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   Chapter 7 Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 7377

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I realized the room I was in was a room made for all newly committed pack members. It was more or less like a guest room. I figured that out because there was literally no clothing anywhere. At all.

Aaron had given me a pair of sweatpants that he deemed too small for him, though they still dwarfed me, and a t shirt that I had to roll and tuck into the too-large pants. I have to make my first impression to the entire pack like this?

Hell, calling them all a pack is still weird. It's a bunch of people downstairs, and, according to Aaron, there's close to 25. And that's just the higher ranks. Higher ranks that I'm situated even higher than.

"Don't you have anything... Better?" I ask.

"I don't. Sorry Luna, but that's all I have. I can go to my mate-"

"Can you?" My eyes brighten a bit as I look back at him. Not only do I want to meet her, but I also feel desperate for some smaller clothes.

"Yeah. I'll be back." He disappears from the room. I turn back to the mirror and wonder how this is going to go. I've never been much of an authority figure. Mom friend? Sure. Co-Leader of a large group of people? Unlikely.

The door cracks and I glance back. A heavily pregnant brunette waddles in smiling.

"Hello. Is my mate's clothing not good enough for you?" Her sentence sounds accusing, but her kind eyes cancel out how bitter the sentence could have sounded. In her hands is clothing that looks a little more suited to my size.

"I'm sure his clothing probably looks much better on you dear." My smile is genuine as I see her eyes sparkle in response to me acknowledging her as Aaron's mate.

"What's your name?" She asks me, extending her hand my way.

"Kaitlyn, and yours?"

"Belle." As soon as her hand releases mine, almost immediately it falls down to rest on her slightly bloated stomach.

"How far along are you?" I ask. Her cheeks redden slightly at the inquiry.

"Four months."

"I'm sure he will be beautiful." I whisper, keeping my eyes on her round tummy. Her eyebrows raise at my inquiry.

"How did you know I was having a son?" She asks.

I take a moment to wonder the same, but ultimately decide that I shouldn't think into it too much.

"I'm not su

Alpha, who is watching our exchange with a keen eye. Perhaps to intervene should we get violent.

"Because I am the rightful Luna of this pack." I state firmly. The woman's face seems to rise to the challenge I have given her and I even see the Alpha's cold face falter with a small grin. It wasn't much difference; I wouldn't have even noticed if I weren't looking at him as I said the sentence. I remember what Belle had told me: wolves seek out emotional weakness; ?I'm not about to allow her to think she can just push me away and I'll submit.

The woman stands up from her seat to get into my face. She's slightly taller than me, but that has never intimidated me before.

"Am I supposed to think this newly formed pup is supposed to take my place as leader? One that hasn't even shifted yet?" Her voice is low and dangerous.

I wonder briefly how they could allow her to be a Luna. There is no way she bears the markings I do. However, she is right. I haven't shifted yet. I don't even know how to shift, but I'll be damned if I take that as in insult.

"Well, that says something about your leadership if our Goddess formed a new wolf just to kick you from your position eh?" I'm not sure where my smart mouth came from. I've never been this confrontational before, but I felt her challenge brewing just underneath her surface. Her skin bristling with my every word. She was about to shift, and by the look on the Alpha's face, he was going to allow it.

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