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   Chapter 17 Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident

Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident: Brownie Bk 2 By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 10436

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Chapter 17

"How old is this dress, Ricky?" I asked.

"It's not old, it's vintage, " Ricky told me. "And I have no idea, why? You can fix it can't you?"

I looked at the hem and sighed. The stiches were pulling through the fabric and Ricky's earlier description of disintegration sounded accurate. I knew any stiches I made along the hem would more than likely just further pull the fabric causing more damage. I turned the dress inside out and inspected the rest of the garment.

"Okay, " I told him. "What I'm going to have to do is create a slip under the dress, attaching it where the material is less degraded, like the waist. Then I can sew on a border on the bottom through the original fabric and the new fabric. That will provide some stability and conceal the frayed hem. As a warning though, " I told him when his face lit up. "This dress is going to need to be retired soon."

"But not tonight?" He asked hopefully.

"We should be able to get you through tonight." Ricky gave a little spin of joy and I pulled out a length of white cotton to serve as the slip. I gestured towards my box of trimmings. It was an old metal box of some sort I picked up on one of my flea market trips with Crista. "You'll need to pick out something for the hemline, " I told him. "If you want, we can add some to the waist, neck and cuffs to tie it together as well."

As I began to work on the slip, Ricky and Jacob looked through the trim, debating what would best serve. A little while later I heard a knock on the door and the door creak open, Noah calling out to see if I was home. I left Ricky and Jacob with the trim and went into the front. Noah was stepping inside, closing the door behind him, his eyes focused on the card Swift left.

"What's this?' he asked, frowning at the card.

"Oh, Agent Johnson left it when he and Nicole stopped by, " I told him with a little laugh in case Swift was listening. "Apparently, since I have a view of the cemetery they want me to report in if I see any suspicious activity."

"And for that he gave you his own personal number?" Noah asked. His voice held an odd tone I never heard from him before.

"He said it was the local number while he was in town, " I replied with a shrug. "I guess the numbers printed on the business card are for his regular office rather than when he is in the field." I noticed Noah was carrying a bottle of wine in his hand. "Is that to celebrate my first day of classes or did the final round of Little Miss pageants finally get to you?" I asked, wondering why Noah was acting a little strange. While I was getting better at dealing with living people, the dead were still my strong suit. I was accustomed to dealing with people who couldn't lie to me and couldn't refuse to answer my questions. It was a distinct social handicap when dealing with the living.

"A little of both, " Noah said offering me a strained smile.

"Oh, " I replied. "Well, let me get a couple of glasses. "You can start on your glass, as you clearly need it, but I need to finish up before I join you." I turned towards the kitchen and opene

d Noah's hand, " I told him when he looked at me.

"Thank you, " Swift said as he took them from me. He stared at me for a moment and then handed Noah one of the towels. Noah wrapped it around his cut hand. Swift puled the piece of glass Noah used as a weapon out of his arm and wrapped the towel around the bleeding cut.

"What happens now?" Ricky asked me in a stage whisper. I shrugged and turned to get another towel to mop up some of the spilled wine before it could run from the tiles of the kitchen floor into the living room carpet.

"What happens now is I call it in, " Swift replied. He grimaced at his arm. "And both of us pay a visit to Dr. Harding." I was glad I was facing away from Swift when he said Harding's name as I doubted I would have been able to hide my surprise.

"Who is Dr. Harding?" Nicole asked.

"The doctor we have examining the bodies, " He replied. I turned back to face the group and found Swift looking at me. "It will be less trouble to have him patch us up before we go into interview." As Swift was staring at me I decided I needed to say something, something that didn't sound like Brownie.

"Um, can I mop up the wine before it stains the carpet or is it, like, evidence or something? I mean do you have to photograph it for the record or something?"

"You can keep it from running into the carpet, " Swift replied frowning a little at me. I nodded and started to move forward. Jacob took the towel from me and placed it as a barrier between the floor and the carpet, the wine quickly darkening the edge.

"Are any of you hurt?" Swift asked. All of us assured him that we were fine and I for one was glad I was not bleeding as I had the feeling even a little nick would result in a visit to Dr. Harding. With so many blood samples of mine being taken by him over the years, I knew he would be able to positively identify me from a drop no matter what I looked like on the outside. Swift nodded. If he was disappointed, he didn't show it. Swift pulled his cell phone from his pocket and began making the required calls.

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