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   Chapter 15 Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident

Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident: Brownie Bk 2 By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 9518

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Chapter 15

Noah's guess was correct and Swift's visit was part of a larger sweep to make certain no other cemeteries were disturbed. As a precaution, sensors of some sort were placed in our little plot to catch anyone who decided to pay the cemetery a visit in the future. I remembered the tracking device Swift gave me and Paul teasing his former trainee about his love of gadgets. I decided that entire section of parking lot was now completely off limits. I had no desire to be filmed getting in and out of my car when I was taking such great pains to avoid cemeteries.

"And they are probably putting them on every other cemetery as well, " I realized. I had no idea if there was video attached to the sensor so that people merely paying their respects to their departed family and friends wouldn't be swarmed with police when they visited with flowers. I decided not to take any chances. If I had to visit a cemetery, it wouldn't be in town.

"Maybe I could visit Kelton again, " I thought, deciding that had to be far enough away to be out of the current spotlight.

Even more disturbing than the sensors was the news Noah brought a few days later about Nicole managing to get a date with Swift, or Agent Johnson as she knew him. "They are going out tonight, " Noah told me as I studied my closet and tried to decide what to wear for my first day of class the next morning. Even though jeans and t-shirts were usually student standard, I couldn't afford the luxury of being that casual with Swift in town. After all, the Brownie he knew lived in t-shirts and jeans.

"Really?" I asked, a little weirded out by the thought of anyone wanting to date Swift. Of course, I knew a little too much about him for comfort. I'm sure if you knew nothing but his current fa?ade, he was a decent kind of guy. I shook the thought away as creepy. "If he is an agent, then wouldn't he be only in town for a little while?"

"At least until the case is solved I would imagine, " Noah said. "And I can't see that happening anytime soon."

"So she's going out with him in the hopes that the murders won't be solved in the near future and that the serial killer is smarter than the feds?"

"Something like that, " Noah told me. "Apparently, they bonded while going over potential suspects."

"Potential suspects? Nicole knows potential suspects?"

"Us apparently, " Noah said. "Nicole was asked if any of the residents had been acting suspiciously. Hiding out and being anti-social, never leaving the apartment, you know the usual stuff."

"Ah, " I said thinking those were also characteristics Swift would associate with me. I decided to make an effort to be more social in the future. I wanted to avoid any category Swift looked for me to be in. "And did she point to one of us as the anti-social loner?" I asked, trying not to sound ne

was tied in knots, I thought it was probably due more to stress than the food. I felt like I was sitting in a spotlight throughout dinner and tried to give the performance of my life, joking and laughing with everyone, looking like a social butterfly. It was with a great deal of relief that we reached the end of the meal and we returned to the apartment building, going into our own apartments.

"Dear God, " I said to myself leaning heavily on the closed door once I was safely inside. Even though I knew the door was no true barrier from Swift, I still felt as though my apartment was my haven. Half expecting Swift to come banging on the door at any moment, demanding to know why I ran and how I managed to hide from him, I slipped off my shoes and prowled the apartment looking for anything I thought might give me away. Nothing looked like Brownie and not Bonnie. Slowly my shaking stilled.

There were no mentions of necromancy, barring the bad vampire romance Christa loaned to me a few days prior. There was no row of pill jars from Dr. Harding lined up on the counter top as they were long gone, the empty bottle not even near the trash can. Should Swift sift through the building's dumpster, he wouldn't find a trace. My closet was filled with clothes Swift wouldn't recognize.

"Contacts, " I reminded myself. I had a couple extra sets of brown lenses on the off chance that something happened to the ones I was wearing. I transferred the lenses to my purse and put my purse inside the bag I was taking to class in the morning. I then added the items I picked up for my first classes and added them to the bag so I would be ready to go. Even though I knew there was nothing else I needed to do, I knew I was too keyed up to even attempt sleep. I settled onto the couch to watch a movie instead, feet curled under me and one eye watching the door, braced for Swift's arrival.

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