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   Chapter 5 Oh my Goddess.

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I twirl in the air, attempting to get my feet below me so I don't land on my head. I don't think my parents see me yet; their backs are toward me. The ground is getting closer, fear grips my heart. I don't want to get hurt. If I get hurt I can't run.

My body hits the ground, the main impact being on my right side of my body. I roll, trying to distribute the fall?so nothing on my right side breaks. As I hit, it makes a loud thud and I gasp, the pain hitting me everywhere. My lungs burn from the sharp intake of breath. I roll over and hear my glasses crunch beneath me, great. Just fantastic. I had landed on them.

I turn my head to see my parents had turned around. They must have heard my not-so-graceful landing.

Aaron? Eric? Dammit, someone! I beg.

I stand up, everything hurting my burning limbs. They're on fire as I begin running again, but the pace resembles more of a jog. A knife grazes my bicep, cutting into it. A light shines as the cut is made and just about blinds me.

The pain next is indescribable. The rest of my injuries feel like nothing compared to this. It's like the knife poisoned my blood, each beat of my heart makes it infinitely worse.

I glance at the item that cut me. It's that same knife with foreign symbols on it. The same knife my mother had with her.

I stagger for a few more steps before falling to the ground, unable to handle the pain any longer. I groan as I hit my already sore body with the hard, half frozen ground.

My parents are coming closer, my father's gun is trained on my heart. I try to move and roll over, anything that could possibly get me away from these monsters. The pain makes me stop. The sun is no longer out. Under the tree canopy it is nearly black. My father now stands a foot from me with a sneer planted firmly on his face.

"You just had to turn into a beast." He mutters. His leg swings back and he releases it, kicking me in the side. The kick is directly on my tattoo, and it somehow seems to hurt more that way. He points the gun at my head. I can't say I didn't try my goddamn best to keep my life. I close my eyes, accepting my fate.

A bright light shines through my closed eyelids.

Open your eyes, ?ocu?um. A sweet voice is in my head. You are safe now. The voice is like liquid honey. I'm almost lulled to sleep by it, but then I remember what it is asking. I open my eyes slightly and get overwhelmed by light.

"Jeez." I mutter. Wait, am I dying? Had my dad already shot me? I don't remember hearing a gunshot.. I try to roll away from the light, but pain stops me. I thought pain was nonexistent when you're dead.

I look back at the light, and it slowly takes shape. She takes shape. She had deep black hair that reached her toes and shining blue, almost white, eyes. Her black dress falls to her feet and almost seems like a liquid caressing her body. Instantly I know who this woman is.

"Ay Tan

r??as?." I wonder aloud. She is not facing me any longer, but is instead facing my parents, whose mouths are wide. They seem as awestruck as I feel right now. My dad's hand that has a pistol planted in it wobbles as it attempts to take aim at the Goddess. My Goddess.

"That wouldn't be wise." Her voice is a sweet caress. I am still awed at the woman who stands before me. "Now, I would appreciate it if you would lower your weapon." The gun falls to the ground with a thud. My Goddess gives my father a smile. My mom has a cautious look on her face, but as far as I can tell she is unarmed. She must have thrown her last knife at me. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement. Backup for my parents? Backup for me?

"Aaron, welcome." Ay Tanr??as? says. "Please tend to your Luna, she is hurt." The atmosphere is as tense as a piece of silk, pulled to its limit. Any tighter and it would tear. The rustling in the bush grows louder as my pack mate appears.

I pray his presence doesn't break the invisible string. Aaron's face is full of concern. It brings my mind back to my burning limbs and bleeding arm. He continues toward me, his stride full of purpose. Of pride. Ay Tanr??as? steps away, pushing my parents backward so Aaron can get to me. His hand presses against my arm, light as a feather and I hiss in pain. No. He will not touch me when it hurts this much.

"Luna please." He mutters. I stare at him and soon squint my eyes to form a glare when he tries to touch me again. Ay Tanr??as? looks down at the two of us with a small smile on her face, like we were some entertaining show to her.

"I need to get you back to the pack house." He glances at our Goddess, who now began to stride toward my parents with an angry look on her face. Her entire being went from calm and serene to an incredible wrath I hadn't expected.

"You dare hunt my children? You dare kill them?" She shouts. The ground rattles underneath me. Her sudden mood shift terrifies me. "You dare hunt a child that came from your seed? Who is so special I dare gift her! My children keep humans alive! My children are the reason your species isn't extinct!" Her shouting is now an angry roar. "I give my children weaknesses so they don't overrule you pathetic mortals. I give my children weaknesses, so, should they dare become what I do not dare think about, they may be stopped! But instead you humans dare hunt and kill those who protect you? Those who have never done a wrong deed in their lives! You should be smited!" She touches each of their foreheads and their eyes roll back into their heads. Shortly after they fall to the ground in a lifeless looking heap.

She walks toward me and leans down, gently touching my arm. My body tingles and another bright light seems to be released from my skin. A now familiar dizziness overwhelms me.

"I'm, ah, I'm going to sleep." I murmur. My eyes close shortly after.

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