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   Chapter 18 Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident

Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident: Brownie Bk 2 By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 8737

Updated: 2018-03-07 14:41

Chapter 18

What seemed like an eternity later, I sat down heavily on my couch and scrubbed my hands over my face. I felt as though I just ran a marathon while carrying an elephant on my back. I was so exhausted my bones ached. After Swift made his calls, officials of several varieties descended. My apartment was photographed and a preliminary search was done of my apartment although I was told it was for formalities sake as the murders began before I arrived in town. I think it was Swift's way of legitimately peeping into the corners he missed during his last visit. I also wondered if he was retrieving the bugs I'm certain he put in before or adding new ones. The hidden listening devices the only way I could think that he knew to rush to my apartment when he did.

As before I decided it didn't matter. A deeper and apparently more satisfactory search, at least from the perspective of the law, was done of both Noah's apartment and the apartment where Crista and Matt lived. Evidence was taken in proving the involvement of all three in the series of killings. One of them apparently kept a list and checked it twice like a demented Santa Claus although I wasn't sure who of the three made the list. All of the dead had wronged one of them in some way, their 'crimes' listed beside their names, and the trio determined they needed to pay. Remembering the spirt in the shorts and sandals I wondered how someone named Big Jimmy fit into everything, but decided I didn't really need to know. No one mentioned him and I certainly wasn't going to be the one bringing him up.

Our statements, mine, Jacob's and Ricky's, were taken both in my apartment and a second time down at the station. I was fairly certain Swift ran my identification, but whatever Avery did held up under scrutiny and I was allowed to leave again once I gave my statement. I managed not to collapse in relief as I left the station and I'm certain I looked like I was still in shock even as the tight bands of stress began to loosen.

I looked over at the kitchen. After the official recordings were made, a team of professionals was called to eliminate the wine and glass catastrophe. Nicole assured me that the rental company would take care of the cleaning bill and hoped I would continue my tenancy. Apparently having three serial killers living in their building made them appreciate the non-murderous tenants more. Especially if said tenant was almost killed by one of the three serial killers in her own kitchen.

Ricky missed his performance, but everyone considered his excuse valid and I knew when he did arrive at

volvement in an explosive court case, I didn't know if our testimony would be needed as we didn't witness any murders and there were confessions. Time, I was sure would tell.

"And Agent Johnson will have to leave town for just a little while before he settles into his new career here, " I thought. The fact that he was going to be settling here for a while made me certain he still suspected me of being me and that I would have to watch myself. I somehow did not think he suddenly fell head over heels in love with Nicole, even if I would never say that.

"Stranger things have happened, " I thought. "Several of them today." I slipped off my clothes and dressed for bed, sliding between the covers and turning off the light. I would have a little reprieve before being confronted with Swift on a regular basis. I doubted he would leave me alone for fear that I would run and suspected someone else would be watching while he shored up his cover for a longer stint. As I hadn't figured out that my three closest friends were serial killers, I doubted I would spot the watcher unless Swift chose someone I met before. I shook the thought away and settled into my pillows. Running would still be a bad idea. My best bet was to stay put, stay in school and continue on the path I was on until his suspicions faded or I screwed up in front of him and had no choice but to run.

"Which means I have classes to get to in the morning, " I reminded myself as I closed my eyes. Now that Swift thought he knew where I was and was watching Bonnie like a hawk, a normal life wasn't just something I wanted, it was my best defense.

"I can do normal, " I thought. "After all, how many serial killers can there be in one apartment building?"

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