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   Chapter 10 Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident

Brownie Oxford and the Idlewild Incident: Brownie Bk 2 By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 10638

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Chapter 10

On the morning of Avery's six month deadline, I climbed into my car and drove out of town. Even this early, the sun started to beam heat down and I could feel a little line of sweat on my neck. Afraid the heat would cause my hair to curl; I turned on the air conditioning, turning my car into a mobile ice box. Sitting next to me in the passenger's seat were directions.

I tried to control my nerves as I drove. To be on the safe side, I wasn't checking Avery's shared drive on my laptop. I copied the information to get to the drive out onto a piece of paper. I also wasn't going to be checking it in town. I realized I was being paranoid but deciding safe was better than sorry, I did some research and found a town with a library offering public computers to patrons.

It was a four and a half hour drive away.

In a different state.

"So one more day spent in the car, " I told myself. I didn't know if I was being smart or being paranoid, but I knew there was no way I was going to check the shared drive from my apartment, linking my IP address to it. "Smart would be to not check it at all, " I reminded myself. I knew my curiosity wouldn't allow for that option. I hated knowing Swift was out there and probably looking for me while I hid like a little mouse. This was my one opportunity to possibly find out something. I couldn't let it go.

"So if I am smart about doing something stupid, does that make me a half-wit?" I asked myself as I took the frontage road to the interstate. I merged with traffic and continued on my way. Outside the confines of the interstate I could see signs advertising all sorts of companies and which exit they could be found near. As the Interstate was elevated, the signs were on long posts so drivers could actually see them. I wondered if the sign posts had a standard length or if the business owner just looked around at the surrounding ones and asked for something three inches taller than the neighbor as there were rows that had a rather stair-stepped look to them.

"And then the next one would want three inches more than that one, " I said as the signs flashed by. "You could set up a time line of signage that way." The elevated signs were clustered. The fast food signs were all grouped together and the storage company signs were grouped in a different spot. Oddly enough, the gun range and the dog groomers were between the two groups. As I drove I came up with the reasoning behind the locations.

"Well, " I said to myself. "You store your guns in the storage unit, drop your hunting dog at the groomers while you practice at the range and then get something to eat when you are done. Perfectly sensible." My mind conjured up images of well-groomed hunting dogs with painted toenails tromping through the woods and I smiled.

"I wonder if you are allowed to stash guns in a storage unit, " I thought as the image faded. "A storage unit wouldn't be a bad idea, " I said to myself. "Not that I have guns of course." Currently at my apartment the only things linking me back to my previous life were the books on necromancy and the NCS files. While I didn't want to look at the files, I

lied. "We made it through prom season, thank god. Now the wedding season begins. Soon I will be up to my eyeballs in blushing brides, hordes of bridesmaids, demanding mothers and mother-in-laws and even a few flower girls." Noah shook his head. "You know last year I did up this cute little brunette maybe four years old, barely waist high. By the time we were done with the curls, hairspray and extra hairpieces to thicken up her baby fine locks I swear her hair must have weighted more than the rest of her, including her little basket of flowers."

I smiled and took my mail from my box. As expected the bulk of it was composed of circulars. There was one from the grocery store, several from local big box stores and one from the fabric store currently supplying me with all of my sewing necessities. In addition there was an actual, honest to god letter and a large mailing envelope. My heart almost stopped as the thought, "They found me, " flashed across my brain. But then I realized Swift wouldn't be sending me mail if he did find me and I was able to breathe again. I flipped the envelope over and my stomach knotted when I saw it was from the university. Noah saw my face and looked down at the envelope.

"Open it, " he said excitedly. "I need to know if all those pictures I took were in vain or not." He took the rest of the mail from me as I slit open the envelope and pulled out the contents. I unfolded the letter and read it quickly.

"I got in, " I told him. Noah hugged me and the two of us jumped for joy in the front vestibule. He gave me the rest of my mail, the fat mailing envelope proving to be the additional things I needed to register for fall classes, get books and all the other myriad of details needed.

"This calls for a celebration, luckily I have had a bottle of champagne waiting in my fridge stashed just for this occasion."

"Really?" I replied, surprised.

"Of course, I knew you'd get in. They'd be idiots not to take you."

"So you put champagne in the fridge in anticipation?" I said touched that he would think of it.

"Exactly, what are friends for?"

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