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   Chapter 12 Fluff.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 5909

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"Where are you? I can hear your heartbeat." As if knowing, my heart flutters in response to what he said. Even ridiculously angry at him, my body still responds."You like that? You wanna know what I can?smell?"

My eyes widen as my body heats up. I?remember that?I was just thinking about him being my mate and how-oh goodness. Can this bath water swallow me up?

"I smell your arousal, Kate. Do you like the sound of my voice?"?Yes. I do. I mentally slap myself. Quit it. You were just thinking about him and Haley, for crying out loud! But the tone of his voice makes my body warm up;?the heat that I've begun to feel familiar with begins dancing with the lust.

His feet pound against his wooden floors as he walks throughout his room. "You have no idea do you? What I'm capable of." What?are?you capable of, Damon?

I pull the plug on the tub and step out, grabbing a towel and quickly rubbing it over myself. I try to ignore the fact that my entire body was a light pink color. Whether it was from his words or from the warm bath, I wasn't entirely sure.

"What if I told you I could feel how much you wanted me when we were in that field this morning?" His words make me pause with the towel on my leg. "Each time I laid you on your back, I could tell how much you wanted me to lay you out in another way?" My cheeks redden even more. I wasn't thinking that way in our training session! Thoughts of him that I haven't necessarily thought before run?rampant through my mind, encouraged by the heat in my limbs as it intensifies. Why am I getting all hot and bothered from just his words? Is this what the mate bond does?

"Imagine how?much more you'll want me when you've had a taste of the joy I can bring you, dear." Damon continues his steps throughout

in, only lower. He repeats the process where my shoulder meets my neck. His teeth seem to mingle more with this one, and all of my thoughts from minutes ago come flooding back into my head. Panic overwhelms me. Oh God, I've been here for two days. What am I doing?

"Stop." I grunt, sitting up. "Stop. I can't. Please." Shock overcomes his features that I actually said no. I'm sure I'm wearing a similar look?myself. I cross my legs and try my best to cover myself with the limited material. "I'm so sorry. I just-"

"Hey-it's okay." He grabs my shoulders, looking me over to see if anything is wrong. "I told you to tell me if it was too much and it was. That's perfectly okay." My heart is beating too fast. I can't deal with this.

"I need some clothes." I whisper, feeling extra exposed laying on top of his bed.

"No problem, hey breathe for me. I'll be right back." I try to do as he told me to. Damon reappears with some of my shorts I had seen in the closet. He pulls the shirt lower?on me and it hangs down enough to be a dress while he coaxes me to stand up, helping me into his boxers?while promising me he won't peek.

"Talk to me. Are you okay?" He asks.

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