and step towards the exit of the house. Everyone else stands and follows suit, including Damon. He eyes me warily as he follows the crowd outside.

Neither of us had gotten much sleep last night. We had sparred into the early hours of the morning. When we finally fell into his bed together, I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I'm sure all of my tossing and turning didn't help him get any sleep either.

I guess it's time. Damon had told me how these fights go. It's until someone submits or dies. I had already decided something as I was rolling around last night. No one is going to die. Not if I can help it.


In human form, I feel like I could take Haley on. Unfortunately, the challenger chooses what state you fight in. She stares intently at me as I do the same.

We're both in the center of a circle that had been etched into the ground. A fairy ring. A few mushrooms sprout at the edges. The circle itself is pretty large, but I'm sure it wouldn't seem so big once we both shifted.

Damon walks in between the two of us to the center of the circle.

"Luna Haley has challenged initiate Kaitlyn in her reign as one of our pack leaders. She founds this on the grou

irways. As soon as she relaxed, I released my hold on her throat and jump back from her still form. Her heart still beats. I can hear it. I relax and lay down into the ground in relief. Damon breaches the circle and walks up to me.

"Stand up." He demands, looking down on me. His voice is harsh. I lift myself back up on four paws. "Shift." I feel myself become more human at his mere words. As soon as any sort of skin is visible, I feel his shirt get shoved over my head. I feel my own blood soaking into his shirt as soon as it's placed onto me. Haley's?claws did a pretty decent amount of damage. Damon takes in Haley's limp form on the ground. "Where most would have conquered, you showed pity. The true mark of a Luna." His voice isn't loud, but it reverberates over the valley that the fairy circle is situated in.

"Kaitlyn Cole has conquered Haley Kingfisher. This has earned her the right to lead this pack as Luna. Is there anyone who wishes to challenge her position?" He takes a moment to see if anyone wanted to challenge me once again. A good five minutes go by with me standing shoulder to aching shoulder with?Damon, Haley still lying on the ground unconscious. "Medics, take care of Kingfisher. She reverts back to her old status as fighter. Take her to the infirmary. Siyah Ay Pack, please welcome your new Luna." His voice held pride in it.

I look away from his face back to the people surrounding me, just to see that?1, 300 people were all in wolf form. Not only that, but they all had their noses to the ground, bowing to me.

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