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   Chapter 10 Rightful Position.

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"Damon." I murmur. His head stoops down and rests on top of mine.

"Challenging a reigning Luna is risky." He says after a small silence. "That's exactly what you did when you took that fork out of her hand. You realize that? You haven't even shifted yet."

"I didn't realize what I was doing. I would have to challenge her eventually though, wouldn't I?"

"Yes, but I didn't figure you would do it with your first appearance. You nearly had her shifted in the first few minutes of breakfast." His fingers are still doodling little patterns on my hips. "I didn't know whether to be impressed or scared for you."

I sigh but don't offer a response. I hadn't realized what I was doing. I guess instincts just took over. I had been so, so angry.

"I'm sorry about what my parents did to your grandfather." I murmured. His hands stopped moving on my hips and he lifted his head.

"How did you know about that?" He tilts my head up so that I'm looking into his bright blue eyes.

"I just.. Heard." I mutter. I didn't want to bring up that I was eavesdropping in on the pack link, even though it was technically open to everyone. He pushes back from me and returns to his chair. My body goes cool from the loss of him pressed against me and I give a low hum at the loss. The noise doesn't go unnoticed by the alpha.

"You are dismissed. You shall have your meals brought to you until further notice since there is no place for you at the table. You are to stick to your room and we'll begin the training at four tomorrow morning." My eyebrows immediately raise at his authoritative tone. Also at the fact that he said I can't have dinner with the rest of the pack. Aren't we social people? I was social before I came here. How long will this training take?


The training takes awhile.

My breath heaves in and out. A break. I need a break. The Alpha stands over me, raining punches on my body. I know he's not using his full strength; if he was I'd probably be no more at this point. Now, don't get me wrong, my parents certainly trained me how to protect myself. My father taught me how to hand-to-hand fight. However, this fighting was completely different. He was so much faster than anyone I had ever sparred?with. His hands practically blurred with each p

rs over them but I refrain. "Did you even go to sleep last night?"

"I was busy." His words stank with the lie he uttered. My face twists up and I see him look at me out of the corner of his eye. I don't question him though. Maybe he just couldn't sleep. We all get like that sometimes.

"That's enough for today. You can return to your room now. The rest of the pack should be out here in a little bit to do their training." A little fire burns in my stomach as I realize Haley would probably be there.

"I want to do training with everyone else." I state. There's not much room in what I'm saying for debate and Damon sits up. He looks down on me, clearly seeing that I wasn't asking him a question, rather telling him that I'm going to be there.

"You've been training extensively for two and a half hours. Training for everyone else goes for another three. Are you sure?" His voice clearly expects me to say no. After all, my muscles are still reminding me of the work I've already done.

"Yes. You said I'd have to train hard to become Luna. I never asked you to go easy on me." I sit up too so now both of us are staring at each other, knee to knee. My body tells me that this is a mistake, but my need to see what's so good about Haley is stronger. Can I put up with three?more hours of this out of spite? Absolutely.

The Alpha seems to sense my conviction and the look on his face is somewhere between pride and seeing that I've put forth a challenge.

"Okay. They'll be here in half an hour."

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