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   Chapter 14 Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident

Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident: Brownie Bk 2 By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 10249

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Chapter 14

The next morning I made a massive shopping list, while keeping one eye on the morning news. If the police had any leads, they weren't sharing with the reporters. That fact seemed to make them snippy. They didn't seem to like that the police were intent on doing their jobs rather than providing them with salacious tidbits. While I approved, in theory, with their reticence, I was disappointed not to have further details.

"Actually, I'm disappointed with anything that isn't, 'we caught the responsible parties so everything's cool' at this point." I told myself. I turned off the television, unwilling to sit through chef's tips for easy grill cleaning. "Besides, I haven't got a grill."

I looked over my list instead. My goal was to spend as much of the cash as possible, getting it out of the house. I planned to buy groceries, wine and everything I needed for a fully stocked bar in addition to various back to school items and sewing supplies. I made a list of personal projects and figured that as I would be more comfortable staying closer to home until either this matter was settled, or school started and I had a definite place to go, I might as well bulk up my own wardrobe. I also added several faux projects to my accounting books so that a chunk of the left over money could very simply be deposited into my bank account.

Fighting my instinct to hole up until everything passed, I gathered cash from the more obvious hiding places and took it and my list out of the door. In order to keep from retreating, I kept repeating to myself that the cash looked suspicious. If for some reason I was brought to Swift's attention, I knew my place would be searched. I wanted nothing that didn't look like it belonged. Bundles of cash stored in nearly every drawer and cabinet was not normal. It would be a red flag, maybe not as big a flag as the books on Necromancy 101 that I stashed in the storage unit, but still, not normal.

I felt like a rabbit trying to sneak across a wide expanse of lawn when I knew that the predators were up and about, looking for their day's rations. I tried not to look like a frightened rabbit as I ran my errands and thought I might have been successful as no one commented on my appearance. So that no one would comment on my mass purchases, I made several trips. By the time I was through, I was officially shopped out and exhausted from the effort of looking normal. I missed both the noon broadcast and lunch, so after putting everything away and taking out the trash from the packaging, I made myself a nice, early dinner.

I finished dinner before the evening news and settled myself with my lace to watch some sort of game show while I waited. The news, when it came, held no new information and I realized there might not be anything I could learn until someone was apprehended.

"I suppose advertising what you are doing to catch a murderer isn't a good idea anyway, " I said to myself. In order to relax, I turned to the old movie channel and found they were playing The Philadelphia Sto

ry, the twitchier I felt. As I knew visiting any cemetery was a bad idea, I thought I might pay a visit to the storage facility and flip through the Matheson books looking for ways to deal with my excess energy as not talking to the dead was the only thing I could figure causing the twitchiness.

"That would make sense, " Noah agreed. "Oh, they left her as they search inside the woods, but she is waiting." Noah gave another snort of laughter. "She pulled out her compact to check her make-up."

"She must be into the blonde then, " I said, ignoring the potential horror of the office manager for my apartment building dating Swift.

"I don't think they found anything, " Noah said sounding disappointed. "They are leaving the woods and going back to the office. No one looks terribly excited."

"So no people bits being chewed on by dogs?" I said, feeling immensely relieved that whoever was stashing bodies in cemeteries had not chosen this one. "I suppose I practiced my shocked face in the mirror for nothing then."

"Probably for the best though as we are both brunettes with brown eyes, " Noah replied. "I think they really like the blue eyed blondes on camera. They show up better against dark backgrounds." He turned away from the window and studied me for a moment. "You look more relaxed, " he told me. "Did orientation help with your nerves?"

"Who said I had nerves?" I asked wondering what showed from my Swift themed freak out of the past few weeks.

Noah laughed. "You've been blazing through projects like you are trying to start your own fall line, " he told me.

"I wanted to get things done, " I told him.

"And you were worried you wouldn't have any time after school started?"

"A little, " I confessed, realizing that I was nervous about starting school. I was just more nervous about Swift finding me. "I haven't had to study for an exam since high school. I'm a little out of practice. Orientation helped though."

"Good, " Noah replied. "Now I'm going to go pester Nicole for details."

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