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   Chapter 17 Sick of All The Lies And Fake Love

Xavier's Confession By Hermyne Khaling Characters: 14024

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Waking up the next morning, I pulled Captain closer to me as I snuggled up in my bed. But even with eyes close, the thing under my arm, oddly, didn't feel so much like Captain. Nevertheless, I pulled him closer and then he made a weird moan in a female voice as he moved in my arms. I shot my eyes open, frowning in shock.

And there was my Mongrel, not Captain, spectacularly sleeping in my arms to my surprise.

~ Sweet Lord of Hell, how the fuck did this even happen?

~ Wait.

~ Have I lost my virginity?

I peeked under the cover.

~ Oh. I guess not.

I had a pyjama on and she was dressed too.

It took me nearly five seconds of intense staring at her face, recollecting the events of the night before, to finally understand the whole situation.

I mean, waking up to the face of my crush and then realizing that she was actually sleeping in my arms on my bed was quite a lot to take in. It was like an alarm had gone off in my head.

I'm quite surprised that I hadn't screamed out like an excited teen girl.

She was still in deep sleep, breathing in and out in calm repetition; her face turned away from me, the long brunette of her hair spread across the pillow. One of my arm was beneath her neck and the other, loosely stretched over her stomach.

I quietly moved in a bit towards her, careful not to wake her up. She smelled so good of lilac and vanilla. Relaxing my head nearer to hers, I took my time staring at her face, watching her sleep; those eyes, that nose, those lips. . . So inviting and yet untouchable.

She was always just this close to me and always so far at the same time.

If only she was mine. I was feeling so much for her it was almost uncontainable and frightening.

But then, she was not mine. I didn't have the courage to even pull her closer, afraid I might wake her up. This was as close as I could get to her.

I stayed with her for about twenty more minutes then placing a light kiss on her head, I quietly moved out of the bed to take a shower. It was six in the morning by then. She was still sleeping soundly when I came out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel. I walked inside my closet, wore my jeans and when I came out, drying my head with a towel, I found Captain climbing up on the bed.

"Hey! Captain! No no! Get down!" I whispered shouted at him, waving a finger and signalling him to get down.

He looked up at me as if he was puzzled to find me out of the bed since I'd never had anybody on my bed before.

He quietly moved down and came towards me.

I scooted down and took him in my arms. "Morning, buddy. You see that girl on my bed? She isn't my wife nor my girlfriend. I'm still the same single bastard you love."

He licked up my neck.

"Umm. Yeah that's enough, " I said, craning my neck away from him. "Come on." I beckoned him to the door and we went downstairs together. He hung around me as usual as I made coffee and some Nutella sandwiches. I had my breakfast while chilling with Captain and then I went back up to my room with a bottle of water and some sandwiches in a tray.

Captain stayed back in the living room.

I placed the tray on the bedside cabinet, open the curtains over the glass wall a bit and slumped down on the bed next to her.

Few seconds later, she moved a little and slowly opened her eyes daintily like some princess in a fairytale. That is until she came face to face with my ceiling and her eyes shot open like she'd encountered a monster.

She whipped her face towards me. Lying on my front with my arms folded beneath my cheek, I smiled at her groggily. "Morning, babe."

And then she legit screamed, bulleting up from the bed and gathering all the fabric she could find on this planet towards her chest.

I immediately jumped up too and grabbing her head with one hand, I clamped the other hand over her mouth.

~ Seriously.

"Are you crazy?!"

She stared at me wide eyed for more than one minute and eventually, she composed. Only then did I let down my hand. I couldn't risk to have her scream again. Claire, Grammy and Elaine were in the house for Christ's sake.

"What am I doing here?!!" She asked in shock, her eyes growing bigger by the seco

I had completely lost myself.

"I really wanna kiss you. Say yes, Alana, " I begged.

For once, I didn't care if I sounded like a fucking idiot. I couldn't help it.

Exhaling slowly, she replied, "Xavier. Stop. You can't. Please."

I closed my eyes and pulled back. If she didn't want it, I really wasn't going to forced myself on her. But then, my chest was hammering in protest and I couldn't hold back.

"At least this, " I said and planted a long, lingering kiss on her forehead; hoping it could let her know just how much I was feeling for her.

"Don't let me come this close next time. I won't be able to contain myself, " I whispered, pressing my forehead against hers and then I rolled out of the bed.

I wore my shoes and walked into the closet again; picking out a jacket. When I came out she was sitting up on the bed and she looked pretty messed up; her hair was basically sticking out everywhere in every direction. Maybe it was everything to do with her crying and fighting my spectacular hormones. Not that I mind. I'd be head over heels for her no matter what she look like.

"There's breakfast on the table." I said while wearing my jacket and motioning towards the cabinet. "Drink the water. You might feel dehydrated. And the bathroom's over there." I pointed towards my bathroom one the left, "Come down when you're done. I'll wait for you downstairs."

She nodded obediently. I smiled, scratched the back of his head a bit in infatuation and exited out of the room.


[Alana's POV]

"Argh, " I groaned, face palming my heated face and rolled over on the bed, burying my face in a pillow and... biting down on my lip not to let the goofy grin stretch too far.

~ Wait.

~ Why am I even having this grin?

~ No. No. Alana. No.

~ You're not falling for Narcissist!

The moment he was out, I peeled off the blanket and went over to the dresser to take a look at myself.

~ Holy Cow!

I shrieked and jumped away from the mirror a little.

"What's wrong?" Xavier barged in.

I quickly shook my head, "No... Nothing, " and quickly finger combed through my hair.

He smiled and closed the door. I looked back to the mirror.

~ I've been looking like this the whole time?! Xavier surely must be crazy to want to kiss someone looking like this.

My hair was a mess, making a brown nest on top of my head unlike his magnificent tousled hair and my eyes... You won't find anything nice to say about them even if you try searching seven times across the globe for one nice word that would fit them. I looked like a wasted girl high on drugs. I quickly finger combed through my hair again just in case Xavier barge in again.

~ What am I doing?

~ I'm not supposed to care about how I look like in front of him.

~ Oh Alana.

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