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   Chapter 8 Alpha.

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The air is ridiculously tense. Everyone at the table is regarding me and this woman carefully. She was seconds away from shifting while I was staring her calmly in the eye. I say nothing else, because I'm sure only a word will be all it takes.

No one is intervening, which I find strange. Wouldn't someone want to stop a new pack member from getting attacked? A pack member that doesn't even know how to shift?

"Haley, calm down." I hear a quiet whisper. I couldn't pinpoint where exactly it came from, but the woman spins quickly around and roars out a reply.

"Who dare tells me to calm down when this ignorant little pup doesn't realize power when she sees it? She doesn't realize her superior?" Her voice is so loud that it hurts my newly developed hearing, but I don't flinch away. I just watch this power hungry individual spin around, almost maniacally, to find the source of the voice.

I continue my silent streak as she thunders around the table, making eye contact with each person until they glance down and display their neck to her. All except for Belle. She keeps eye contact with this "Haley" and doesn't submit. I've never seen such an uncontrollable, angry woman in my entire life. She grabs Belle and jerks her to her feet, making the?pregnant woman almost lose balance and fall. Immediately I rush over to her and separate the two.

"Leave her alone. She's with a child and you have no right to be abusing her." I glance back over to Belle. "Sit down sweetie. This isn't your fight." But Haley didn't want to leave her alone. She swung around me to get to Belle, reaching and making welts on her arms from her razor sharp nails.

Harming Belle is what made me really mad. I could see the controlled anger in Aaron's eyes, but he hadn't intervened. I could feel something warm spread through my limbs to my chest and I suppress?it slightly.

"Leave. Her. Alone." I say with finality. The power in my voice demanded to be listened to and I watched as everyone at the table sat up a little straighter. Haley's limbs shook as she tried to defy me. Did my voice have an influence over all of these people? I stood there, a bit shocked as

ughout my small spiel and I see members at the table nod respectfully towards me. The Alpha looks as if he's fuming now and walks up to me, grabbing my arm.

"If you are to be a member of this pack you will understand that you are not to be challenging your Alpha. You will not talk back to him and you won't combat his word. If I say you aren't right to be Luna, you accept that matter and step down because as Alpha what I say goes. Do you understand me pup?" His fiery eyes burn into mine and I try not to think about the electricity pulsing through my veins. His eye contact with me makes my heart stutter and beat just a bit faster. I'm hyper aware of his hand on my arm and how it flexes, demanding my full attention.

Then it sinks in what he said. My eyes narrow and I rip my arm from his hand. "Are you denying me my title, Alpha?" My voice holds a quiet challenge, basically asking him to say yes and send me on my merry way.

"I am denying you of nothing until you get your attitude and your wolf in check, child. You are dismissed from the room." My eyebrows raise at what he said and that warm feeling comes back, rushing through my limbs. Quiet anger simmers and mingles with the heat in my limbs. Once again, I push it down and keep a stone face.

"Yes Alpha. Of course. What you say, goes." I growl just loud enough for his sensitive hearing to pick up and spin on my heel, going back up to the room which I came from.

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