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   Chapter 14 Wolfish

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I'm back in the same field we were this morning not even a half an hour later. Damon had shoved on a pair of his sweatpants onto my body that were even bigger than the ones Aaron had given me. Needless to say, I looked like a giant blob of clothes.

It was still pretty cool, considering that we were in the winter months, and my breath came out as mist. I stare at Damon as he lifts off his shirt and gestures for me to do the same.

"If you don't take off your clothes now, you'll be walking back to the pack house in nothing." I raise my brows at him. While he had seen me without anything before, this was different. It isn't anything like the previous situation where?he saw me naked. He must've sensed my hesitation, because he dropped his pants next, only standing in front of me in boxers. I couldn't help the rush of hormones that danced across my skin, flushing it red.

"Damon, " I warn. His eyes dance with mischief.

"Your turn, Luna."

I grip the too-big pants and slip them just past my hips, letting them fall down the rest of the way. The t shirt remained a dress on me, but I knew I needed to take that off too. I look back up at Damon, whose eyes were watching me carefully. I take a deep breath, hitching the shirt over my body as I did so. When my eyes went back to Damon's once again, I noticed he wasn't looking at my face, moreso the markings that sat right on my ribcage. He steps forward, tracing them lightly.

"You really are beautiful." He mutters, lightly outlining the wing. "I can't believe the Goddess made you for me and brought you here. Even if it was later than I thought, " I take a quick step back. We are?not?going to do this in a field.

"I took mine off, your turn." He just smiles and drops his boxers, completely unashamed. I don't see much before huge wolf stands in his place. His eyes were that same shade of blue?and I had to take a moment to recognize who exactly it was. Damon's wolf looked just as dark as mine, but without a doubt taller. His lips lift over his teeth and he jumps forward, silently asking me to shift.

Shit, how do I shift? I couldn't just get super angry again. That didn't exactly seem right. Damon jumps towards me again, this time snapping his jaws at me. Half of me wanted to pet him, weirdly enou

m." I go silent as I pretend to remember a nonexistent person, just to make him squirm a bit.

"Kate, " Damon growls, "don't." I smile back at him and lean up to kiss his face, but miss and end up kissing the base of his neck instead. The hands on my shoulders grip a little tighter.

"There wasn't anyone else but you." I finally compromise. "No one." His eyes flash with a guilty look I hadn't intended on making him feel. "Hey, it's okay." I lift my arms up and put my hands on either side of his face. "I'm eighteen. I never really thought I'd be with a virgin." I keep eye contact while his eyes cloud over.

"You didn't?"

"No. Most people lose their virginity in high school. Don't tear yourself up about it." It was true. "I'm sure with the whole 'mates' thing most wolves probably don't do much in their teenage years. But everything is too up in the air with humans. We don't have those." Damon seems to come to an understanding with himself. I reach up and give him a gentle slap on his cheek.

"The person I miss is my best friend Bri." I admit. "I've never gone this long without talking to her. She's probably worried sick."

"I could take you to see her, if you'd like." He offers. I smile up at him and slowly nod my head yes at the suggestion. We fall into an almost awkward silence as we both seem to realize how close we were to each other. I take a deep breath.

"Alright. Let's get back to it." I roll out from under him, quickly shifting back into my other form while he does the same.

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