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   Chapter 9 Damon.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 9685

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I've been sitting in that room for hours. No one had visited me. I haven't even heard footsteps go past my door. I quietly wonder if the Alpha gave strict orders for everyone to stay away from me. The clock above the door confirms that it's nearing five at night. I had no idea when any other meals were and at what time, so I decided it best to just stay in my room and wait for someone to get me. Clearly that isn't happening.

I become more and more aware that the pain of the change hasn't come back. Aaron had told me that it lasts anywhere from two weeks to a month, but after only one day I'm feeling in tip top shape. Perhaps it was one of the differences, or a side affect of the Goddess touching me. At that thought, my hand lingers on the white tattoo on my arm.

With not even a TV to entertain me, this room had gotten very boring very fast. My stubbornness refused to make me admit fault. After all, I was just asking for what I was literally made to do. I wonder what the rest of the pack thinks of this. I open up the pack link and listen quietly.

Our new Luna hasn't made an appearance since breakfast. Do you think the Alpha locked her away in his room?

Don't call her our Luna. You saw how upset he was when she said that about herself. Besides, what if he's listening?

Don't be ridiculous, you know he always blocks all of us out. He doesn't want us to know what goes on in his head except when he's making an announcement.

Okay, but where is she? Are they even mates? You saw how he completely disregarded her.

I would too. She's the daughter of the man who killed his grandfather. Especially since he basically raised him while his dad was playing Alpha. You would be upset too. I doubt she's anywhere near the man. He looked like he wanted to sever her connections and kick her out, anyway.

I slumped against the wall at that last piece of information that I got. Of course that would be why he was so upset. I would be, too. The silent conversation continued, but I just blocked everyone back out. I didn't need to hear more. The Alpha was disgusted with me and no doubt wanted to strip me of my title to allow Haley to keep what he had given her. I really just came into the situation and screwed everything up.

I glance back up at the clock and decide that the Alpha had just banned me from whatever he had going on at that table, and not from the entire dining room and kitchen in general. And to be quite honest, my stomach had been growling since two.

I open the door to my room and slip out again. I make my way down the steps and towards the kitchen, thinking about raiding that snack cupboard again. When I made my way into the large kitchen once again, I was surprised to see it completely full of women at their own respective stoves inside. Speaking of, there had to be at least six. I hadn't really appreciated its size when I walked into it

sebumps rose all over my skin. His voice came out again, somehow more gruff than before. "Do you know what being a Luna entails?"

"No, I don't. I'm sure I can learn-"

"I figured you didn't. You just transformed. Haley will keep her spot as Luna while you are being trained." I give him a blank look.

"With all due respect, Alpha." I put my hand up to his chest and gently push, trying to back him up a bit so he's not so imposing. I might as well be pushing a concrete wall with my pinky nail. "I would like to have my position effective immediately." His eyes steeled over and frowned down at me.

"So, " he wrapped his arms around me and bent down so his voice was next to my ear, "You wouldn't mind fulfilling my every need without question?" Goosebumps erupted on my flesh once more as his lips brushed against my earlobe. Butterflies jump around in my stomach with each word he said, at the innuendo he no doubt placed in there.

"What sort of needs are we talking about?" I hardly even recognize my voice. It's so breathy. His large hands begin to draw patterns on my hips where his hands now rested. A small smile appears on his face, and I get a funny feeling that he doesn't smile much. He jerks me against him fully so there is no space between us, I couldn't even see his face if I looked up, just the bottom of his chin. His chest vibrates with a quiet chuckle as he bends down slightly, smelling the top of my head. I try and shake off how weird that seems.

"Don't talk like that to me, Kaitlyn. You might not like what happens." Another sniff of my head, "or you might like it too much." This time, it's more of an electric shock that strikes through my stomach in response to his words.

"Alpha." I whisper. He pushes my hips even harder against his upper thighs. My hands rest on his solid chest.

"Call me Damon." He finally says after what felt like minutes. "Never anything else, always Damon."

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