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   Chapter 6 Welcome Home.

Changed. By The Other Girl Characters: 5261

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My eyes open. My face is on something warm and comfortable. I feel energized. Unknown smells surround me. Violet, honey, lilac, freshly cut wood, grass, vanilla, and sage swirl in my nose.

No voices are in my head, but I feel their presence dancing around; it makes me feel less alone. I groan and try to put up a wall against the two people I know I'm connected with, but the presence still remains. I struggle to push whatever or whoever else that was in there and snuggle deeper into this warm pillow.

Wait pillow? bed? I didn't fall asleep in a bed. This isn't my house! My eyes snap open and I jump out of the bed, taking in my surroundings.

Aaron's eyes are looking at me tiredly from a chair in the corner of the room. His hair is sticking up at different angles. He looks as if he had just woken up, blankets still wrapped around him.

My legs feel bare. I look down at my outfit- a silk dress that reaches my knees. I don't remember changing into this. I fell asleep in a forest. I continue to examine my body. The cut on my arm the knife had made is just a white scar peaking underneath another tattoo. When did that get there? It was of two crescent moons facing away from each other with a circle placed in between the two. I stare at it for a moment and sigh.

"What happened after I fell asleep?" I ask the only other person in the room.

"Not much. Ay TanrjQuery21408645860582365477_1520539407609as? said to keep a close eye on you and to let you sleep. I brought you in here with our Goddess trailing behind. She said something about not letting

once faint scent of honey and grass rushes into my nose. It was heavenly. The man and I stare back at each other. I couldn't make out much more than his eyes, just that he was much, much taller than me.

"Who are you?" His deep voice immediately appeals to me. I continue to stare blankly at him, though he just asked me a question. I glance down at the dark outline of his physique and then back up to his glowing blue eyes.

"Kaitlyn." I murmur, finally recalling the question he had asked me after I had thoroughly checked him out. I hear a quiet grunt before he goes stalking out of the room.

I grab a couple of Oreos and munch on them on my walk back to the room Aaron and I were sharing. The Oreos are gone by the time I get back, and I snuggle deep into the sheets and fall back asleep.


Waking up was rough. Aaron telling me that everyone was downstairs eating was even more rough. I hate meeting new people, and thinking about meeting all of these people who think I'm some sort of authority figure is even more stressful.

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